Saturday, June 29, 2013

ELYTS Stylites DVD Sections Chris Hart and Max Peters

Stylites was the first DVD that the company made, and I think they are working on a new DVD as well, might be for AO though. Either way, back when they were filming they flew out Chris Hart and Max Peters to So Cal to film for the DVD. I'm not sure if Max is still a part of ELYTS, but I know Chris is. Check out both sections below.

TSI à Paris

The guys on TSI that went to Paris for the street jam teamed up to film this awesome video.  Even with a questionable soundtrack, these guys deliver some buttery clips.  Hep Greg's got that super steeze as always.  T-Whee does a trick at the end too, props to him. I heard he doesn't even scooter anymore, pfft.

Ian Herncjar & Issac Miller parktage

Perhaps the only thing Issac loves more than riding scooters is being filmed while riding scooters, so it was natural for him to ride with Ian and film this video when he recently moved out to CO.  They rode some of the craziest looking parks, and came up with some of the craziest clips.  180 fakie nose manual half cab whip = mindblowing.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Proto Scooters- Armageddon 2012: Jackson Manzie

Jackson was a new edition to the Proto team during the filming of Armageddon, getting on after his California video dropped.  With the popularity of that video and several other Friendly videos Jackson was in, a lot of people were hyped for his Proto part.  Sadly he developed some back problems and had to take it easy during most of the filming stages, so his final part was a little short. But, it was still super rad.  Enjoy this one and be ready for the next Armageddon part to drop.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

XW 8? You know you wanna go.

That's right, one of the longest running competitions in the sport is going to be taking place soon, for the 8th time. XW is known for always being a good time for everyone that attends, so if you are in the area, or want to take part in a legit competition, consider heading out to XW.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dissidence in Denmark

Some of you might not know, but JD has been living in Denmark for quite some time now. So Balthazar and Kevin Demay recently made the trip to hang out with the homies in Denmark, and they got some sick footage. Kevin's line was way too stylish. Definitely check this out.

841 Do you even know

841 ain't messing around, their goal is to produce one of the best wheels on the market, and the new 5 Star Wheels might just be that. Naturally the 841 guys put the wheels to the test. Zig, Zach, Elliot, and Cory all stack good clips in this edit. Zig slaying that rail at the end was so good.

Phillip Long and Andy Rea behind the lens. And P Long with the edit

AO France Shred Strasbourg

The French AO Team definitely hold it down in this edit. Tons of tech tricks, and that last rail was tight. Lambert's clip at 1:40 was seriously ridiculous.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MGP Midwest Tour

Twan and some of the guys from MGP will be hitting the road soon for a tour across the Midwest. Head out to some of the stops if you can for a good day of riding and giveaways. For dates and locations check the flyer below.

Justin Lacosse Satori Promo

Justin aka Jlax aka @busty_justy is the man.  He does what he wants without any hesitation, whether it be throwing a line near a lake's edge or wearing a flower print visor.  This is his promo for the clothing company Satori.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Lucky Scooter Parts 2 for 1: Denver Herzing Woodward 2013 + James Gee Scooter Check

Denver has been getting a lot more recognition since joining LSP. Below is an edit of him shredding Woodward, some bangers in here, and he has a super clean style. Everything he does just looks really solid.

Next up OG Lucky rider James Gee breaks down his set up, and knocks out some clips after. Been awhile since I've seen some footy from him, so it was pretty refreshing. Check it out below.

Scooter Zone Riverside Flow Team Edit

Scooter Zone has shops in New Jersey, and Australia, but make no mistake they are mostly known for holding it down in Southern California. It all started in Riverside for SZ, and while they have a bunch of their pro riders there, they also have some young homies coming up in the ranks. These are three of their flow riders showing what they got. Filmed and Edited by Nick Darger.

Parrish Isaacs- Early Summer

Parrish is from an area pretty devoid of street spots, so it's cool to see him making the most out of what he does have- a lot of really tall rails.  This part is rad and it would be cool to see him out in a different area with more riders to push him and a proper filmer to capture it.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dissidence Street Jam V4 By Roots Boy Production

It goes down every year, and every year when it's over we sit around waiting for Roots Boy Production to drop the edit. It dropped about 8 hours ago, and it's insane. The Dissidence Street Jam has grown into a huge event, attracting riders from all over the world. Basically, you show up, you have a good time, and if you're feeling up to it, you can test how big your balls are. Watch the below edit whether you ride street or park.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Dialed Scooter Magazine Friday Feature: Spillway of Death with Ryan Williams

Friday Feature is here from Dialed Magazine. This one throws it back to an older issue where photographer Dale Travers met up with Ryan Williams for a photo shoot. He got some sick photos, Ryan took a gnarly slam, and it turned into a pretty tight article.

Florian Toegel

Max Kernmayer put these clips together of Florian filmed before he got on AO.  Located in Vienna, Florian is one of the top tech riders in the game.  The hard downside heel clips were so good, never seen those before.  Also don't miss the downside heel fakie back feeble.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Addison Mini Video

Before Addison McNaughton became known as one of the pioneers of street riding, before whipping the berg, and long before Urban Artt, Addison was just a young kid shredding the Nor Cal streets. When this video originally dropped in the early 2000s everyone noticed Addison. He wasn't following any trends and he was killing it in the streets. One of my favorite videos, from one of my favorite riders. Definitely check this one out kids.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Proto Scooters- Armageddon 2012 Part 1: The Beginning and Part 2: Brandon Kilbury

In case you've been blowing it and haven't seen this DVD yet, Proto is uploading the parts for all the world to see for free.  Above we have the intro, featuring some of the gnarliest clips and bails.  Below is the first part, from Brandon Kilbury.  BK's part is a great first part, super clean riding and some really gnar tricks.  That superman grab was so good.  As soon as more of the parts are uploaded, you can be sure to find them right here on Inside.

Get Dialed Scooter Magazine Online (US ONLY)

If a shop near you isn't carrying Dialed yet, they have a website where you can grab yourself a copy of the magazine. The link is below.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

SCV Scooter Zone Montage

The Santa Clarita SZ riders put together this montage video. So many good clips in here. Riders include, Dylan Hampson, Aaron Watson, Nic Politi, Spencer Steed, Cameron Poe, and Tyler Rehard. Check it out.

Inside Exclusive: Super 60 with Tom Kvilhaug and Jordan Jasa

We're bringing it back.  Tom and I got this done yesterday at Mokena Skatepark in Illinois.  It was super hot and humid but we managed to get some rad footy.  If you would like to make a Super 60, you can download the intro here.

This is also the first video uploaded to the Inside Scooters Youtube channel.  Go ahead and subscribe for more exclusive content, we've got some more planned for you guys.  If you want to make a Super 60 (or any video) to be featured on Inside, hit us up, and if we're stoked on it, we might just upload it straight to Inside's channel.  We want to get edits of all kinds up, so hit us up at

Monday, June 17, 2013

Phoenix Pro Scooters and Envy Pro Scooters ....Team up? Read to find out

Press release was just released today. Read below to find out more.

Industry Leaders Create Gravity Group

Beaverton, Oregon, USA - Envy Scooters and Phoenix Pro Scooters have joined forces in a new distribution company, Gravity Group, Inc.

To achieve the highest level of customer focus, these two scooter industry leaders felt the best solution was to partner in this major initiative that will streamline and develop the distribution of products to the USA, Canada, Central and South America. A state of the art B2B system and extensive warehouse stock levels ensure minimal waiting times for products.

Gravity Group, Inc., in a successful move to secure these brands, will be the major player in the scooter industry at the distribution level. Its mission statement is to provide customer service on par with the high-end scooter brands it represents.

Both Envy Scooters and Phoenix Pro Scooters are both confident this move comes at a perfect time as the scooter scene in America is on the verge of exploding.

Phoenix Pro Scooters started in 2009 in the USA when the world pro scooter scene was in its infancy.  Known for their high end scooters and proud American heritage, Phoenix Pro Scooters are the scooter of choice for many pros.

Envy Scooters, known as Blunt Scooters in Europe was started in Australia in late 2009. They have been the go to scooters since, and continue to be one of the world’s leading brands.

Gravity Group, Inc. Will be fully stocked and ready to service quality scooter retailers starting July 1st.

See to setup your B2B account and get access to the finest scooter brands.

For Sales and Dealer inquiries e-mail:

Gravity Group, Inc.

9950 SW Arctic Dr.

Beaverton, OR 97005



Venture Crew Presents: Totally Worth It

The Youtube description for this full-length promo by a Norwegian crew says it all-

 "In a world where scooters are being looked on as a gay little kids toy and where buttercups and helicopterflips is what's hot, the venture crew still goes hard. Even though we fall, get injured and get a good amount of hate from skaters and BMXers, we keep on cruisin' the streets. Going through these things is nothing compared to the rush you get from landing a big trick or just hanging out with your homies. And that's why we say that in the end it's "Totally Worth It".

"Totally Worth It" is a full length video project from the venture crew straight outta Norway. Coming when it's coming, hopefully pretty soon."

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nathan FLEMONGO- Parktage by Unfair Scooters

This was tight.  Some solid park riding by Nathan, and some prime flamingo footage.  Filming and editing was right on point as well.

Rumble in da Jungle Part 5

The series continues, this round with Tobias Mayer, George Gartlehner, and Alex Freller.  Highlights include landing a boardslide a barrier rail as it falls down, a downside whip tailgrab to lip stall, and a beatboxer.  Loving each of these Rumble videos.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shop Mothership- Mixtape #1

The Shop Mothership guys have been filming over the past five months, in Seattle as well as California.  The result is this video.  With a lineup including Jessee Ikedah, Brent Reid, Kingsley Okocha, Mike Montgomery, Jake O'Donnell, and Travis Minion, you know it's gonna be good.  Jessee's clips at Hollywood were so crazy.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dialed Scooter Magazines Friday Feature: 5,000 Followers Contest

Dialed stepped up their social media game, and they wanted to give back to the people supporting them by throwing a contest celebrating their 5,000 follower mark on Facebook. For more details just check the Ad  below, and head over to their Facebook and Like and Share the image by clicking the link below.

Friction Ride Shop Weekend Kickoff Sale

Friction Ride Shop holds it down in Temecula, CA, and they are having a sick weekend sale starting today. The sale runs from 6/14/ - 6/16. All you have to do is mention this Inside-Scooters post, and you can get 15% off all purchases store wide. Good deal if you ask me.

Elliot Arnold and Johan Wazel Shred Europe Tour

The AO boy came through hard in this edit through Europe. Elliot Arnold and Johan throw bangers throughout this edit, and keep it all looking clean and steezy. Elliot does a killer nose blunt around the middle of the edit. Song has some profanity in it, so if you're just a young boy.. you've been warned.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mitch Baldry Old and New

AO Pro Rider Mitch Baldry has been stacking clips all year. Below are some of the clips that didn't make it into his edits. Lots of grinds in here, which is no surprise since he rides an AO deck, which is basically a grind machine. Check out the footage below.

Freestyle Depot Relocation Celebration

Freestyle Depot is the definition of legit. A shop owned and operated by riders, for riders. They recently relocated and are having a sick ride day to kick things off. Ride with the pros, get some free BBQ, and enjoy the 20-50% sale on everything. For more information check out the flyer below.

High 5 with Michael Hohmann

High 5 is a series Olivia Monks is doing featuring five clips from a rider, every week.  This one is with Michael Hohmann, one of the best Floridian shredders.  Last clip was too rad.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

UrbanArtt | Javi Trepat Sig Scooter Check

Here we have a closer look at Javi's signature UrbanArtt scooter, as well as a few riding clips.  The scoot looks pretty dialed and so is Javi's riding.  Last trick was super sick.

The full specs are listed below:

- JT Signature Bars:

4130 Cr-Mo
Heat treated
Back Sweep: 3º
Up Sweep: 0º
UA cnc machined logo
550 high / 560 wide / ICS 31'8 Ø

- JT signature deck:

One Piece folding & headtube ''FORGED''
6061- T6 Aluminium Alloy
HeadTube angle : 82.5°
Width : 116mm / 4.5" Lenght : 520mm / 20.5"
2° Of concave
Integrated Headset
Weight : 1350 Gr

Green SandBlasted Matte Finish
Including Flex Brake, Axle and spacer

Issac Miller for Satori

Issac is busy filming a part for the Tilt DVD so this is just a short video to promote his clothing sponsor, Satori.  But don't let that fool you, there are some bangers in this.  More promos for Satori are set to drop this summer so be on the lookout for those.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Tilt Limited Edition Legacy Forks

Hunter Bechtle- Micro Europe World Tour 2013

Hunter's videos are always insane.  One of the best all around riders for sure.  Combine his talent on the scooter with a guy like BenJ Friant's filming and editing skills and you got one hell of a video.  Hit that play button and enjoy.

Fidelity Snapback Giveaway and In-Depth with Logan Fuller

“It’s that time again, where we’re giving some free gear away! This time we’ll be dishing out one of our all new snapbacks to one lucky winner! How do you get entered to win? Easy, just sign up for our all new forums over on our website, ! We will be giving away the hat on July 1st, randomly picking a user from our site!

    We will be doing giveaways all the time over on our site and our Facebook! Prizes given away will range all the way from stickers, t-shirts, and even complete scooters from some of your favorite brands! Like us on facebook, sub us on YouTube, and go sign up for the forums; things are only just getting started!”

Free snapback giveaway and an interview with Logan Fuller?  Not bad for a Monday morning.  

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Zenith Issue #1

The Spring 2013 edition of Zenith is out.  This is more of a pet project of mine that I don't really have any expectations for, but I hope you guys enjoy it.  Features Jon Knutdson, Issac Miller, Zach Johnston, Ben Torborg, Devin Heald, and Alex Gould.

Ryan Upchurch 19 Stair Rail Attempts/Falls

Ryan is a warrior.  This hadone of the tiniest runups for one of the biggest rails, but Ryan tries it multiple times anyway.  Nearly gets it first try, sacks it, then tries again and again.  Last bail left him with a mild concussion...unfortunately he had left his helmet at home that day.  Protect your noggin, kids.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Dialed Scooter Magazine Friday Feature: Get Your Instagram Photos in Dialed!

This is the chance I know a lot of riders have been waiting for. A chance to get your photos into Dialed's next issue! All you gotta do is use #DialedMagazine to tag your next Instagram photos, and they will choose the best ones to be featured in the magazine. Everyone who gets a photo chosen to be in the magazine will also get a free issue of Dialed sent to them.

Make sure you're following Dialed on Instagram @DialedMagazine

Arnaud Marchenoir Welcome to Micro

Arnaud just got on Micro after leaving Sacrifice, so that's why hes on a Sacci scoot in these clips.  He can do a lot of the big park moves while still retaining his own original style.  A lot of the clips had me going "watt".

Haske and friends: Help Jon Reyes

It's so awesome to see the scooter community coming together to help out a fellow rider in need.  Here we have riders from the Spanish shop, Haske, making a video to help raise awareness for Jon's knee fund.  So, if you'd like to make a donation/buy his sig deck, check out

Zenith Cover

I'm stoked to announce a little project I've been working on, called Zenith.  Zenith is a free online 'zine (as in a small magazine) that I put together with photos I've been taking over the past spring.  It is mostly centered on  pictures of riders, with a small amount of text.  There aren't any ads or articles, just an introduction and cool photos.  You'll get more info when the full issue drops this weekend, but for now, check out this huge heelwhip Issac Miller did for the cover.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Phoenix Welcomes New Team Rider: Roomet Saalik

You might have seen Roomets beast Sponsor me video last week. If you haven't, I've included it below. Well it didn't take long for someone to notice Roomet, and that someone was Phoenix Pro Scooters. Find out more by reading the press release from Phoenix below.

Roomet Säälik – Welcome to the Phoenix Phamily!

Beaverton, Oregon – Phoenix Pro Scooters is proud to announce the addition of Roomet Säälik of Estonia, to the Phoenix AM Team.  You might have seen Roomet’s “Sponsor Me” edit on Inside Scooters last week.  Well, Phoenix owner, Tom Floyd saw it and knew he had to act fast. “I clicked on this edit and my jaw just hit the freaking floor”, said Floyd. “I couldn’t believe the ender, I had to watch it a few times”. 


“We are in the process of getting Roomet a fresh setup and all the goods.  We will be looking for him to get to some comps and show his stuff”, Floyd added.  

When asked how he felt about joining such an elite squad of riders on the Phoenix Team, Roomet said,
It's a very good feeling riding now in the Phoenix Pro Scooters Team. It's a great promotion for a 13-year old guy from a small country like Estonia. Awesome!”
We are stoked to have you on board, Roomet!

Scooter Zone and Black Market Ride Day

The dudes over at Scooter Zone and Black Market are partnering up to do a joint ride day this Sunday. Raffles, prizes, food, and drinks will be served so get out there and ride with some of chilliest dudes in So Cal. There is also a sale going on for Black Market and Scooter Zone which you can read more about on the flyer.

Washingtage 3

The Endub boys have done it again.  The final installment in the Washingtage series features Tom Kvilhaug, Tyler Bradley, Blake Bailor, and Brenton Reid.  These guys shut it down with their rail abilities and bowl lines.  Banger was dope too.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tyler Bonner- Spring Mix 2013

Wow, right after fellow Phoenix rider Cooper Klaar drops an amazing edit, Tyler Bonner does the same.  A ton of street footage in this, definitely wasn't expecting that.  But it was all rad and its so good to see him shredding hard again.  You know this is gonna be good, so hit that play button.

Fix Jon's Knee (Jon Reyes Benefit Video)

A bunch of the guys at the ISA comp this weekend got together to do this video to remind everyone about the efforts to help pay for Jon's acl surgery.  You help out by going to the following links:

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nobody But Me- Cooper Klaar

Cooper Klaar was one of Phoenix's first riders and has been with them ever since.  Always one of the more unique riders in the sport, his riding stands out with his individual style.  That style is showcased in this awesome part.  Super tech stuff, while still doing it big.  That banger..I think it's safe to say that trick is now over.

Props to Brandon Miller and Evan Larson on the filming.

DoggScooters Paris Trip Video

The DoggScooters team was a part of the recent Paris street jam and documented the event as well as some riding outside of the jam.  So much good footage, from not only the Dogg team but everyone who was at the Dissidence warehouse and rode in the jam.  Even Tyler Wheeland got a clip.  I think my favorite clip came from the other Tyler, Tyler Bonner, with the full cab tuck no.  That looked so cool.  Grab a snack, sit down and enjoy this one.

Noe and Remi Bouchard in BCN

The Bouchard brothers recently spent a couple days in Barcelona visiting family, and were able to get some street clips.  That little bank Remi rode is hardly a spot but he killed it.  He also says some clips are being saved, so be ready for a new part from him in the future.

Billy Evers Winter 2013

This video, more of a Winter/Spring video, features Billy doing what he does best- riding the ramps of New Jersey's parks, throwing down more more more tricks each time.  I don't know about you guys, but I can't get enough of those kickless rewinds.  Billy does it for The ScooterZone.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Jared Jacobs

Never heard of this little guy before but he's a shredder.  This was all filmed in the past 3 months or so and you can tell his progression is starting to take off.  Love the speed he has, even though he doesn't have the most advanced tricks its still entertaining because of the speed.

Scooter Zone 2 for 1: RAD Bar Review + Danny Rambert vs Nick Darger SCOOT

Scooter Zone has been doing reviews of certain products every week, also once these products are reviewed, you can find them for sale on their website for 10% off. Below that we have a game of SCOOT between Nick Darger and Danny Rambert on their dirt scoots. Good game for sure.

Peachy: Honey and Jenkem Promo

The Peachy crew is making a full length, to be called "Honey and Jenkem."  This crew is pretty sick so the video should be pretty good.  Friends section looks like it will be rad too...Guys like Josh Young, Alex Steadman, and Dylan Kasson make for a good video.

Taverny Scooter Contest

Tom Poinsot sent this one in, filmed by Yonatan Griffon.  Buttercup air over a lipsliding rider, whatt haha.  Bangers all around.

Boris Germain- Farewell Micro

Boris has left Micro for personal reasons.  It seems he wants to live life without having to represent a company, understandable.  I hope that doesn't slow down his insane progression.  Such a crazy rider, it'll be interesting to see if he does stay unsponsored, and for how long.