Monday, September 26, 2016

Rogue Wheels | Dan Barrett 2016

Dan Barrett has been hard at work the past few years not only with riding and filming but running his own wheel company, Rogue Wheels. Rogue recently released the first ever three piece wheel system (replaceable urethane), and dropped this edit of Dan to go along with it. Filmed and edited by Evan Yoh, this video has an awesome vibe and Dan's riding is always so technical and clean. Always enjoy anything this guy puts out.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Tom Kvilhaug: Welcome to TheCoCrew

TomK has been part of the CoCrew pretty much since the beginning, but this video is to officially welcome him. Not only is he featured, but the rest of the crew also has clips, which is really cool. I could really go on about Tom, but I'm just gonna let you all get to the video now. I will say that he just won the high jump event in the SMX Olympics with that last clip though.

Ethic DTC U.S CALI Trip

So last year the Ethic crew took a trip to the US to enjoy the sun, spots, and lifestyle of southern California. Maxime Legrand, JD Randriambelson, Alexis Letellier, and Johan Cajas are all featured, and as you can expect, some heavy riding went down. The flair tailgrab was one of the sickest things I've seen in a long time, all the transition clips were actually so good.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Helmeri Pirinen Summer 2016

Helmeri videos are always sure to take you for a wild ride, as he traverses up, over, and through terrain both man-made and natural. His unique take on the unique spots of Finland will keep you entertained and perhaps inspire a little creativity of your own.

Chris Gomes | Welcome to Root Industries

Its crazy how deep the talent is in Europe. I've never heard of this guy, Chris Gomes, before, but here he is getting on Root. Being from Europe, he naturally rocks the pegs and does some pretty nutty maneuvers on every rail and ledge in his path. Congrats to Chris for making it on Root!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Vlad Shishov - Summer 2016

There's something kind of endearing about lower-production value videos filmed in foreign countries to me. It's just raw, a kid just trying to capture the process of pushing his limits, with no real goal other than to film tricks. This guy, Vlad, is Ukrainian and shreds with one of those unique styles that you can only seem to get by living in some random, unusual place. Is he on Proto? Logo in the beginning seems to suggest so. Anyways, enjoy this.

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Usually the day before the Chicago Street Jam, there's a gathering for the older dudes at the Tilt Shop where we shred the ramps, devour some barbecue'd food and consume many beers. However, because Tilt moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, the annual prejam was held at Little Village Skatepark. The plaza was packed, we got there a little late, but were still able to get some filming done. Thanks to Tommy/Big E/Rish for manning the cam.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Chicago Street Jam 2016

Hard to believe this was the sixth year of the best event in scootering. It's always up in the air whether or not the previous year can be bested, but with some fresh spots and fresh faces at this year's jam, it was clear that this would be one for the books. Shoutout to Tilt and Forefront Supply for doing the behind the scenes work as well as Justin and Kirk for handling business during the jam. And mega props to Nick Tedrick, shutting the event down with the biggest 360 I've ever seen.

The Scooter Farm Presents: 2016 San Diego Street Jam

This year marked the second annual Street Jam in San Diego, hosted by everyone's favorite agricultural themed scooter shop, the Scooter Farm. A mob of riders were there to get buck and throw down for the cash. The last spot looked insane, I was there last year and I don't think anyone hit it. So to see that many riders go for it is something else. Props to the Farm and everyone else involved in putting on an awesome event! If you're on the West Coast, this is the event you gotta plan for each year, for sure.