Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sky-High Scooters and Inward Scooters Updates

Sky-High Scooter Shop has been enjoying some success in the past few weeks. The online store, based out of Libertyville, Illinois, stocks YAK Scat metalcore wheels, and just got a big shipment of Animal Edwin grips. The grips come in purple, black, red, and white, a pretty nice selection for you to mix and match on your scoot. They've also announced that Eaglesport metalcore wheels will be in the store soon. Right now theres a poll up on their site, where you can vote for what size you want. The shop seems to be growing quite nicely considering its been open for about a month; in fact, plans for a flow team are in the works for the next month or two. So go take a look at the site, vote in the poll, and buy some stuff.

Also, Inward Scooters has been doing some expansion of their site and store. In addition to their proven bars and forks, you can now get clamps, headsets, grips, bearings, and wheels on the site. They've also implemented an inverted compression system for their threadless forks, so now you don't have to mess with drilling your forktube, pretty nice. Also on the site is a weight chart, where you can view the weights of almost every size of bars. Right now Inward has a bit of a reputation for having heavy bars, but if you check that chart, you might be surprised. Take a look at the Inward site.

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PICTURES! of the Week

In this feature Aaron Bransdon finds some of the best pictures posted throughout the week, and selects them to be posted on IS. So kinda like SR POTW, except there's more :)

Photographer: John Panaccione

Photographer: AJ Storcella

Photographer: Shane Ryan

Photographer: Zach Prestoe

Photographer: Chandler Olsen

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Jon Reyes COTW from Conor Davidson on Vimeo.

i've messed around with peg hang nosemanual things before but goddang.

George Louis

George Louis from George Louis on Vimeo.

i heard the song and just instantly knew it was going to be good. first combo is ridic.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cory Geisler


Aaron Bransdon- I ride flat and various objects.

Aaron Bransdon - I ride flat and Various Objects. from Aaron on Vimeo.
love it, no front bris :)

Nate Grant's Weekly Ramen Recipe- Lime and Pepper Beef Noodles

I have made this one twice in the last week, its very different to any of my other recipes. The beef and lime flavors cooperate very well here, and i like to add an extra 1/2 tsp of red pepper flakes but thats just because i'm badass enough to handle the heat.

* 1 package of beef ramen
* 1 tbsp of lime juice
* 1 tsp of red pepper flakes
* 1/2 tsp of black pepper
* green onion (optional)

Cook the noodles and drain them. Add seasoning packet, lime juice, pepper flakes, and pepper and stir. Green onion can be used for an optional garnish on top if you like.

- Nate Grant

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Royce King

You alright?

Nick Perez and Capron Funk

Nick Perez & Capron Funk Edit from Capron Funk on Vimeo.

posting this pretty much goes against everything in the editorial i posted earlier but capron just straight up depresses me with how good his hang five stuff is.

Dylan Kasson Video

PROTO Team Rider: Dylan Kasson from Proto Scooters on Vimeo.

Most people have probably seen this, but I've decided I'm going to start posting videos of already established riders. Dylan is a machine.

Monday, February 23, 2009

About Californian Riding

The following was written by Tommy Napolitan, and posted on SR. I am reposting because I agree with him, and want people to read this.

Ok first off i dont want to start an argument i am just stating my opinion because its been bothering me for a while now.

From what i've seen upon finding SR is that almost every single kid from California rides EXACTLY THE SAME. There are seriously only 5 riders in my opinion that ride different and unique. Everyone else rides with the same "style" as another. I honestly cant stand to watch vids put out from there unless its from those 5 riders whos riding i like. Because i know i am just going to see the same stuff except maybe with an extra whip or bar into it. Or see the same skateparks that are in every other vid.

Also there is no street put out from Cali except from Addy and Ostrom. Everyone else tries to put out "street vids" but its generally just some little spot and the kid is wearing shorts and a helmet. I wish they would close all skateparks in Cali to scooters so people could go out and learn there ticks on kickers, flat, street instead of just saying "Well what park do you wanna ride today?" Also theres really no ballsy riders out there, maybe 2 or 3 but other then that no one is taking necessary risks to try to push the limit on tricks and such. Like i said before not throwing an extra whip or bar after your insane scooter flip at a skatepark. But rather people trying to do bigger rails, sets, and adding stuff to them. Like honestly what So Cal rider is throwing down dope street vids?

Idk the vast majority of the "California scooter scene" is all the same in my opinion. The sunny weather, wearing shorts, doing bri flips, wearing helmets everywhere, not being able to hit a legit rail, having atleast 37 concrete skatepark clips in a vid.

Once again just my opinion.


My 2 cents- I honestly think nearly every Cali vid is the same. It gets rather boring, actually...the part that bothers me the most is that they live in Southern California, THE place for street riding. And they don't take advantage of that...I know if I lived there I would be riding street all day every day. I think that a lot of those guys take what they have for granted, and if they were put into a different environment, where there aren't any parks, or street, they wouldn't be riding much longer.

Whats on your Ipod? With Graham Kimbell

[Editors note: In this feature, we ask a rider to put their ipod on shuffle, and list the first 10 songs that come up, and say a little something about each song. This feature was contributed by Jelani, who will no longer be on the IS staff.]

Graham Kimbell's Ipod on Shuffle

Tenacious D - Karate chop
It's funny haha
Joker & The Thief

Gooood song, also in Stevon Wilsons micro vid which was amazing
A Subtle Dagger - Thrice
No idea why thats on there haha

The Pretender - Foo Fighters

Good song
Sofa Song - Kooks
Used to listen to this so much, + Dylan Kasson (y)
I Wish You Were Here - Incubus

Chill song

Death or Glory - The Clash

Skate 2 song lol
Don't Hate me - Rufio
Was into Rufio a year or two ago
Boy Who Destroyed the World - AFI

Tropicana - Ratatat

From a CS video I edited, Tom Waterfall sent me it

I ride alone a lot of the time since Martin doesn't anymore, and I can't always get a lift to ride with other people. I find listening to music makes riding on your own more interesting, since you don't have anyone to talk anyway; it gets boring otherwise.

Clip 18 from GKimbell on Vimeo.


I was asked to post this...kinda disappointing, i was expect real street.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Technical Difficulty

Technical Difficulty from Steed0220 on Vimeo.

Technical Difficulty. This video isn't about pushing the boundaries in tech. Its not about 4 riders coming together to make a sweet movie for the scooter community. And its definitely not about doing the latest, trendiest tricks. The true purpose of TD is to show kids a different kind of riding, a different style than the common "all turndowns/flips/briflips" styles prevalent today. So please, take some time and give our video a watch. Whether you love it or hate it we don't care; we are just as happy knowing our efforts have come to frution in a way that showcases some of the best riders out there today.

Nate Grant's Speed Control Wheels

I bought a Nate Grant Pro Model shortly after they were released, and I loved it. I would gladly buy a new Nate Grant product in a heartbeat. I will be sure to get a pair of the Speed Control wheels asap.

Top industry insiders are saying these wheels will rival Protos and Eaglesports. Get them while you can, there is only a limited supply!!! To order, IM Nate at Natedawg1647.

Balthazar Neveu

Balt is a beast.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A quote.

"When you're out there.. when you're Riding.. It's a feeling that you can't get anywhere else. You're untouchable...Its just you and your scooter, and thats all you need. Whether your flowing a park or hitting a set, it never mattered...All that mattered was riding, all that matters Is Riding."

Thursday, February 19, 2009

RAD Cory Mosbrucker Interview

[Editor's note: The following is the first part in a four part feature covering the Ride and Destroy (RAD) team.]

"We woke up early, most of us didnt even shower. We got some breakfast, and after we finished we all had our scooters in hand. We left the house and went to Woodinville skatepark, and from there it was to another spot, and than to another spot, and than another. When night finally fell, and everyone was dead tired, we finally went back to the Mosbrucker house. Only to wake up and do it all again the next day" This is the memory I have from when I stayed with the Mosbruckers for about 5 days a few years ago. Now for Jason De Lorenzo and I, this was something we didnt do very often. Although it became clear, that for the RAD crew, it was just another day in Woodinville, Washington.

The RAD Crew are known for their stylish riders, gnarly videos, and some of the best and the first, one piece bars to ever be available to the public, and there Team is nothing short of amazing. The RAD Team today is made up of simply three riders. However simple and small as that seems, dont let it confuse you. For those three riders, are Stan Smirnoff, Tyler Bonner, and Cary Mosbrucker. Now if you have half of a brain by now you've realized that this small team of three, is composed of three of the best in the world. Stan Smirnoff, someone who you sometimes need to rub your eyes and check again to make sure he is in fact, riding a scooter, not a bike, and airing that high. Tyler Bonner, who is honestly so consistent that you have a better chance of winning the lottery, before you see him mess up a trick. Last but not least, Cary Mosbrucker, someone who really needs no introduction. Simply see him in a park, see him on the streets, in a mini ramp, or anywhere else for that matter, and youll have the privelege of seeing one of the most naturally gifted riders, with one of the most natural styles ride a scooter. These three guys are going to be taking RAD to new heights in 2009 and beyond.

- Steven T.

Jordan Jasa from Inside-Scooters caught up with the RadSkootCo. Owner and Team Manager Cory Mosbrucker for an Interview.


Cory Mosbrucker


Bothell/Woodinville, WA. About 20 minutes from Seattle.

Years Riding:

I've rode bmx my whole life Skooted off and on Cary has rode Skoots for about 4-5 years i think and thats about how long we've been into it all.

When did the whole "RAD crew" idea start?

It was Alak Kittleson's snapped his deck (skateboard) and brought an old Skoot to the park. It's such an addicting sport that we all got hooked on it and decided to make a team just for somthing to do.

In the very beginning, whom did the team consist of?

Alak Kittleson, Cary Mosbrucker, David Nichols and myself.

Have there been any other members since then, that aren't on the team today?

Yeah we've been through a few different riders. People quit or move on. Thats the way it goes. Now I'm trying to hold the team down to Cary, Stan and Tyler because they are some of the very best, and I also want this team to be legit. I want to be able to afford taking the team to as many comps as possible. So three people is plenty haha.

Can you tell me about the first set of bars you ever made? Who were they for, were they painted, etc.

Yeah I made some for Cary, Alak, David and myself. We all just painted them to match our Skoot's. Each of us always just painted our own stuff. They weren't as nice at first but they were still MUCH better than the shitty stock bars we were all used to.

Would the Washington scene be as big as it is today without RAD?

I dont think so. I think we can be blamed for the hundreds of little goobers skootin around at Woodinville park. It seems like skooting is bigger than bmx at most the parks around here. haha theres nothing wrong with that though. We all want the sport to grow as much as possible. The bigger the sport gets the more we can do with it and the more fun we will have.

You pretty much ride bmx exclusively today, right? Do other bike riders ever give you sh-t for having ridden scooters, or for being involved with a scooter crew?

Nah I haven't ridden my bike since SD3 haha. idk I've been so busy lately and I always have so much shit in my car I just opt to skate. I dont own a skoot. Im waiting until I start making everything so I can just have a RAD skoot. Nobody gives me shit for any of that. I just do what I want anyways and I can show up 95% of bikers around here so I dont really give a shit about what anyone has to say.

RAD bars pretty much dominated the scooter handlebar market for a few years, until WEE's came along, and you guys seemed to kinda fade away from the scene. Did you think your bars would be so popular?

Nah at first we just made them for ourselves. When people at the park started asking for their own then I was like ohhh we should sell this stuff. And years ago people on SR wanted them too so thats when I first had thoughts of starting a company. And we started selling them over the internet too.

What do you think of your brother Cary being one of the best riders in the world? Or even the whole team, do you realize how good they all are?

Hahaha Yeah I do realise how good they are thats why they are on the team! Stan is the smoothess skooters I know and airs like mad. Cary just shreds the shit out of anything he rides. I think Cary is one of the most natural looking riders out there. He has full control and understands how to make things look like one fluid motion when hes riding. I think think Tyler is THE best skooter in the world right now. I cant wait for the vid so everyone can see just how fucked up he is. I watched him flair a 2 foot tall jersey barrier yesterday, and it didnt even have a bank going up to it...

Has RAD ever gotten local coverage, like in a newspaper?

Yeah years ago we got int the Woodinville weekly haha. Theres really not much going on In Woodinville ever so they needed somthing to fill the paper hahaha

You just unveiled a new site, where we can see that you will be selling complete scooters. What might those scooters include?

Oh well shittt. I didnt mean to put that section up yet but it shows anyways so whatever... It would be RAD - fork, bars, deck and compression. Integrated headtube. The rest will be other stuff. Just grips bar ends bearings and probably some eagle metal cores. We need to release all OUR stuff before that happens though. Next year I'm hoping to be selling the completes. I'm still going to try and get some micros on our site. Carys and Stan are on Micro so I think itd make sence for us to sell Micro stuff in the store too.

What other products can we expect from you in the future?

Well Hellhammer bars of course, then forks and compression is coming next. And after that its just decks. I dont really have plans for wheels of our own or anything. But we will sell wheels in the store.

Are you ever going to land that giant drop you tried in one of your BMX videos?

hahaha. idk. I will only do that again for one reason and I am keeping that reason to myself. :)

That'll do it. Any thanks?

I like to thank Steven T, You and whoever else is involved with IS. The sport needed a site like this.
SR, Micro, Eagle, Parents have been real helpfull and supportive of me starting this whole thing up as well.
Also I wanna thank GOD, Id never get anything done without his herb.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some IS news...

The site is getting a lot bigger than anyone could have predicted, so I am already working on a real site, a non-blogspot site. I am basically a beginner to webpage design so this may take some time, but I am learning. And please, I don't want anyone to offer help. I want IS to be my own...I appreciate that you guys would want to help though, remember that.

Brass Knuckles Interview

The Brass Knuckles Standard Compression System is the latest product coming from Proto Scooters. While on the outside, the anodized quadruple clamp just looks like overkill on clamping your bars onto your fork. But on the inside lies the true genius. I asked Proto owner, Andrew "The Man With the Master Plan" Broussard a few questions about the SCS.

Interview done by Jordan Jasa.

When did you get the idea of the quadruple clamp as compression? What gave you the inspiration?

- I finally came up with the quadruple clamp "SCS" early 2007 but I spent years developing all kinds of different compression systems up until that point. My biggest inspiration and driving force was trying to steer the sport away from the clearly flawed threaded system toward a stronger more reliable threadless system and doing it efficiently and effectively. Most people are scared of change especially when it comes to changing such an established standard but that does not mean that there isn't a better alternative out there. I have always been a very creative and mechanically inclined person so from the day I broke my first threaded fork back in like 2001, I analyzed it and realized that I could do better. The rest is pretty much history… and a novel.

How long was it from the first drawings on paper to the first prototype?

- If you are referring to my "threadless compression" project as a whole it was about 5 years in the making (2004-2008). If you are specifically referring to the new Standard Compression System, it was about a year from the time I decided on the final designs to the time I had the prototypes made. I waited awhile before having them made because I wanted to make sure I was totally satisfied with the design plus prototyping is very expensive and being a one man operation, while working another job at the time to pay for all this, I was on a very tight budget. I think that is why I have become such a perfectionist when it comes to making parts because any mistakes made during the prototyping phase with a limited budget can easily set you back months, years or even put you out of business which is not something I was or will ever let happen. Early on my designs were all hand sketches then I found a wonderful program called Sketchup made by a company called @last who has since sold it to Google. I used that program from 2003-2005 and it was my first real introduction to CAD design. In 2006 I started taking a few classes for AutoCAD and similar CAD programs to help me really see my designs come to life and I have been using them ever since. I do not make any parts until I have a fully functioning model of it in front of my eyes and this was no exception.

What reasons made you want to create a new compression system?

- I don't really see it as a "new" compression system as much as I see it as a new version in a long running series aimed at conquering threadless compression. If my first prototype was V.1 then the Inverted Compression System would be V.2, which would make the new Standard Compression System something like V.10. They all worked but there was always room for improvement and there were really just too many benefits from this newest version to be ignored. I don't know if I'm going to be able to top this one though.

How have your riders liked the system?

- Really the only complaint I had were the sharp corners on the prototypes but as you can see those have been replaced with the smooth rounded knuckle design. As far as functionality goes, there were no complaints. If you want to know what they really think about it you should ask them :).

What gave you the idea of the whole notches/key feature?

- I guess it was just one of those pet peeves I had, a problem I wanted to solve. I used to hate when my bars twisted on my forks so I wanted to figure out a way to keep them aligned all the time even if your clamp got loose or you bailed hard. It really was never an option until I started developing threadless forks because it was just too impractical to do with threaded forks. Originally the compression system and the alignment system were two completely separate projects of mine then in 2007 when I discovered the whole quadruple clamp I realized that the alignment could easily be integrated into the new compression clamp. The two systems just kind of came together effortlessly.

I love how you make your products backwards compatible. Would you ever sacrifice function for compatibility though?

- Honestly, no. If you design your parts right you should never have to sacrifice anything which is what I try to do and I think I have been pretty successful at it.

Are you truly "27 steps ahead"?

- 28 actually.

Anything else you'd like to say about the new knucks?

- I would just like to thank Anthony Bustos, Brandon Kilbury, Brian Murphy and Madis Kukk for helping me test these things for the last year and I just want to let everyone know this thing is for real. No gimmicks.

PROTO Scooters - Standard Compression System from Proto Scooters on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sky High Scooters Wheels in Stock

The Sky High Scooter online store has received their shipment of metalcore yaks. Buy some, this is legit.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Justin Robertson Flat

Loved the clips where its snowing. that shows real dedication.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cooplar Klarr/Brandon Miller

some legit fuzion riding.

Max Hughes Bowl/vert riding

the bowl looks so fun.

Nate Grant's Weekly Ramen Recipe- Spicy Egg Ramen

I haven't made this one in quite a while, but this used to be my favorite. I also recently recieved my first 1 piece bars ever. 6 years without them. Big thanks to jp, jr, and steven thongs-on.

[Editor's note: The scooter to the left is infact, Nate Grant's scooter. Rest assured that it still makes noises though, because his proto metalcore is dehubbing.]


*1 Pack of Creamy Chicken Ramen (chicken will also work)
* 1 tsp of sriracha hot sauce
* 2 tablespoons of sweet chilli sauce
* 1 tsp of maggi sauce (brown liquid with yellow label)
* 1 egg, beaten
* finely chopped spring onions

Bring a pot with 1 1/2 cups of water to the boil, add the ramen and cook until almost ready. When the ramen is almost done, add the sriracha, sweet chili sauce, maggi sauce, and spring onions (as well as flavor packet if desired). Stir until mixed together. Add the beaten egg slowly, while stirring, as not to create egg clumps. Once the egg is stirred into the ramen and cooked, serve. Serves 1.

- Nate Grant

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sky High Scooters

The Sky High Scooters store is one of many companies to start up recently. Some legit, some more legit than others, and some that just make you wanna cringe. While the store is still young, and doesn't have many products (yet), I believe that it will be a success. I know from personal experience that the owner, Tommy Daddono, aka Tdadd, is a good guy, and legit. He sold me an Eaglesport metalcore that is treating me very well. I think that he could make this shop a very good thing. Below is a small Q and A I did with him, check it out.

Intro and interview done by Jordan Jasa


Tommy Daddono


Libertyville, IL

Years Riding:

3 months

So when did you get the idea of starting an online shop?

When I first found out about SR, I thought it was rad. So like every other person, I started to wonder where to get after market parts. I found the SR store, which took almost a month to get things shipped out, and a bunch of other stores that were either in other countries, or didn't carry certain things that I would like to see sold. So after a few months of still seeing no other companies I was really satisfied with, other than Inward and C4 Scooters.. I decided to start my own. My goal is to carry products that other stores don't supply, and give people a chance to get them quickly.

Where did the name, "Sky High", come from?

I was sitting in my room for 15 minutes just thinking of cool names, and I thought about the BMX bars called Fit "Sky-highs". I thought it sounded cool and just went with it.

What products do you currently sell, and what are you planning to sell in the future?

As of Tuesday the 17th, I will only have Yak Metalcores. In the near future I will have Odi grips, and hopefully DK clamps. I'm also talking to Gino about becoming a distributer of French iD and Eagle. Other than that, I will just go by suggestions that people make and the demand for what ever products are out there.

Are there any plans to sponsor a team?

I honestly don't know. For right now, I don't make any of my own parts, so I wouldn't consider it. But who knows what will happen in the future.

Where do you see the store in one year?

My goal is to have a huge variaty of products that are important to the sport at the time. I want to see products from people that make a certain part, and want to get it out there, such as Alex steadman or Ian, to parts from the other side of the world that are difficult for people from the U.S to get. I would say my biggest goal will stay the same though, good customer support along with the fastest shipping possible.

Anything else you'd like to say?

Just to keep riding, keep progressing, and keep promoting our sport.


And finally, here is the link to Sky High Scooters, which can also be found to the right under links.

Friday, February 13, 2009

ScooYork video

ScooYork HD Vid 1 from Jon Reyes on Vimeo.

This has caused a little debate in its thread on SR. I'm posting it because this is real street, this is whats up. Kids need to see this kind of stuff, to realize how much better street can be.

Dissidence leftovers

Paris bouge son boul ! from Sweet Shin on Vimeo.

short but amazing. love everything the french riders put out.

Jack Mccann THS part

is it just me, or did this kinda feel like an old coedie/phil video?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Inward Parts!

Yeah thats right, be jealous. All for free, all thanks to JP, JR, and Steven T <3. I'll probably be posting a video review in the next few days.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Proto Scooters ReTro Bars

PROTO has released their latest set of bars, ReTro Tee Bars, available at the SR Store. 45 bucks for a pair of 4130 chromoly bars is sick. I would def think about them if I wasn't already getting Inwards for free. Speaking of which, they should be here tomorrow, I am stoked!

A little update, and Chris Myers Revised Mini

OK, so I haven't been able to update the site much in the past few days, sorry about that. I've had a bit of school stuff and the weather has been amazing, so I've been riding a lot more. But don't worry, I have some written stuff coming soon.

loving that barspin transfer thing over the big double ledge. i want to see him ride some street.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Michael Willcott

this kid is gnar.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Brent Something

54 seconds of BRENT from Jacob Ference on Vimeo.

def has some boss style, i'm looking forward to more footy of this guy.

Jaxon Andrawartha Mini

Jaxon Andrawartha Mini Vid 1 from Jaxon Andrawartha on Vimeo.

pretty standard aussie riding, but he has some really nice stuff.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thrill Zone All Nighter

Dibble just uploaded this on the SR Video Collection. Yes, this is before the days of one piece bars and 20 wides. Strange seeing Stan with stocks, isn't it?

Nate Grant's Weekly Ramen Recipe

While not the healthiest, this is certainly one of the tastiest ramen recipes I've ever stumbled upon. They somewhat resemble chinese noodles, with the hint of brown sugar adding that signature sweetness. This recipe might take a couple tries, but when you get it right, you'll know it was worth it. This has been my favorite recipe for 2 years now.
(Editor's Note: As there are so many scooter riders who enjoy all things ramen, I decided to have Nate Grant start a weekly Ramen Recipe feature. I hope you enjoy it.)

What you need:

2 packets of ramen (oriental works best)
2 teaspoons of soy sauce
1 tablespoon of brown sugar
1 tablespoon of butter

1. Start boiling the water.
2. Put the noodles in (I like to break them each into 4 pieces, that's just me).
3. Once they are soft, take them off the heat, and turn off the heat.
4. Strain the noodles completely.
5. Put back on that same burner (still should be hot/warm).
6. Add 2 teaspoons of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, and both seasoning packets.
7. Mix thoroughly.
8. Put into your serving bowl.
9. Add a tablespoon of butter and mix until the butter is melted.
10. And enjoy.

Cory Geisler - Zac Stemm

joining the flip fakie club, cory geisler.

Friday, February 6, 2009

SHQ T-shirt

Get it here.

ECS Colin

Didja know Jon Jacobs has a twin? yep, he lives in jersey.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tyler Wheeland Throwaway


Josh Young Interview

His name is often found on people's "Favorite Riders" lists. He is one of the most original street riders around right now. However dont be mistaken, Josh Young wasn't always the popular rider that he is today. Josh started riding scooters at around 11 or 12 years old. When he first came onto the scene a little later on, he was criticized by a lot of other riders. People would pick him apart for the clothes he would wear, his tight pants, and small shirts. He would get bashed for his lack of spots to ride. Usually filming videos of himself around the outside of his house, stalling pieces of wood and even a tractor. It would have been easy for Josh to call it quits right there, but here it is about 6 years later and he finds himself 17 years old and one of the most praised riders in the sport. Living in Corunna, Michigan doesnt leave Josh with that many people to ride with, atleast not people that ride scooters. Josh is constantly riding with BMXers, which you can easily see in his style when hes on his scooter. He loves doing barspins, lots of fakie tricks, and high speed sliders. He also rides BMX himself and is quite good for the short amount of time hes been riding. Most of that is due to the BMXers that he rides with that completely shred. BMX is a huge passion of Joshs as anyone that knows him well, knows that. He owns over 50 BMX Dvds, and loves filming and making BMX videos for his friends that ride. With this love for BMX you might be wondering why he still chooses to ride his scooter as opposed to his bike full time. When Josh sees a new video on SR, wether it be a good video or a bad one, he pushes himself to ride harder. He feeds off of the riders that impress him and shock him in their videos, riders such as Jordan Jasa and Dan Barret. As for the riders that dont, it still pushes him to want to show them what riding should really look like. He is always working on another video, a video that will once again prove that you dont need to have the newest flip combo, or flyout trick to impress everyone. He simply rides his best, and tries original tricks that you dont see very often. Josh Young has no plans to stop riding scooters in the future, but he does have big plans. He wants to make it to "Scoot Ohio" and ride with some of his favorite guys, he wants to buy a really nice camera and start his dream project which is a full length bmx video with him and his friends, and he wants to turn 18 and get his licence. Josh Young has a bright future ahead of him in whatever he decides to do. Just remember though, next time you see a rider with clothes you dont like, riding in a limited space, and doing tricks that you dont appreciate. Bite your tounge, because for all you know in a few years that rider might turn out to be just like Josh Young, a 100% Boss.

-Steven Tongson
Inward Scooters Team Manager

Interview by Jordan Jasa

How did you first get into riding?

ehhhh. i dont really know, i got a old off brand scooter for xmas wayyyyyyyyy back in the day. i used to ride bikes hardcore in grade school but i sucked so i rode a scooter instead. haha

Did you ever see any of the old RVM movies when you were a youngin?

haha yea man. thats how i learned how to tailwhip. the good old how to's from like brendon smith or somethin like that i think?? but yea i was super into watchin RVM1 when that first came out, only scoot vid ive ever seen

Brendon Smith is an Aussie, I believe. What kindof tricks did you do in your first few years of riding?

ehhh like crappy 180's with monster truck turn arounds, no footers, tailwihps and i would bust out a dub or 2 if the ramp was right.

Enter text here.I remember some videos of you riding some ghettoo setups around your house. Is that all you had to ride back then?

yea pretty much, i would get to go to the local skatepark like everyonce and a great while but i didnt like it back then because it doesnt have many ramps and i sucked so it wasnt fun.

Was there a specific point in time when you started getting good? Or have you just gradually progressed to where you are today?

yea there was. pretty much i started gettin good once i could dub whip. then i started riding street more and going to a indoor park that was a hr away. with the bigger and better set ups i almost had to learn new stuff.

The midwest doesn't have many concrete bowls like California/NW do. Do you think your style would be different had you been able to ride parks like those instead of what you do have? Is your riding a product of your surrounding?

100% yes. anybodys riding is a product of there surrounding. look at J-mac he rode TIC all day long and he ruled the world for a while. Look at McKeen ridin DC all day and now hes powerin down 15 set handrails, i could go on and on but i wont. haha yea im really good at riding bad ramps with holes in them i guess you could say. so to me pretty much any skatepark is a fun one. but if i rode TIC, Woodward, cali parks, im pretty sure i would be wearing knee pads, a helmet, and bossin frosty buttercups like 3 ft below coping allllll day bra! haha.

Would you consider yourself to have a more of a skating or bmx style?

BMX style alllll day. i love watchin freecoaster videos, and ridin my freecoaster on my bike. i try to bring the stuff i see in bike videos into my riding.

I hear ya on that one. Whats the most rewarding thing about riding, to you? Most frustrating?

rewarding would be forsure working on a video and having a trick that im super hyped on in it. then seeing all the comments i get on it. and i really look forward to seeing what a few people say about them, and they all know who they are. haha

the most frustrating would be forsure not landing a trick. and you guys have seen in a couple of my videos i can get a little "aaron ross" as i like to call it about filming. that really only comes around when i cant land a trick i know i can do alll day.

You're one of the few people nowadays riding stock or almost all stock scooters. Why is that?

haha wellll......... pretty much becuase i waste all my money on bike or skate videos. haha i dont know ive broken so many scooters in my life that i dont feel like paying money for somethin i know i will break. but i am goin to make some 1 peice bars in metals class at school thought.

Who are a few of your favorite riders, and why?

1. Dan Barrett- hes always been on top of his game, i still remember seeing the first videos of him in the TPCVJ's and all the stuff he would i have never seen before.

2. Alex Steadman- He is kinda like me but in a dreads rocking, 20 inch bar loving west coast kid. i used to hate his riding but now i love it. i watch pretty much every video hes ever been in or ever will be in.

and last i would say this jordan jasa kid- hahaha i remember watching this video of some tiny kid doing a backwards nose manny and me and my friend went out side for a hr just messin around trying them. ever since then ive watched all his videos and cant wait to see more! midwest alllll day!

That kid sounds like a n00b, psh. You spent a year working on your Basher dvd/minivideo, and it sure paid off. Did you expect to get the response it got?

yea, that kinda died the whole dvd thing. idk i knew that it was gonna be good becuase i didnt put anything out in a while and it had some legit fakie hop stuff and backwards manny stuff i knew people liked so yea i was hyped on the comments and stuff.

That video really put you on people's radars, you've become many people's favorite rider. What do you think of that?

well its weird. like i just saw i post about creative riders and the kid who made it had me on there and was like man im really gettin alright at this whole scooter thing. and i got into the top 5 for most original of 2008 and i was soooo hyped on that!

It was announced today that freestyle BMX is going to be in the Olympics (here). What do you think about that, and do you think scooter riding will ever be in it? Or the X-Games?

ehhhhh im not to hyped on that. its like if they have a skate/scooter/bmx club at school. i would never do that. theres a reason why we all ride what we ride. to get away from all the spandex, mats, gym clothes, pads and sportsmanship. and now there bringing us into the biggest thing ever for everysing real sport in the world?? idk i think scooter riding will never be as popular as bmx or skating. i sound like a jerk right now but im over it. i ride bikes and scooters and i dont want them to turn into BRO sports.

What kind of music do you listen to these days?

i listen to everything, from judas preist, biggie smalls, to Dion and the belmonts and others 50's groups.

How do you decide on what song to put in a video? Especially when editing videos for your friends, do they get a say in it?

hahah naaaaaaa my friends dont care. and im sad to say i get pretty much all my music from my expansive collection of bmx and skate videos. haha. its not my fault that they pick such perfect and sick songs!! and i dont know how i pick the songs, i just go with whatever song im hyped on at the moment.

Why do you use so many exclamation points?

idk. im a pretty weird kid i just do whatever i think is like funny and i like to get my point across i guess. haha to show feeling though a text or message i guess. hahaha

Finish this sentence: My name is Josh Young and...

I like to say alllll day!

That should just about do it, anything else you want to say?

yea id like to say thanks to Steven T for always bein hard on me and always tellin people how im some kind of "Boss" haha jordan jasa for doing this interview, Andrew at scooter resource becuase i would not be doing this right now, or even riding a scooter right now because of him, and last but not least anybody who thinks that im some kind of good rider. if you ride hard and have fun you will get good and you will go far. all day... pop off.

Josh Young 2008 Combo Video from Josh Young on Vimeo.


Technical Difficulty from Steed0220 on Vimeo.

Edited by Spencer. This is the real deal.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some Aussies

"Juzzeh" and "Wazzeh"

why can't australians have normal names? hahh.

AJ Storcella's COTW

COTW 5 from AJ Storcella on Vimeo.

its kinda low on the SR news page, so you might have missed it.

Matt Pate 05 clips

its a quintuple whip, for the kids who can't count.

SR is Down!!!

ish. you can't make threads, it says there are no threads, and the chatbox doesn't work, so it pretty much is useless.

Which means you have to turn to Inside Scooters to get your online scooter fix! We will always be here, never down, always updating, which means you can rely on us.

watch this

first trick caught my eye for sure.

Monday, February 2, 2009


i wanna know how many people read this blog. so, if you're reading this, post a comment. i'm pretty sure it allows anonymous comments, so lemme know you're out there.

Rory Coe Aussie Vid preview


TD Preview 2

Technical Difficulty Preview from Nathan on Vimeo.

Edited by Nate. Better riding than the first preview. Better one coming soon.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Technical Difficulty Preview

Technical Difficulty Preview from Jordan on Vimeo.

Real preview coming soon.

Random NC kid

Tom Klival;sdf showed me this.


Thanks Shelby!

Big basement

you don't need to ride outside when you have a basement as big as that.

Definitely deserves to be posted.

Spicks and speck of originality. from Aaron on Vimeo.

radd stuff from our Australian Correspondent Aaron Bransdon.