Sunday, October 31, 2010


You guys never cease to amaze me....

Within 10 minutes...I had 50 people already email me. As of right now the CONTEST IS CLOSED. Thank you for participating, and Good luck to the 50 who got in.

I will edit this post shortly, with a COMPLETE list of all the people who are in the contest!

Here is the full list of all the people who made it into the contest, and will be a part of the random drawing to see who will win the Inward-Scooters parts.

1. Garret Wank
2. Eric
3. Jeff Rickfelder (HI JEFF!!!)
4. Gamalie
5. Andrew Parker
6. Dean Bost
7. Justin Zimmerman
8. CJ Treihart
9. Harrison Alden
10. Cristian Castro
11. Bobby Rivas
12. Matthew Griffiths
13. Matthew Durnya
14. Johnny Degen
15. Hunter Treviranus
16. Matt Rittler
17. Dan Obrien
18. Mario Jimenez
19. Taylor Feist
20. Toby Watts
21. Triston Barton
22. Devin Catron
23. Otto Markjarvi (HI OTTO!!!!!!!)
24. Tanner Smith
25. Brandon Miller
26. James Barrington
27. Jay Roberts
28. Chris Vincent
29. Tobias Hunter
30. Dashaun T Cooper
31. Jerad Leisch
32. Evan Knapp
33. Matthew Porter
34. Ben Curet
35. Hamoon Nozari
36. Brian Shawley
37. Levente Szabo
38. Travis Minion
39. Alonzo Jones
40. Joe Collins
41. Jonny Mass
42. Zach Fuller
43. Matthew Sherlock
44. Joe Wilkinson
45. Jonathan Pontecorvo
46. Tanner Husman
47. Ryan Hoyt
48. Jack Eaton
49. Mitchell Henderson
50. Kenny Owens (HI KENNY!!)


Now go enjoy Halloween!

Big One Million Contest #3 Details ***CLOSED****


Not only is today Halloween, it is also the 3rd Big One Million Contest. If you don't know about this contest, I suggest you click the link below and read about what's going on.

Big One Million Contest 3

What everyone has been waiting for since the announcement of the contest of course, the Email address.

ALL you need to do to enter this contest, is be one of the first 50 people to email me the following.


I am only accepting the first 50 PEOPLE that email me. From there I will use a random number generator, and generate a number from 1-50...and one of the lucky 50 will win the Inward parts...which are.

1 - Inward T Bar or Victory Bar (cut to your size)
1 - Inward Dagger Fork (Threaded or Threadless)

Oh yeah...the email address.....

Good luck guys!

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone from Inside-Scooters!

Also don't forget guys. In about 2 hours, at 4PM PST, I will be making a post here on Inside-Scooters with the much needed details to enter the 3rd Big One Million Contest! You guys have a chance to win free bars and a free fork from Inward-Scooters! So before you guys go trick or treating, Get on Inside-Scooters...and check that post for all the details on how to enter the contest!

Have fun and be safe tonight!

Brendon Smith - Blunt Web Edit

Brendon Smith | Blunt Web Edit. from Jaxon Andrawartha on Vimeo.

Usually i can hammer out a decent couple of lines to accompany a video. After watching this, i'm utterly speechless. It really doesn't stop from start to end. Make sure you keep a keen eye, there's ALOT of shit thrown late throughout it..

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Big One Million Contest #3 ***UPDATED***


It's time for the third Big One Million Contest. If you don't know what the Big One Million Contest is, check the following link. Big One Million Contest

For the third contest we are giving away free parts from Inward-Scooters. Inward has been around for a while now, and are well known for their one piece bars and forks. So that's exactly what we're giving away for this contest. You will have the chance to win the following.

1) One Piece Inward T Bar or Victory Bar
2) One Inward Dagger Fork (Threaded or Threadless also available in different colors)

Inward One Piece Bars
Inward Victory Bars
Inward Dagger Fork

There you go guys, now you know what is up for grabs for Contest number 3. As always I will be releasing a unknown Email Address TOMORROW (OCT 31st) AT 4PM PST. To be eligible for the random drawing, you NEED to be one of the first 50 people to send in an email. I will release the Email Address, and more details tomorrow (OCT 31st) at 4PM PST. If you can't be on Inside-Scooters at that time, DON'T WORRY. I will be doing a LOT more Contests coming up in the near future. Thanks guys, and good luck!

Luke Maffesoni Edit

Luke has been filming these clips for about a month and decided they were getting stale, so he released this. Pretty chill edit, loving all the fingerwhips. Last two clips are such bangers too. Definitely like this guys riding.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Get Ready For the Blunt Arrival in the US

We know Blunt is coming soon, and we know DSA is going to be the distributor. So far the date released for the arrival is mid November. So before the stuff gets here, let's take a closer look at all the products that will be arriving later next month.
Ace of Spades Deck
6061-T6 Aluminum
Weight 3.2 Lbs
Width: 4.3 inches
Head Angle: 82.5 degrees
Available in Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Grey and Black

Extruded deck with 3 degrees concave and 4 internal walls
Integrated grind rail design to protect down tube welds
Extruded triangle down tube with internal gusset/wall
Rounded off drop out to prevent catching
Thick head tube cups
Ace of Spades logo CNC engraved into head tube
Comes with Brake and Back Axle
3 Bolt Clamps
6061 Aluminum
Cross bolt design
7 Anodized colors with Blunt logo
4 Bolt Clamp
2-3/4” High
4 High Quality Bolts
Flared Bottom for a finished look
Knee Friendly Design
Light Weight
6 Anodized colors with Blunt logo
S.O.B. Blunt Forks
6061-T6 Aluminum
2 piece design Pinned and Glued
7-7/8 inch extra long fork tube
100mm and 110mm wheel compatible
Threadless and able to work with all types of compression systems
Washer free design and comes with high quality front axle
Available in Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Grey and Black
Strippers Bars
Unique four piece design.
Made from 100% Taiwanese 4130-T4 Cromolly
Thermal heat treated
Width: 19.3 inches
Length: 19.7” and 21.65”
Weight: 2.2 Lbs
Warranty: 6 months on welds
Abec 9 Blunt Bearings
Complete with Spacers
ICS Internal Compression System
A unique system designed specifically for scooters.
A 2 part system where you anchor a locking nut inside the bars like a star nut. But this system is re-usable!
Comes with 2 different length bolts and a 6mm allen wrench.
100mm Metal Core Wheels
2 Designs “Thinker” and “Skull”
6 Core colors with either White or Black Urethane
High Rebound
Duel ridges to prevent de-hubbing
30 day de-hub warranty

All the stuff looks awesome. For more information on Blunt Scooters and DSA..check out the two following websites.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blunt Scooters Team Rider Warick Beynon on the Rockstar Energy Tour

During the recent September school holidays in Australia Blunt Scooters Team rider Warick Beynon was invited on a 1,000km tour with the Rockstar Energy team, along with other pro scooter rider Chris Hart, to promote the up and coming Newton's Nation Festival.

Newton's Nation will feature one of the biggest scooter competitions ever run not only in Australia but the world.

Below are some words from Warick reflecting on his great time on the tour.

The tour was spread out over 2 weeks of day in and day out riding, which was a wonderful experience for me. Blunt Scooters gave me an amazing setup with the recently released Ace of Spades decks, new wheels and a whole lot of prizes and give-ways to throw out to the fans that packed the skate parks to see the Rockstar Energy drinks demo team. The tour began in Bondi, one of Australia's most famous beaches and then hit parks all over the state of NSW. The LG tour bus that took us everywhere was awesome and deck out with 4 massive plasma screens, a karaoke machine and a fridge full of Rockstar Energy and other goodies.
Throughout the trip we had some unforgettable experiences and some of the funniest times ever. Wrestling matches with the bmxers, broken hotel doors and almost every places we stayed at giving us our last warning. Not only where the riders and skaters the crazy
ones on the trip, but the Bus drivers Murry and Neal, who are two of the raddest people I know got into the action. Murray had all the wacky moves throwing backies on the bed whilst the fan was going above him, teaching us how to use these chains with fire on the ends of them and Helping getting us all hyped up. Neal was also a filmer and one of the funniest people you could possibly meet.After watching non-stop Travis Pastrana and Twitch dvd's which ampt us all to throw down at every stop. Any skatepark we went to that had a spine James Carter front flipped it, No word of a lie if we told him to try something.. 9 times out of 10 he would do it, no hesitation. Chris Hart threw down at every park with his insane consistency and desire to go bigger every time.

The tour wasn't only scooters riders but also BMX and Skate, however at every Skate Park the largest turnout was no doubt the scooters. To the scooter riders, Chris, James Carter and myself that was huge for our sport and each park set an amazing vibe. During our stop in Orange every newspaper and news reporter in town had rocked up to document the event and the boys were interviewed and filmed. Myself also, and later that night my interviewed aired across the State. Which is awesome exposure for our sport.

As like all tours, it don't go down without hiccups, On the third day of touring our bus broke down and we had to catch the train for 2 hours to reach Glenbrook Skate Park which was around a 30 minute drive away. That afternoon our Rockstar van broke down meaning we had lost a lot of our merchandise and Rockstar supplies, but it was soon fixed and we were on our way again.

The tour was something I'll never forget and has helped promote our sport a lot. The Newtons Nation festival is going to be an amazing event and something I won't be missing. If you want some information on the festival and to download a entry form hit up

Lastly I would just like to send out a big thanks to Rockstar Energy, Newton's Nation, all the riders, the awesome tour crew, Everyone that rocked up to the skate parks to watch, My family who have always supported me and Blunt Scooters for everything, oh..and not forgetting Inside for the write up.

Peace - Warick Beynon.

I'm really stoked for Warick. He's a great rider and I'm really glad he got this opportunity to go on a tour like this. Great exposure for our sport, and I love the piece you wrote about the trip. Wish you nothing but the best Warick!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Double Helping of Brandon Kilbury

BK did this all in about 50 minutes, so its pretty much a "Nifty 50"...such a beast. Who else can do opposite 360 heelwhips flat that dialed, cleaner than a normal 360 whip? Double heel flat as well. And of course his triples are way too dialed too, nutty stuff.

In this video, BK rides XW with Matt Dibble. They were originally going to do a Super 60 but were pretty lazy and didn't get much footage I guess. So here is basically some throwaway from them...I wish my throwaway was that good haha. Front scoot to manual is so gnar.

K-124 Street Jam

French Riders Kill It. That honestly sums this video right up. In France, home of some of the best street spots in the world. It's no surprise that French riders absolutely destroy when it comes to street riding. This video really showcases that. A lot of these riders are fairly unknown, I really hope we start seeing some mini videos of them because they more than deserve the recognition. Enjoy.

And yes. That's Matt McKeen, shredding on one of the new District Decks, which were recently released here in the US.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Razor "Black Label" Ultra Pro Available at Scooter Zone

Razor has recently released the new Black Label Ultra Pro. These are only available right now in the US from Scooter Zone. There are only a limited amount of them for the Holiday Season. To some people this may just look like a regular Ultra Pro with a black paint job, but it's not. There are a few features that really set it apart from its original counterpart. One of those differences is of course, the metal core wheels that come with the Black Label. I have personally rode this scooter a few times, and these wheels shocked me a lot. They are extremely smooth and really fast. The deck, bars, and fork are anodized in a black matte finish. The fork tubes are also thicker. Right now they're on sale for for 124.99...You can check them out by following the link below.

Razor Black Label

Also, Scooter Zone Team riders Monky and Jarrod Bruns recently released their edits. Both of these videos are amazing. Monky's diversity and style, and Jarrod's style and smoothness make both of these videos really fun to watch. Check em out below.

For all your updates and news on Scooter Zone and all breaking news in the sport, keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Monday, October 25, 2010

BenJ Friant Snowscoot 09/10

This is pretty slow at the beginning but gets pretty crazy towards the middle...quad whip on that thing? Fronty tuck...Benj throws bangers. I wanna see more people shredding snow scooters, I know KC Corning has like a TSI snow scoot. Be sure to check out BenJ's MGP 2010 Edit if you haven't seen it already.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Skatebarn West Day Video

Featuring a bunch of heavy hitters from the Endub- Jessee Ikedah, Brenton Reid, Devin Hohlbein, Casey Thorn, Brian Gemme, and Mike Montgomery. Some pretty good riding in here, Jessee just kills it. Dub downside, 3 downside, 7 off that thing at the end...and everyone else throws down too. Double peg to board was radd.

Northwest Scoot Christmas with Title Sponsor Phoenix Pro Scooters

Northwest Scoot is holding a competition this December that is title sponsored by Phoenix Pro Scooters that will be at Skatebarn West. There are some awesome companies that will be sponsoring the event as well. Make your plans as soon as possible, cause this contest is set to be a great one. Check the flyer below for more details.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

District Decks Available at Scooter Zone

The new and improved District Decks are now available and ready to ship at Scooter Zone. If you're in the US, and want your new District Deck fast, just follow the link below.

District Decks At Scooter Zone

Friday, October 22, 2010

Chris Gascoigne Super 60 and Interview

Chris Gascoigne Fantastic 45 from Chris Gascoigne on Vimeo.

First off, this "Super 60" is more of a "Fantastic 45." At least thats what I was told, since they forgot a timer to actually show what time it was at. Despite that, Chris drops a ton of super good clips, the tap to manual came out of nowhere for me. He definitely has frontflips dialed now too.

Chris has been part of Phoenix for quite some time now, and is actually moving up to Oregon soon to work full time with them. In order to announce that, I asked Chris a few questions about himself and the company.

Jordan Jasa: So Chris, how did you first get involved with Phoenix?

Chris Gascoigne: I got involved with Phoenix at Cooter Con 9, I was riding an ultra Pro deck and Tom asked me if i wanted to try out one of his decks, I agreed and we established a relationship from there.

What's your official position/title with them now?

I will be handling Sales, Marketing and Pro Team Management.

So now you're moving up to Oregon to work for them, how do you feel about that?

I feel awesome, It's an amazing chance to learn and be apart of a growing company who makes nothing but quality product.

What do think is in store for Phoenix in the future?

We have a lot of plans in store for the future, i am not entirely at liberty to openly discuss these things yet, But Keep checking our website ( ) our facebook page and of course, Inside Scooters as we will soon be a supporter.

Besides working for Phoenix, what do you have planned for the future?

My plans for the future are rather simple, I just want to be as productive as possible in all my dealings, and to simply progress in my riding.

Woodward West 2011

Last year for the first time Woodward opened its doors to scooter riders for camp. Well guess what, it's happening again! In Feb 2011, Woodward once again will be letting scooter riders stay for 4 days to practice, progress, and overall just enjoy the whole experience of being at Woodward West. Check the flyer for more details, and keep checking Inside-Scooters as you can see on the flyer...for all new information on this.

The Phoenix has landed.... on Inside-Scooters

It's been a long wait, but Phoenix is finally working with Inside-Scooters. This means from now on all breaking news and updates from Phoenix, can be found right here on IS.

Big Scooter Hut Update

If there is one thing that our sport really lacks, it is walk in shops that are dedicated strictly to scootering. There are skate shops, bike shops, surf shops, etc...but there are so few walk in scooter shops. Well to the few that exist already, Australia is soon to add one more. When Scooter Hut opens its new store in about a month.

The shop is going to be located at 1036 Dandenong Rd, Carnegie in Melbourne. The entire shop is going to be dedicated solely to scooters. Scooter Hut will be stocking over 500 different products from about 30 different brands. With this shop Scooter Hut wants to make sure that the riders of Melbourne have a shop they can go into for all their scooter needs. So kids won't have to wander from bike shop to skate shop, just to get the things need for their scooters. The Scooter Hut store will have a full staff that are trained to assemble, repair, and dial in your scooters. Also be advised that Scooter Hut will be looking to put together a full Team early next year.

The Grand Opening is scheduled for Saturday November 20th at 8am. Through the opening weekend there is going to be massive sales and discounts on products, appearances from some of Australia's top riders, and free give aways every hour for the weekend. The doors open at 8am...You guys don't want to miss this.

For more news on Scooter Hut and the new shop, and all breaking news in the sport, Keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Monky Scooter Zone Edit

Monky.....He whips boths ways, he spins both ways, he barspins both ways...and he doesn't even know which way is his natural. Monky is one of the most naturally gifted riders riding right now. From the earliest footage I've seen of Monky, until now, he always had this natural style to his riding that made it so fun to watch. Whether it's street or park really doesn't matter, Monky will ride both as you can see from this video. The best part about Monky, is that I honestly feel like we haven't even seen his full potential on a scooter yet. I sure hope we do soon though. Check the video out below.

Filmed, Edited, and Directed by Nick Darger

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Truth about Eagle-Sport and Steven Tongson

So I'm sure by now, rumors have been spreading...Even though this only happened last night..

For those who aren't aware, for over a year I have been the Eagle-Sport US Team Manager, I also handled Team riders from other countries, and all sponsor requests as well as the District US Team and sponsored riders. I was also working as the DSA Sales and Marketing Manager.

Now as most people have already heard one way or another. I am no longer with Eagle-Sport or DSA. I'm not sure what some of the rumors going around are, and I have no interest in hearing them, or hearing peoples ridiculous comments about this. It was a personal decision, and not an easy one. But just know now, that all false comments posted on this post, will either be denied, or deleted. As I really don't think anyone can speak on the actual situation and what happened, unless they are Myself or the owner of Eagle-Sport.

I am choosing not to go into details about my parting from Eagle-Sport and DSA. All people need to know is that there is no hatred between myself and the owners of both companies. I made a personal decision to part ways with DSA, and shortly after that it was decided that I should also part ways with Eagle-Sport. The reason that this is a bitter pill for me to swallow, is because I have been so involved with Eagle-Sport for such a long time. My Team riders are guys that I considered like my family. They in turn appreciated me because I made sure they were taken care of. In the aftermath of my departure from Eagle-Sport, Team riders Tyler Wheeland and Josh Toy felt it was there time to step away also. Please let it be known, I would NEVER ask my Team riders to walk with me. The decisions they make and have made are their decisions. If those decisions were influenced by me not being a part of Eagle-Sport anymore, is beyond my control.

I want to take this time to say something to the owners of Eagle-Sport and DSA. Thank you guys, for all that you've done for me in the past and all the opportunities working for you guys have given me. I have learned so much from the both of you, and I am grateful for that. I wish you both nothing but the best with your companies and have the utmost confidence that you will both continue to be extremely successful in this sport that we all love.

So there you have it guys. Stop with rumors on facebook and forums. The truth is that it was a personal decision, there was no intense scandal behind this or bad feelings aimed at anyone. And for those saying or asking if "Steven_T is leaving the sport for good"...well, you'll just have to wait and see what I do next.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Word from Brandon Kilbury

Proto rider Brandon Kilbury recently posted this note on his facebook. I feel like he needs no introduction but for the newer riders out there, BK has been one of the cleanest and technical ramp riders out there for the better part of 4 years now. He's been a major influence on many peoples' riding, including my own. Not only that but hes a super nice humble guy to talk to. Anyway, check out this article, it basically tells about what the sport has done for him over the years. Its a great read for sure.

It's been about 8 years since I picked up a scooter, and holy shit what a trip it's been. I never would have expected a kids toy to affect my life as much as it has but I guess some of the most important parts of my life came without much warning and this was no different. I wanted to write this to sort of honor that hunk of aluminum I've kept around for so long, and to thank everyone that's supported me for all these years.

I remember my first time messing around with a scooter, it was at my cousin's house during the summer of 2002, I couldn't barely do anything on it but it was something fun to do and a nice change from skateboarding and roller blading (I did both before and during the first few years of riding.) I got a razor scooter a few months later and I remember my first "ramp" was an old chunk of cabinet I would grind on, and it took me a while before I was old enough to figure out how to make a decent kicker. I'm sure anyone that's been riding since 2004-5 remembers all my old videos riding kickers. My main influence back then was Martin Kimbell, his old old videos were all riding kickers and were basically the only thing I had to learn from starting out. My friend Silas Harris was the only person I had to ride with back then. He rides BMX now but is still one of my main riding buddies when I go back to VT. It took a few years for me to meet anyone else that rode scooters, Miles Quirk was the first person I rode with from outside VT I'm pretty sure, long before competitions or anything. It was pretty lonely riding back then but things have changed drastically.

Fast forward to 2005ish when Tyler Hale and I first became friends. We really didn't have a whole lot in common aside from a spanish class, and I doubt we'd still be friends at all if he hadn't started riding. That's the first thing I have scootering to thank for, Tyler's my best friend hands down, and always will be. He isn't the only close friend I've made through riding, in fact, many of the people I've met have remained good friends despite the hours of travelling that separate us. Matt Dibble is another one to mention, another person I never would have known without scootering. For years now we've visited each other whether to ride or just sit around and bullshit (usually the latter). He's going to school near me next year and we've talked about living together. Regardless of whether that works out or not, I see us staying friends forever. Aside from those two I can think just off the top of my head a good sized list of awesome people I've met through riding, Jesse Mac, Jon Reyes, Dan Barrett, Levon Fortin, Miles Quirk, Brian Boston, Raymond Warner, Tyler Bonner, Twan, Alex Steadman, Dylan Kasson, Steve Wilson, Dan Warwick, Matt Ogle, Steven T, and plenty of others. I've been closer wtih some than others but I'll remember those names for the rest of my life, whether you helped me out as a true friend during a rough time or inspired my riding or personality in any way. I owe all of you a thanks. That brings me to the next chapter in my life of riding.

Starting as Scooter Resource, my first sponsor came about in 2007 after the 2nd TIC competition in New Jersey. Andrew Broussard was the creator of the online forum and shop, and approached me after my 2nd place finish in the contest. He said he was starting a small team and I was extremely honored to be one of the first people to join it. Scooter Resource as a forum seems to have kind of lost its presence in the scooter scene as of recently, but Andrew's company PROTO scooters is one of the dominating names in the sport today. Being part of this team has pushed me to try new things and has reinforced my belief that riding should be about fun. Every person on that team rides for the same reason and I could not ask for better guys to ride with on trips. I don't feel like I'm riding with my "team" I feel like I'm riding with close friends. We bounce not only riding ideas off each other, but ideas about everything. There's never a dull moment when I'm with any of them, and every one of them has pushed my riding more than they realize. Andrew has helped me out tremendously, anything from entry fees to plane tickets to a place to crash in Cali, parts whenever I need them, or a good laugh when he pulls out his mustache wax. Filming for the Proto DVD has moved my riding in a completely new direction from the last video I released, in which I mainly rode park. This video is aimed at mainly street riding and it's been both a challenge and an exciting new experience to film for it. I'm excited to see how everyone's riding progresses and changes with the coming DVD's (yes this video is going to be released, and yes there will be more of them).

Another aspect of riding I've been fortunate enough to experience is the travelling. I haven't yet made it across the atlantic, but I've seen many different areas, from NYC, Ohio, NJ, San Diego, LA, NH, Canada, all over NY and VT, and others. Maybe at some point in my life without riding I would have made it to these areas, but I've gained a whole new perspective from travelling, and you develop a strange relationship with these areas that you probably wouldn't as a normal tourist. The best part about scootering is what a close-knit community it is, so just about anywhere in the world I want to travel I can find someone who rides to be my tour guide or help me find a place to stay.

I've come a long way since those first few years, my riding has changed and progressed more than I ever would have expected, and I plan on continuing riding for years to come. I know in an interview with Inside Scooters I mentioned how college was slowing me down, and to be honest there were times I considered stopping. Well those doubts are gone down, thanks to fellow riders, proto, my parents, and my good friends, along with the sheer excitement I get from riding. I'm more psyched than ever to ride at this point in my life, I'm pleased with the direction my riding is going and I look at it more as a deviation from what I used to consider my best riding, rather than slowing down.

So here goes, thanks to every person I've ever ridden with, every video I've watched, every city I've traveled to, anyone who's even just shaken my hand at a competition, anyone who has helped plan any of those competitions or jams, my parents and sponsor for supporting me, anyone who has ever talked shit on youtube or in person (your insults only make me want to ride more), thanks to every scooter company out there, you're helping the sport progress, and finally to anyone who actually sat and read this entire thing. I'm going to ride for as long as my body can handle it, and I'll always have fun doing it. -BK

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jarrod Bruns Scooter Zone Edit

I have to be honest I wasn't really aware of Jarrod Bruns until I moved down here to Southern California a few months ago. Even when I first met Jarrod, I was hardly aware of him, mainly because Jarrod isn't the most outspoken guy, but I respect that about Jarrod. If he has something to say, he'll say it.

When it comes to his riding though, it's a whole different story. Jarrod shreds...hard. He's one of those riders that when asked to do a trick he's never even tried before, 90% of the time he will do it first try. He's got style for days and is super consistant. Really love this video from Jarrod, it's actually probably the first real video that is of all Jarrod.

Editing and Filming by Trick Darger.

Sunny With a Chance of Bangers

This is a video that Tom Kvilhaug and a few of his friends have been working on for a couple months. It features Tom, Dorian Robinson, Diego Cifuentes, and Kyle Wilson. Tom and Dorian are so beastly, Dorian's triple and whip to finger were huge. You may have heard of Dorian from last year's Brooklyn Banks Jam, where he broke his ankle. He manages to stay healthy in these clips though, haha. Overall I loved all the street in the video, they all have some nice street lines with a ton of gaps.

New District Parts at DSA

Dominator Scooter Accessories better known as DSA has been the District US Distributor since District started. It's taken some time, but the wait is finally over and the new and improved District products have arrived in the US, and DSA will be distributing them to all major Scooter parts dealers in the country. Below you can check out some pictures and some of the changes made to the new District parts.

The new and improved District Decks v2, AL-1 Aluminum Bars, ST-1 Steel Bars, FK-1 Aluminum Forks, Double Clamps and Double Light Clamps, Aluminum and Steel Pegs, Grip Tape, Rubber and Foam Grips, Sealed and Non-Sealed Headsets will be shipping from DSA to your local dealer late this week. All components are now painted in 7 different colors Black, White, Blue, Purple, Red, Silver and Gold for a perfect match.

The decks are all new, with high quality certified aluminum, better welds, better gussets, anti-rattle spacers and the new high tech paint looks amazing.
Double Light Clamps
Shims are included with both the Double and Double Light Clamps to fit 1-1/4” and 1-3/8” Bars
Aluminum Pegs
Also available in Black Steel
All pegs includes an axle bolt
Aluminum Forks with new Closed End design, Super Light and Strong
All new Pro Sealed Bearing Headset
And the Affordable Un-Sealed Headset
All new Rubber Grips – Seven Colors to Choose From with a Great Feel
AL-1 Aluminum Bar, New Certified Aluminum, Available in Black or White
ST-1 Chrome Moly Steel Bar, Available in Black or White
Grip Tape
4.5” x 20”

For more updates on District and other brands that DSA will be distributing throughout the US, and for all news in the sport of scootering..Keep checking Inside-Scooters.

MaddGear Updates

Well I guess if you are blind or have been living under a rock...You might have missed these two videos. If so, you can find both right below.

Ryan Williams of MGP Australia, and BenJ Friant of MGP Europe both blew my mind with these videos. Ryan truly doesn't have a limit to his riding. He made it clear with this video that whatever he's riding, he's going to destroy it...effortlessly. The same can be said for BenJ when it comes to going huge and throwing ridiculous trick combos. He makes them look like they're something everyone should be able to's just too bad hardly anyone else can. Great videos from two of MGP's best. Check em out below.

Ryan Williams

BenJ Friant

Also this past weekend in Lake Elsinore, CA at the McVicker skatepark was a competition for all beginner and amateur riders. MGP's Anthony "Twan" Bustos and Raymond Warner were out there supporting the contest and all the riders, and Twan got some pictures that you can see below. The following piece is from the MaddGear website.

"Hey Guys Last Saturday Raymond Warner and Anthony Bustos attended the Mciver skate park Amateur Contest in Lake Elsinore California. This was a big deal as its the first skate park to allow scooters in their county, and there was about 90 kids who entered between Beginner and Amateur. Here are a few pics from the Event and We would like to give Michael Knudson a big Cheer, Who took third in Amateur on his new MGP Nitro. Congrats to all who entered and came to support Scooters."

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