Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Scooter Zone Woodward April 2013

This is just supposed to be a "relaxed" video, but this is one of the more enjoyable edits I've seen lately.  Scooter Zone sent some of their guys to Woodward and they filmed a few things.  Everyone was throwing down, Nick Darger on the dirt scoot in particular.  Makes that thing look super fun to ride (which they are).  But come on, manny back 3 on it?  Wow.

Kevin Rodriguez- Welcome to AO

New York's Kevin Rodriguez is the latest rider to get on Alpha Omega.  This edit, mostly at Maloof, features some pretty gnar stuff.  The feeble five he did was straight fire.  180 double bar up the euro gap was sick too.

Jon Reyes Fundraiser

So if you haven't heard, Jon Reyes recently tore his ACL, and is going in for surgery soon.  The thing is, he doesn't have health insurance, which means he'll have to pay for the several-thousand dollar surgery out of pocket.  So the shop he works at, Spokesman, has teamed up with his factory sponsor Phoenix to try to raise money to pay for it.  His signature deck is being offered for sale at $200, a huge discount from the normal price.  And they're being shipped for free, making the deal even better.  The money from the deck sales will go towards helping him pay his medical bills.  This is a really cool thing for Phoenix and Spokesman to do, and I hope it works.  Being without health insurance is a scary thing, if you don't have it, please try to get at least a basic coverage plan, it's very worth it.

Phoenix at Woodward ft Tyler Bonner and Raymond Warner

Two of the sports best killing it at Woodward. It's pretty awesome watching new T Bone footage because you can literally see his riding coming back with each edit. Raymonds dipped three over the spine was pretty tight, and Tyler also keeps his tech side strong with some sick combos.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Columbus Weekend Edit

Columbus is a cool place to scooter.  Cool parks, cool street, cool people.  This edit features Brian Amato, Josh Smukal, Kyle Arnholt, Jared Innarino, Lane Funari, and Kentuckian James Shaheen.  That whip feeble 270 bar in at :56 was so good, such a unique use of the spot.  Also that last trick is no joke, props to that guy.

Jon Reyes Nose Manny Whip Record?

Of course there's not really any real record but this is probably the longest one on video.  Even with a torn ACL, Jon is still killin it.  He should probably just take off his back wheel, since he doesn't even need it.

Hootigh hus lin

We just saw some footage from Mathias Holst in his Addict edit down below, and now we get some more (along with Phillip Haj) in this video for Hootigh.  Super fresh clips.  The line with the ice to heel was so good.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ralph "Monky" McMoran (Video Up)

Trendkill announced this yesterday, and here it is.  A lot of this footage is a year, two years old, but that doesn't make it any less awesome.  That rail he bar backlips at 1:37 is so awkward to get to, making it so much gnarlier than it looks...One of the best parts of his riding is that it continually evolves, a characteristic I love to see in riders.  So, check this video, watch it again, and go ride.

Welcome to Addict: Mathias Holst

Pretty fitting that Mathias would get on Addict.  He was able to come with some of the other Addict guys to California this winter, so a lot of Cali footage is in this video.  Even in this world of so many good high-tech riders, Mathias manages to retain his own style.  This footage captures that for sure.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Trendkill- Ralph "Monky" McMoran Part

Trendkill is going to release a new Ralph video if their facebook gets 999 likes, so get likin.  I know I for one would love to see some new footage from him.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Pro Scooter Series Round 3- Presented by Nickeh

Scooter Hut's Pro Scooter Series ended at Monster Skatepark recently, and Coedie Donovan ended up the winner of the day.  But it was Brendon Smith who walked away as the total series champion, with a prize of $5000.  As you can see everyone was throwing it down, captured by the one and only Nickeh.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cody Flom Birthday Party at Clairemont

SG is throwing a party for Cody Flom at the Clairemont Skatepark this Saturday. If you guys have nothing to do, and want to hang with some riders and get some free pizza. Go down and wish Cody a happy birthday and have a good time.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Josh Brown- Welcome to Anaquda

Anaquda recently started a US team, and first to release a "Welcome To" edit is Josh Brown.  Josh is known for getting tech on ledges and rails while also hitting some of the gnarliest terrain out there.  In this park edit he shows his tech side, with tricks like hurricane full cabs, half cab boardslide to whip a downrail, and feeble 360 smith combos.  He's currently saving footage for an all-street part, be on the lookout for that.

Ricky Cox- My Life

Ricky Cox has been an upcoming rider for a while now.  The Sacramento rider has spent the past couple months working on this edit, searching out street spots to shred.  His efforts have paid off with this video.  I really dug the all the ditch lines, good on him making use of spots that are hard to find anywhere else.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Snake Charmers

If you haven't seen this yet, you missed out.  Hep, Logan, and Matt were at it again in this park montage.  It's more of a chill video compared to the Dissidence USA video that recently came out but there's some bangin clips in this one for sure.  Such a good crew to watch, and you just know that riding together only makes them way better.

Justin Robertson: Epic Rewind Promo

 It's been a while since we last saw footage of Justin, but don't think that that's because he hasn't been riding.  This was filmed over the last two weeks.  Justin is one of the first people I can remember that really started messing around with fakie feebles and he still kills them.  A bunch of fakie feeb combos and more tech stuff are in this video.  If you're missing his street footage like I am, know that he has a full part in the upcoming Scooterzone DVD GTLI.  It should be good.

Dialed Magazines "From Flow to Pro with Bransyn Smith"

This was the last Friday Feature for Dialed Magazine. It was back from Issue 2, and featured Bransyn Smith, a rider I still feel is pretty underrated. Check it out below. And head over to the Dialed Magazine Facebook, to stay updated on what's going on with the first US Magazine in the sport.

Instagram @DialedMagazine
Twitter @DialedMagazine

Rockwell Special- Basic Bunch

Basic put out this video of a skatepark sesh this weekend.  Some dope riding by some young boys.  First clip might have been my favorite.  Film/edit by David Cappetta.

Unfair Scooters Teamtage #2

Wow.  This was so rad.  The Unfair crew rides some awesome spots and has equally awesome riding.  Seeing that bikini girl's reaction to Jack 180'ing that set at :33 was priceless.  Also Reece just keeps getting steezier and steezier, it's great.  These guys are headed to the Dissidence Street Jam in Paris, where they'll be riding and filming for an upcoming DVD.  Can't wait for that.

Montreux 2013 Night Sesh

Helmeri Pirinen filmed this of some bro's in Montreux after he dislocated his shoulder.  Slick tech moves from everyone.  Fun little video, can't wait for more footy from the comp to be released.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Justin "Juzzy" Carter Welcome to Micro

Dylan Arldt was behind the lens and took care of the editing for this video, but when it comes to the riding, it's all Juzzy Carter. So many clips in here that had me going "what the hell". This kid has so much talent, and to be honest the video didn't even show all of what Justin can do. But it is still well worth the watch.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tyler Bonner Elyts Stylites Section

The Elyts DVD Stylites was released about a year ago, and now they are uploading the sections publicly to Youtube for everyone to see.  First up is none other than Tyler Bonner.  Tyler's section was easily my favorite in the video.  He really threw down in what was basically his first street part.  Some gnarly gaps/sets/rails and tech lines to boot.  It's such a shame that he tore his ACL and lost so much time on the scooter.  Although he is already back to killing the tech game.

Nantes Footage

This is footage that was filmed during the recent Freestyle Scooter Contest in Nantes.  A bunch of Euro talent (as well as American Cory Vanlew) seshing a box, with some rail and bowl footage mixed in.  Lambert Judith always coming through with some hot fire clips, he killed it.  Also featured are:  Simon Casella, Kevin Boulom, Mathieu Antonucci, Paul Gonnet, Christophe Stefanuto and Charles Padel

ScooterHut Pro Scooter Series Round 2 by Nickehfilms

Nickeh recently dropped the highlights from the second round of the Pro Series going on in Australia, which means there is only one round to go. Max Peters was riding really well, and it looks like he ended up taking first place. Interested to see who wins the series, and pockets that 5,000. Check out the edit below.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Haske at Mollet

Haske Scooter Shop sent some of the boys to Mollet to film this video for their new Youtube page.  Featured are Marc 'Kitus' Morera, Pol AceƱa & Dani Cardona.  Super clean riding and filming.  Loving the speed they all have, too.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dissidence Distribution USA Philly/NYC Trip

Damn.  This video is incredible.  Matt McKeen, Logan Fuller, and Hep Greg are starting up a US branch for Dissidence, and original Dissidence guys JD and Balth came with Roots Boy to the states to film this video.  Amazing riding from everyone, from Logan's tricks on the cut Philly rail, JD's huge hops, Greg's endless steeze, Balth's solid tech, and watch out for McKeen's switch tricks...and the ender, Williamsburg gap to rail?  Even without a trick out is insane.  Yara Haynes and David Martinez came through with some guest clips too.  If you haven't started watching the video yet, you can start now.

Woodward East August 2013 Promo

So Ryan Upchurch, Jake Hershey, Dan Barrett, Jon Reyes, and Raymond Warner recently got the chance to stay at Woodward East and film this video to promote the upcoming scooter camp week.  I think the part that made me most want to go wasn't even the skateparks, but all the extra fun stuff they showed.  Amazing basketball shots, pool trick shots, I'm so down for that.  And a ropes course?  Oh and that was seven whips that Raymond did.  In a backflip, over a mini-mega...so crazy.

Tyler Bonner Phoenix Session Deck Promo

T Bone has been opening up his tech game since returning from his knee injury, and joining Phoenix. I personally have no problem with that, and to be honest Tyler has always been one of the best, if not the best, all around rider. So seeing him push his tech side is definitely cool. One has to wonder though, are we ever going to see 1080 whips and bars from him again? Is he going to push himself like he has before? I'm thinking we'll find out soon.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Jackson Bartlett On We March by Nickehfilms

Since Nickeh started up Nickehfilms, he's been producing top notch edits around the clock, this one features Jackson Bartlett. Jackson has style for miles, and that last clip looked really tight. Keep checking ISB for more edits from Nickehfilms.

YesPlease Crew- Autumn

This is the latest video from the YesPlease crew, in the land of backwards seasons.  These guys are holding it down for New Zealand and come through with some enjoyable park and street clips.  That uprail 3 was crazy, that trick is so hard.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

AO Arizona Winter Tour 2012

The AO Team shut it down hard with this edit from this past winter in Arizona. Zig Short, Cory Vanlew, Dom Olorenshaw, and Elliot Arnold are the riders featured, and each of them has some seriously legit clips in this. Max Manning was handling the camera, and editing, and it came out great. Loved this edit.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Sculpture Apparel- Welcome to the Team

The Sculpture website recently dropped and right on the front is this rad video showcasing the team, which consists of Jon Archer, Logan Fuller, Gerome Hani, and Alex Peasley.  Everything Sculpture has done looks really gnarly and its awesome that they're filling that void, as far as clothing companies go.  The profiles of the guys have some cool pics, I'm looking forward to more media from these guys.

Dialed Scooter Magazine's Catching Up with Ryan Gould

Ryan Gould has had some legit coverage in past Dialed issues. From photos, to the poster, and a First Fives back in Issue 2. Recently Dialed caught up with Ryan to see what he's been up to lately. This is something Dialed is going to be doing every Friday. So make sure to head over to their Facebook, and check Inside-Scooters every Friday to see what they post next.


Wise- Ponceurs de Curbs and City Livin

Wise - Ponceurs de curbs from Wise Scootering on Vimeo.

Wise - City Livin' from Wise Scootering on Vimeo.

Wise recently put out these two videos in addition to Alexis Cuvillier's.  They feature some ridiculous ledge riding.  Martin Andre completely kills it with that last clip in the first video...how is that even possible haha?  I'm now in the mood to ride thanks to these videos.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Capron Funk Goodbye California Edit

Thinking of Capron living anywhere other than Cali seems really strange to me. But that's what's happening. Capron is going to be heading off to Pennsylvania for 3 months to do some shows. One thing I've always liked about Capron, is that despite being in a sport where everyone is trying to ride like someone else, Capron has always stuck to his roots and rides exactly how he wants. Check out the edit below.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Day With Ryan Williams

So, what's a day in the life like for one of the gnarliest Australian shredders?  Pretty good if you ask me.  This video shows a typical day for Ryan when not on a Maddgear or Nitro Circus tour.  Just casually busting out a 270 front lip 270 on a rail, no problem.  And the normal Rwilly tranny moves.  Finishing off with a session at a local ropeswing.  Looks like a good day for sure.

Alexis Pedro Cuvillier- Welcome to Wise

Alexis Pedro Cuvillier - Welcome to Wise from Wise Scootering on Vimeo.

Wise is a clothing brand based out of France that sponsors a pretty legit list of OG riders and current shredders.  Alexis is the latest to be added.  Super tech moves, killing the fakie feeble game makes for a good video.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Phoenix Combo Contest Winners Announced

Recently Jon Reyes and Dan Barrett held a contest where they gave riders the opportunity to put together their best tech edit, and in return they would win some pretty legit stuff from Dan or Jon. The edits that came out were really fun to watch, and in the end I definitely think the right riders won. Below are the winners, and the edits that got that won for them.

Honestly, Kyron shocked the hell out of me. I think it was definitely between Kilean and Kyron, but that must have been hard to judge.

..Oh and anyone else notice all their names start with K? Just saying.

1st Place - Kilean Pernsteiner (Choose between Dan Barrett Sig Deck, or Jon Reyes All Is Possible clothing)

2nd Place - Kyron Power (Cooper Klaar Bars and a Fork)

3rd Place - Kyle Tolentino (Magray SLI Pegs)

Vincent Kudrna Leaves Envy and Heads to Fasen

Word has been going around that Vincent Kudrna has left Envy, which he's been with for sometime now, and has moved onto Brendon Smiths, Fasen. The interview below explains Vincent's reason for doing so, and it seems like he's pretty stoked to be where he is. Below the interview is Vincent's latest edit featuring him on his new Fasen set up.

When did Brendon ask you to join Fasen?

Vincent: We were at the ISA championships in England and he asked me if I was interested in joining the team. I rode his scooter and loved it, so the answer was YES!

The Envy/Blunt teams are very close, was it hard to leave?

Vincent: Over the past year I have have had some awesome times and opportunities with Envy and I appreciate everything they have done for me. It was hard to leave but I will still be with the same family since Envy and Fasen are very close.

What do you have planed for the year ahead?

Vincent: Now that I am on Fasen I plan to start traveling more often. I hope to make it down to Australia and Europe to ride new parks and shred with everyone there. I will be attending more competitions, events and putting out more edits. I am also going to work with Brendon on testing and developing more products. I will represent Fasen as hard as I can and continue to push my riding to the next level.

Brendon in Australia, you in the USA. Will there be a UK and Europe rider?

Vincent: Yah we have already been discussing it and I know they have their eyes on a couple people

Scooter Garage Photo Contest

Scooter Garage is having a photo contest, and they're giving away some SG apparel if you win. Check out the flyer for more details on the contest.

Ian Herncjar- Trip to Arizona with Andrew and Adam Cordova

Ian recently went down to Arizona with friends Andrew and Adam to escape the Colorado cold and ride scooters.  Everyone got some cool clips, especially Ian with that banger.  Tight song too.

Hella Grip Homies at Epic Indoor Skatepark

Now this was a fun edit to watch.  A ton of Hella Grip "official" and "unofficial" homies got footy at the Epic comp.  I seriously don't understand how Jake Sorenson got so good.  Zach Fuller did a great job of putting this together.

Monday, April 8, 2013

BMX, The Game?

If this is the first time you're hearing about this, check this link first.  To summarize, a team of indie developers are trying to create a BMX videogame, similar to EA Skate.  While it looks like they've gotten a good start on it already, they say they need more money to finish, which is why they started a Kickstarter page.  A lot of BMX heads are pretty skeptical about the whole thing.  I'm not really sure why they need more money to finish it when it looks like they have the software already to do it.  I understand it costs money to get it licensed to sell on the various platforms, but why not get more of it finished first, and show the world how good it really is...?

Even if you aren't into BMX, you might want to pay close attention to this.  If the BMX community can't even get a legit videogame together, will scootering ever be able to do so?

Florida Ride 2013 Trailer

Check this rad trailer out for Florida Ride, which is explained below by filmer/editor/photog Olivia Monks-

"Florida Ride began as a video but turned into a crew/ family making videos once a year. this year will be our first full length video from some of the best street riders in florida, stay tuned for throwaway clips, and a 2nd trailer at the end of summer."

Dissidence DIY Curb

The Dissidence guys are always busy with one project or another and this time they decided to build some boxes to ride.  This video shows the process of building and then shows the guys reaping the rewards of their work with some riding time.  These boxes come just in time for the Paris Street Jam, which will be held in May.

Pro Scooter Series Round 1 by NickehFilms

The Pro Series in Australia kicked off with Round 1 recently at The Compound skatepark. No room for flyout tricks here, it was all about the boxes. Really stoked to see the Pro Series off to such a strong start. Last clip by Brendon was ridiculous, that kid is constantly pushing the limits. Stoked to see Coedie up there as well. Check out the edit below, and be on the look out for the next two stops here on ISB.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

ADVCT Five Panels and Tank Tops

ADVCT recently came out with some five panels and tank tops for sale, now available at http://www.advctscooters.com.  The hats go for 26.95+ shipping and tanks go for 18.00+ shipping.  While you're at it give em a like on their facebook.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Welcome to Addict: Logan Fuller

Logan is the man.  Full speed, thrasher style that you don't see too often...you do see that style in the Addict team though, which Logan has just joined.  Logan is a pretty obvious choice, given he's close friends with fellow Addict rider Matt McKeen and has the style to fit.  I'm looking forward to seeing more from this guy now that he's being hooked up.

Dom DiMatteo Edit

Dom shuts it down so hard in his latest edit. Steezy as hell on everything, and that last clip. Dom's not the most well known dude, and with skills like that it'd be sick to see him get hooked up or at least get some offers from some companies. Coming up for sure.

Inside on Instagram

A week or two ago I made an Instagram for Inside, I've been trying to put up not only updates from the blog but other cool stuff so give it a follow for some exclusive content, rad photos and anything else I feel the scooter world should know about.  If you aren't fortunate enough to have a smartphone of your own for which to access Instagram you can check out the link to the right side of the blog to see all the pictures I post.

So, what are you waiting for?


Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Australian Pro Series Competition by Scooter Hut

-          So, Scott, when did you get the idea to throw a competition of this magnitude?

Well, the idea has been lingering in my mind for a couple of years, and  when I was in Sydney recently I met up with Darren and Hagan who own Monster Skate Park. We discussed the idea with them they were keen to host the Sydney round of the Series. Less than a week later, I had booked the other two venues, secured all the sponsorships needed to run it, and set out the structure for the first Series. I have always seen Scooter Hut as a proactive company and I don’t think people realise what my staff and I do for the sport.. Like two years ago we stuck our necks out, got the money together and put Ryan Williams, Mitch Baldry and Max Peters into Nitro Circus. At the time, nobody in our sport could have dreamt about that happening, but we made it happen and look at what that move has done for our sport over the past two years. I hope that the Pro Series will have a similar impact on the sport in years to come, in terms of giving the Pro riders an event they can really enjoy and express themselves through.

-          It sounds awesome so far. Tell me about the three skateparks that this competition will be taking place at.

We start the Series off on the 7th April at GC Compound on the Gold Coast. For Scooter Hut, this is like a home from home. We have a shop there, and most of our Queensland Team ride there regularly. The park has changed a lot recently and will present challenges to the non-local pro riders when they come up for it. Famous for its box section, GC Compound will prove a tough but very very entertaining opening Round for the Series. The following Sunday, the 14th April, we then hit RampIt in Melbourne for Round 2. This is a completely different park to GC Compound. RampIt is set up more like an indoor street/tech park (all those who say street can’t be in a park are probably right, but when it’s pissing of rain, nobody complains at having a park like this to ride in). So RampIt will offer a completely different challenge to the riders, and my guess is it will also bring a lot of those who maybe didn’t do so well at GC Compound back in line with those leaders from Round 1. The final event (Round 3) is at Monster in Sydney on Wednesday 24th April. We don’t really know yet how Monster will be set up for the event, because it’s currently closed for its annual Easter break, but I know however they set it up the tension and excitement will be huge on that final night. All the venues are going to be great for the competitors and the spectators alike, and the great thing is by holding the entire Series in indoor parks, we are guaranteed each Round to go ahead regardless of weather conditions.
-          Off the top of your head who are some of the riders that will be showing up and competing in the contest?

Riders are being announced each day over the next week, so I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s fair to say we have secured all of the best pro riders in Australia, with the exception of two who were not available due to other commitments. You can follow rider announcements on the Pro Series Facebook Page here: http://www.facebook.com/ProScooterSeries

-          How much experience do you have in throwing competitions? Can we expect this to be ran legit and fair? 

Scooter Hut has run a fair few smaller comps in the past, and our two most recent ones have been really successful. The Varsity Jam and last weekend’s Chatswood comp both went down well with competitors and spectators alike. The Pro Series is on a whole different level to anything we’ve ever done in the past, so in terms of experience at running a comp like this...we are pioneering on this one! I do believe the Series will be the fairest comp ever held in Australia. The fact it is being held over 3 very different venues means that the playing field is pretty even for the competitors, so nobody will have a Home Advantage. Each Round will be judged by 3 very experienced judges (all current or former pro riders), meaning that a total of 9 judges will be used throughout the entire Series. So, there should be very little issues in terms of bias or unfair marking. Also, competitors will have 3 runs in each Round. They are allowed to completely discard their lowest scoring run, so if they get unfairly judged in one run, or totally screw up a run, it won’t affect their results. I’ve spent a lot of time consulting with pro riders to make sure we get this side of things perfect, so I don’t think there will be any accusations of unfairness following the results of this Series.

-            Sounds legit. Talk to me about the Ladder rankings a bit. Will these be posted online so people around the world can keep up with the rankings?

Yeah, we’ve set up a website, facebook and instagram where the ladder will be posted, so it should be pretty easy for people to follow. The website will go live next week: www.proscooterseries.com. We will also be showing the scores live at the event, so spectators will easily be able to follow the scores as the judges mark the runs. It’s important that the scoring is transparent, so we will be showing the scores as the judges mark them. The scoring system itself is great. Riders are scored on their best two runs from each Round. They are then given points based on their finishing position from that Round. So First Place gets 200points, Second Place 180points, Third Place 170points, etc down to Tenth Place getting 100points. Everyone else who completes at least two runs gets 90points. We’ve calculated the points system so that by the final round of the Series most of the competitors will still be in with a very realistic chance of winning the Series.. I think it’s going to be exciting to follow, even for those outside of Australia.

-          5,000 dollars for the winner of this competition right? Why put up so much money?

You’re right, the prize money is huge, and our reasoning behind doing a “Winner Takes All” concept is to give the Pro Riders the incentive to push themselves to their limits during the Series. Our sport has some incredible athletes, and I think it’s fair those athletes are competing for large prize money.

-           I think everyone entering will be stoked on that. How many companies as of now are supporting the Pro Series?

We have had amazing support from almost every company we’ve approached. We filled all six available Partner Sponsorships within 4 days. Phoenix, Proto, Apex, MGP, Fasen and District all jumped on board to support the event in a massive way. We’ve also got five Gold Sponsors: Envy, AO, Root Industries, Eagle and Urban Artt. Scooter Hut is the main sponsor, so all in all we have 12 companies currently backing the Pro Series. Personally, I’m stoked at the calibre of brands we have had support from. I think most riders would agree we’ve got pretty much every legit brand supporting this event, with the exception of just a few, who I’m sure will support future Pro Series events.

-          Is this going to be an annual competition? Will we see even more stops next year?

Yeah, our plan is to make the Pro Series into a regular twice-annual event, with the goal of having a Street Series run in the summer, and this Invitational event around Autumn/Winter. Once this first Series is run, we will evaluate what we did right and what went wrong and try to make each Series from there on better. We plan to put together a Committee of Pro Riders to help plan and structure future Series as I want the Series to be owned by the pro riders who care about the future of their sport.

-          Are you planning to keep this strictly an Australian Contest?

For this year, yes. The Street Series planned for December/January will take place in Australia, but we will invite overseas riders to compete in it. If all goes to plan, this will hopefully become a Series that we can run globally, but for now we’ll concentrate on getting it right on home soil.  

-          Do you have any last words or shout outs?

Thanks to the great bunch of guys and girls that work for me at Scooter Hut...without them none of this would be possible. The only other thing I’d like to say is if you live in Australia and you want to have an amazing day out, come to one of the events. You will get to meet and ride with the pros, and then  get to watch Australia’s top riders pull some of the biggest tricks and work their butts off to win this Series. It’s going to be huge, so get down,  have an amazing day out and give support to your favourite riders.

Josh Smukal- Florida Short

Josh is from Ohio but managed to get this edit done in two days while on vacation in Florida.  Coming from Ohio, Josh got into scooters after seeing his cousin's boyfriend (none other than Dylan Kasson) ride.  You can see the influence in the solid street lines and combos.  Josh is on 5starr Scooters and is on the come up.  Film/edit by Olivia Monks.

Proto Photo Bomb Contest

Proto is holding a sweet contest to win a a bunch of cool stuff.  To find out the details, hit up this link on Proto's facebook.  Grand prize is a whole Proto scooter, so why not enter?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rumble in Da Jungle 3

Tobias Mayer and George Gartlehner are insane...whip front board 270 whip?  All the front hurricane/back sugarcane combos...too good.  Now to get some of these combos out on real obstacles.

Razor- Woodward West 2013 Part II

Razor came through with a ton of footage at Woodward earlier this year, not just from their team riders but from everyone who attended.  Josh Toy does still ride scooters, by the way.  And he isn't the team manager. There are some pretty brutal falls at the end...the one of Raymond at 9:42...like 800 feet in the air straight to the knees, even with pads on that doesn't look like it feels good.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vienna Revival

You already know that the Vienna guys are among the best in ledge tech riding.  Their full length Vienna Calling was super sick.  This montage features a bunch of indoor footage they gathered over the winter.  All the miniramp clips were my favorite.  This one features David Tiefenthaler, Florian Toegel, and Max Kernmayer.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Epic Indoor Spring Scooter Jam by The Over Show

The Over Show and Hella Grip were in the house for the latest Epic Skatepark Scooter Comp. This edit is 22 minutes long, and I honestly watched the whole thing. Looks like everyone threw down pretty hard, judging a competition like that is definitely no easy task, so props to the judges. Well worth the watch. Gotta love how first and second place are two riders who primarily ride Park, and they just won a comp that took place on a street course, with some of the worlds best street riders in attendance.

Kilean Pernsteiner and George Weiss Phoenix Combo Contest Entry

These two dudes recently entered the Phoenix Combo Contest, which is a contest that Phoenix Pro riders Jon Reyes and Dan Barrett are holding. The reason I liked these two entries was because they went out and rode street, and brought their tech riding there. As opposed to just hitting up your driveway and setting up some rails and boxes, which don't get me wrong if you shred hard enough, that can still be sick to watch.

But these guys stuck out to me for sure. Really entertaining to see tech riders doing their thing.