Monday, November 20, 2017

Root Industries | Singapore

A few of the Aussie Root boys headed out to Singapore to ride with local Root rider Shafiq and this is what they were able to come up with. Sadly they ended up getting hurt partway into the trip, but still walked away with some fresh clips. Flair handplant was super sick, didn't expect that at all.

Monday, November 13, 2017


Damn, first potassium, now TIME FRAME? The Minnesota boys are really out here. TIME FRAME is Erik Karl's latest and greatest production. I just wanna take a moment to say the Elliot Smith track was perfect. When it turns up and the dude does that roof clip...I really felt that. Erik's filming and editing is really becoming refined now, and the artwork clips he included were great. Always experimenting, love it.


Brought to you by Volare and Sky High, potassium is a full length film by Dakota Knight. Featuring a slew of riders from Minnesota as well as others from around the Midwest, potassium might just be one of the best independent films of the year. Dakota's filming and editing style is one of the more unique styles out there today. The riding is also varied and enjoyable throughout. With a bunch of names, some recognizable and some not, it's always a treat to see what these guys are gonna throw down.

Featuring: Benny Christensen, Jacody Besl, Liam Green, Cole Larson, Max Lemonds, Maxwell Reinbold, Dakota Knight, Sean OGrady, Noah Rogney, Erik Olsen, Jamin Larson, Jackson Harrington, Andrew Steinke, Landon Dallmann. 

Tilt Up North

Last month, Tilt boys/homies Dylan Kasson, Christian Dean, Devin (Shorty) Heald, Joe Vos, and Richard Harck decided to take an impromptu trip around northern Michigan to take advantage of the last remaining days of rideable weather. They met up with more homies, shredded the hell out of a ton of parks, and filmed nonstop. Richard Harck, hottest filmer of 2k17, was there to capture it all, and produced this awesome edit.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Urban Confrontation

If you've never seen an Alchemyst video before, you're missing out. Alchemyst is a loose crew with a creative view on scootering and documenting scootering. One of the main guys behind it, Juraj Klas, was recently interviewed by Dylan Kasson for his Tandem Podcast, which you can listen to here. Urban Confrontation is the next piece of the Alchemyst saga, blending night riding into daytime montages into VHS into Super 8, with a base coat of VX. Watch and enjoy.

Reece Doezema | Welcome to River Wheel Co

Reeceybaby is just the best scooter rider. That's all there is to it. They didn't even invite him to SoS because they knew he would just win. Like who does a front board 270 off a roof? Who would touch half the rails in this video? Who's about to full cab back lip an 8 stair? I'm so psyched to see River pick him up.

Sovereign of Street 2017 - Presented by Tilt

A few weeks ago, The Vault came together with title sponsor Tilt to put on the Sovereign of Street competition. This invite only street comp brought together 25 of the world's best riders to duke it out for the title of King of the Streets. Everyone threw down, but who took home first? Watch to find out.

Content Cop - Scooter Brad

First of all, if you're not familiar with the Youtuber IDubbbzTV, I'd suggest you go subscribe and check out his Content Cop series, which is the inspiration for the video above. IDubbbz is one of my fav Youtubers and I'm always gonna plug him. Anyways, for reasons unknown to me, Scooter Brad still has such a large following despite being terrible. This video, by Full Ride, details many of the reasons why the dude does not deserve to be a "figurehead" in scootering. This is a full on video essay complete with a diss track at the end, which was honestly better than I was expecting. Props to these guys for taking the time to thoroughly research and present their arguments in a logical way.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Hep Greg: Mini Vid 666.

A three year long filming process for Hep Greg has given us this video, aptly named Mini Vid 666, dropping yesterday (Halloween). There are a couple Brooklyn Banks clips in here and it just feels so right to see him riding there again, after being closed for years. Always such a treat to see this guy ride.

Matt Ogle | Shred & Wed

Is it cheesy to film reenactments of moments throughout your relationship and put them in a scooter video? When you're a dude like Matt Ogle, the answer is no. Sometimes when dudes get a girl they pretty much stop riding, but Matt is proof that you don't have to slow down, you can even keep progressing. I remember back in the Inward days when Matt and Jennifer first became a thing, and it's beautiful and inspiring to see them tie the knot after all these years.

Also there is a ton of great riding in here, Matt never fails to surprise me. I'm not saying he did an impossible off a ledge into a bank, but I'm not saying he didn't either.

badgerclit | Welcome To Elite

50 god Badgerclit aka Ryan Ruegg has done it again, this time with a video welcoming him to Elite. I keep thinking about how far scootering has come with the 5050 game and this dude is one of the ones pushing it to the limits. 50 hop over 270 downside into the bank was so perfect. Juiced for him to be on Elite, hope they can support him like he deserves.