Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dan Barrett 2012 Edit

For years Dan has made his mark time and time again as one of the sports leading tech riders. No matter what he is riding from a mini ramp, to a manual pad, he will throw his signature style all over it. 2012 has treated Dan very nice, he traveled a lot this year, of course has his signature deck with Phoenix, got an interview in Dialed Issue 3, and as some may know is starting his own wheel company. My respect grew for Dan a lot after reading his interview in Dialed, which you guys can catch in January. He truly is an all around good guy, and one of my favorite riders to watch hands down. That being said, check out his 2012 Edit below, and get your mind blown.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kyle Tolentino: 3 Hour TIC Sesh

Kyle Tolentino stays pretty low key in the scene, and I'm not sure why, because he kills it. I've seen edits here and there, but I feel like he gets overshadowed on the East Coast a bit by some of the other riders. The below edit was shot in about 3 hours at TIC, and unlike most TIC videos, this one is really fun to watch. He does a pocket bar to whip air transfer, and it looks so good. Check it out below.

Ryan Gould Happy Holidays/Welcome to ADVCT Edit

Ryan Gould has had one hell of a year, that's for sure. I also think it is safe to say that he owes a lot of his success to his good friend and filmer, Cody Groom. Together these two do amazing things with a camera and a scooter. The below is Ryan throwing down on his box/rails, and there are a few clips by Vincent Kudrna as well. Check it.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Vienna Calling on Vimeo Now

I know that some people aren't able to watch Vienna Calling, since it was uploaded to YouTube. Well that is a big problem, as Vienna Calling is one of the best edits to come out in 2012 easy. Below is video uploaded to Vimeo, should enable everyone to watch. Enjoy it.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Zig Short Scoot Scoot Bang Bang

If there is one rider in the sport that faces adversity at every turn, it's Zig Short. Whether it's for his success, his riding style, or his rapping, which yes, the song in the edit is by himself, or any of his other personal decisions, riders always have something to say about Zig. Through it all he keeps a good head on his shoulders, and continues doing what he does. The below is his latest edit, and it features some of his best riding so far. Though if he dropped this edit, it leaves you wondering what his part for the upcoming AO DVD will be like. Check it out below.

AO Turquoise Epsilon Release + Tobias Mayer Edit

First up we have Dom Olorenshaw giving you the run down on the Turquoise Epsilon Complete. He backs it up with some clips that he got while in Cali.

Next up, Tobias Mayer who you might remember in Vienna Calling which dropped recently, has also been added to the ever growing AO team. Pretty stoked on this, hoping with new opportunities we will get to see an even better Tobias in the future.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WISE Ponceurs Nocturnes

WISE is a clothing company based out of France, and it is already in most shops in France. It will also be available on an international level soon, how soon..I don't know. The below edit was filmed with WISE riders, Dissidence riders, and some other companies as well. Solid clips, then again it's an edit featuring French riders, so you know it's good.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Benjamin Friant Christmas 2012- Micro Extreme

Look what Santa brought for us today.  A nice new exciting BenJ video!  Some gnarly footage as always from one of the best riders in the game.

Tanner Markley- Imagine That

Tanner's always had an individual style but this is way different than anything I've seen from him before, and in a good way.  Lots of flow, style, cleanliness, and originality here.  I'm a strong believer in the "less is more" mentality and Tanner demonstrates that idea in this video successfully.

Isaac Laire 2012 Edit

Isaac isn't the best rider, yet. I really believe that if he sticks with it, and keeps pushing himself he's gonna get up there in the street scene. I was really digging this edit when he sent it over to me, and I asked if it was cool to post it on ISB, he replied by saying that having an edit up on ISB was one of his dreams. Well Merry Christmas dude! Check his edit out below.

Win a Free Reventon Deck from Phoenix This Holiday Season

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all got good gifts. But Phoenix is giving you the chance to get one more gift, for free. The Reventon is known by a lot of riders as the best deck on the market, in performance and strength, and Phoenix is giving one away for free. For more information just check the flyer below.

You'll also need to check out the video below featuring some of Phoenix's best. Bangers all throughout so sit back and enjoy. Props to them for using some Christmas Story clips in there, haha...and DMX's version of Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer haha.

Hella Stoked and Hella Broke

All the Hella Grip homies turned up for this one, and it delivered hard. Just a good old fashion montage of some of the best riders around. Check the Promo below for a list of all the riders who were featured in the edit. I gotta say again, Andrew Haag is the man.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Ryan Gould Street Edit Unused Clips

These are some clips/bails that didn't make the cut for Ryan's edit that came out back in August.  Watching raw footage is always refreshing, it gives you a better sense of the process the rider goes through to land a trick.  Check out the full edit here if you haven't already-

ECX Helix Stubby Pegs Review by Andy Bradford

Andy is a true OG of the sport, and one of his sponsors is He recently got a pair of their new Helix Stubby Pegs, and was able to knock out this review. Not too sure about that name, haha. But the Pegs seemed to run ok. Stoked that Andy will be running pegs now too. Also loving the shout out to Stevon.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Vienna Calling

Vienna Calling is finally here.What a video. Everyone rode so well, and this was a hell of an edit to close out 2012. I think my favorite section had to be Florian Toegel, that dude had bangers all day. David killed it too, and I hadn't seen much footage from him at all. Jan and Tobias ended out the video perfectly. Really solid edit, and if you're a fan of street riding, this one is worth the 30 minutes.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hella Grip Updates + Fosters Friday Freeze

Just keeping you guys up to date with everything going on with Hella Grip, and one of their new homies...Jean-Yves Randriambelson aka JD. Who you guys can catch in the upcoming video by Hella Grip, "Hella Stoked and Hella Broke. For now check out their latest teaser for the video, and the Fosters Friday Freeze, featuring George Justiniano.

Devin Heald

It gets really boring watching most videos because every one is usually trying to ride like someone else, and it all ends up looking pretty bad. Watching Devin though is like a breath of fresh air. I remember first seeing clips of this kid that Jordan would have in random edits, and I always wanted a legit edit from him, and I'll definitely take this. Easily one of the most stylish dudes in the game. Keep in mind this is all street, he shreds park as well.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jonas Kjaer Elyts Edit

Denmark shredder Jonas Kjaer got this edit done for Elyts. When you ride with guys like Mathias Holst, your bound to have some serious steez, which Jonas clearly has. Mathias also filmed some of this edit, along with Jakub Wolk. Sucks that they're confined to indoor parks during the winter, but I know these dudes will be slaying the streets come summertime.

Throwback Thursday: 07 NY Brooklyn Banks Jam

This was an iconic event for a few reasons. It was one of the first times that riders gathered from all over the USA to meet at one spot and ride together. It also just happened to be at one of the most famous spots in the work, The Brooklyn Banks. Everyone threw down, and you get to see some riders riding that you can't see riding anymore.. OG riders like Ricky Wernicke, Chris Bartnicki, Frank Coler, and of course the late and great, Stevon Wilson. At about 3:40 you get a little shot of Zig Short was he was just a clips in this one though. Definitely check this out.

Also don't forget to check out Josh Toy with his long black hair... something we will most definitely never see again. At least let's hope not.. haha.


SD7 is right around the corner, and riders from all over the world are starting to fly into Southern California to take place in one of the biggest competitions of the year. And with a 7,000 dollar pro purse, it's clear to see why. For more information read below, and see the flyer.

"Don't forget to pre-register for the Scootercon SD7 event this year! Pre-register by December 23rd to save money, prices go up the day of the event! This has been the longest running and biggest scooter contest to date, and this year has a $7,000 pro purse so get on it! "

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tilt Scooters Presents: The Colored Chromo Pegs

Tilt now has colored Chromos and filmed this commercial of Josh Young to promote them.  Short but sweet, I miss seeing clips of Josh so I guess this will have to do for now.  Flatground peg chink at the end was so cash.

New Shirts from Phoenix Pro Scooters

With Christmas around the corner, Phoenix dropped a whole new line of shirts. Including signature shirts from Stan Smirnoff, Jon Reyes, Dan Barrett, and Raymond Warner. All of which look really tight. Check em out below.

Vert Scooters Happy Holidays Flyer

Got a flyer from Vert Scooter Shop wishing everyone Happy Holidays. At the top right corner you can check out the different sales they have going on this Holiday Season. Check it out below.

New SCS Clamps from Scooter Garage

SG recently got some new SCS clamps in. If you need a new SCS clamp, you can check these out. More information on the promo flyer below.

Jason Beggs Woodward 2012

Check out Jason's footage from Woodward West.  His decades/3 double downsides are so good looking.  The alley oop 3's over the spine were sick too.  Actually all the spine clips were sick.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hep Greg Wontue Edit

The best footage, is Hep Greg footage. Slaying birds off of rails, scooter throws, and The Clash. Also be sure to head over to Greg's blog, and show some damn support THE WONTUE !

Support Haske Scooter Shop

Barcelona has a hell of a scene, and if you have a scene like that it is always good to have a legit shop to back it up. In Barcelona, that shop is the rider owned Haske Scooter Shop. Below we have a promo video for Haske, and also an inside look at the shop and the people behind it. While english isn't Javi's first language, it is really easy to understand his reasoning behind starting Haske, and I'm totally behind that. Check em out, and you're out in Barcelona, or you head out there, show them some love.

Also got a shot of one of their Semi pro riders, Luis Torres with a feeble up to bs smith to 180 bar out.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lawrence Rubin- Welcome to Flavor

Lawrence is a big boy, measuring in at about 6'4".  I wonder who the tallest scooter rider is...him, Collin Snoek, and Stan Smirnoff are all around that height.  Lawrence's height definitely isn't a disadvantage, he shreds.  On a side note I really wish videos would stop being named "Welcome To...".  It's getting old guys.

Jon Reyes Scootercheck

Yeah this scooter check is nice and all but you know what we all want keep teasing us about it...mhm, you've been talking about a flat edit #3 for a while now.

I also am intrigued by the titanium parts, I wonder if this is gonna be a trend in the industry or just a one-time deal kind of thing.  

Jerry Walther- Welcome To AO

Jerry Walther | Welcome to AO from AO Scooters on Vimeo.

Jerry is a super OG rider from..somewhere in Europe, I'm not sure.  Anyways he recently joined the ever-growing list of riders who have ridden for a Sunshine Distribution brand, Alpha Omega specifically.    They flew him out to Cali to film for the AO DVD and he had these clips leftover, check em out.

Axone Jam 2012

This is footage from a recent jam, features a bunch of radical maneuvers from some of Europe's best shredders.  Boris is such a beast.  Also shoutout to whoever did the fs hurricane, that was hella clicked.

Gryndo Full Team Edit

Below is the Gryndo Team video. Basically it is all the Team rider edits, put into one. Which makes for a pretty solid 10 minutes or so of footy. Check it out below, these guys are awesome.

Crisp Scooters Update

Little update and information below provided by Crisp Scooters. Which have been trying to make their way into the USA this past year.

Crisp scooters has been in the states now for a little over 6 months with a soft launch through the Grit scooters webshop. We have now fully launched and are ready to take the US by storm! With our new site and our new range of 2013 products available at We now have a full line of products including, Completes, Bars, Forks, Wheels, Clamps, Scs, Pegs, and Brakes.

With the 2013 range of completes we bring you Aluminum forks, Bars that are taller and more comfortable to ride than the previous generation of Crisp products. We got rid of the ICS compression and upgraded to the HIC and SCS compressions depending on the model of scooter you choose. One of our favorite products for the new line are the new Contour cut wheels. These are available in both 100 and 110mm and 6 color combinations. They feature a more Convex shape with extra urethane for an extended wear period.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Free Midwest Shipping on Sky High

Check out this photo I took of Jeff Mroz and then head over to Sky High, they got a free shipping deal going on right now.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Kévin Boulom | Stick Pegs 2012

Here's a rider I don't think I've ever heard of before.  Kévin definitely has some skill, from the tic tac moves to the dialed 360 downside heels.  This video is to promote Stick Pegs as well as Exode and Oxelo.

Hella Grip Fosters Friday Freeze + "Not a Care" Edit

Andrew Haag is basically just a gnarly ass dude. As you can see in this weeks Fosters Friday Freeze, and in the edit below. The edit features Addy and his brother on the bike, Andrew Haag, and Georgie Louis. Looks like it was a good time for sure. And Andrew definitely almost became a Cave Gnome.

Victory Scooters Shop Opening Reminder

Little reminder for anyone in the So Cal area, if you want to take advantage of some sweet deals, free giveaways, and free food, head down to the new Victory Scooters Shop opening tomorrow! More details on the flyer below.

Anton Abramson Welcome to Raptor Hardware

Anton recently joined the Raptor Am team along with his friend David, whose video you can see a bit further down the page.  Both Anton and David are still developing their own styles but they're fun to watch.  Lots of good spots too.

Proto Armageddon ScooterHut Premiere

Yup, the Chatswood Scooter Hut is having their own premiere of the latest Proto video.  It's sure to be a good time, be there or be square.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

HIC vs SCS, A Study by Madis Kukk

This has been a topic of debate among scooter riders pretty much since both these systems came about.  What weighs more, HIC (with an oversized double clamp and oversized bars) or SCS (with a quad clamp, normal or oversized bars)?  Mr. Kukk applied the good ol scientific process to find out the truth.  Read on:

"A friend of mine, Arco, said that I’m a nolifer, but here goes nothing:
since I recently received my next test-run of wees with diffirent crossbars and steertubes (oversized and standard-sized), I’ve wanted to test one of the most wide-spread myths of scooter tech:

using standard-sized bars with SCS is lighter than oversized bars with HIC.


* Standard-sized WEE bars, 24x22 minus 1.5” for SCS,
.065” crossbar, raw: 1105g (2lb 7oz)
* Oversized WEE bars, 24x22, full-height (for HIC),
   .065” crossbar, raw: 1220g (2lb 11oz)

* Tilt SCS (w/o adapter): 202g (7.1 oz)
* Tilt SCS “LT”-version: 176g (6.2 oz)
* Phoenix Smooth SCS: 160g (5.6 oz)

[HIC adapters]
* aluminium 54mm HIC adapter by TSI: 20g (0.7 oz)
* crmo4130 44mm homemade HIC adapter: 48g (1.7 oz)
* crmo4130 61mm homemade HIC adapter: 66g (2.3 oz)

[Clamps for oversized bars]
* Proto Half Knuckle: 120g (4.2 oz)
* District doubleclamp: 66g (2.3 oz)

[Other shit]
* FSA topcap with 35mm compressionbolt: ~16g (0.6 oz)
* 104mm oversized steertube piece: 126g (4.4 oz)
a 1.5” / 38mm piece would weigh 46g (1.6 oz)


Now, we put some front-end setups together:

#1 /// Standard-sized bars with SCS
+ Standard-sized bars, 24x22 minus 1.5” for SCS,
+ Phoenix Smooth SCS with aftermarket 25mm bolts,
+ FSA topcap + compressionbolt
= 1282g (2lb (13.2oz)

#2 /// Oversized bars with HIC (alu HIC adapter)
+ Oversized bars, 24x22 full-height for HIC
+ TSI’s HIC adapter, 54mm, aluminium,
+ FSA topcap + compressionbolt
+ Proto Half Knuckle,
cause half knux are the best (and sorry Helmeri,
but fuck district clamps ‘cause their threads strip).
= 1376g (3lb 0.5oz)

#3 /// Oversized bars with HIC (crmo4130 HIC adapter)
Same shit as in #2 but instead
of TSI’s aluminium adapter there’s
the homemade 44mm chrmo4130 HIC adapter.
= 1404g (3lb 1.5oz)

#4 /// Oversized with SCS (!!!)
+ Oversized bars 24x22, raw
+ minus 1.5” for SCS (1220g - 46g = 1174g)
+ Tilt SCS (1 3/8” compatible; without adapter)
+ FSA topcap + compressionbolt
= 1392g (3lb 1.1oz)

The oversized bars with SCS (#4) weight lies between #2 and #3.

So you see, not only having standard-sized bars with SCS is lighter than having oversized bars with HIC, but even oversized bars with SCS are basicly in the same weight ratio as oversized bars w/ HIC systems based on Half Knuckles. HIC bars usually have a notch at the bottom of the bars (HIC, ICS and stock bars usually tend to crack at the bottom if a fair amount of gnarliness is applied, eventually happens to every bar that has a notch) and SCS clamps eliminate the notch-cracking issue. Thus: if you’re choosing between SCS and HIC compressions, choose SCS and your bars will last a ton longer, for-fucking-ever.

The only thing you SHOULD choose between is that either if you’re using a standard-sized tube or an oversized bar, because oversized bars (since they are a heavier by 6%) may help with the weight-ratio by distributing the overall weight of your scooter if you’re using a heavier deck (such as a Stan Smirnoff sig. deck) or whatever, depending on your taste.

research proves that even if you’re using oversized bars, you should choose SCS instead of HIC cause’ the weight diffirence is slim-to-none and because SCS eliminates the cracking issue due to notches.

Props to Madis for going through the trouble to do this.

David Coe Welcome to Raptor Hardware

David is a young boy out of the San Fran area and recently found himself a spot on Raptor's am squad.  This is the video he made to support the company, I'm diggin it.  It's cool to see SF really starting to get a scene going.

Jordan Robles Lucky Am Edit

As most people know Jordan never really had a chance to "suck" at riding. When you're 5 years old, and you're already ENTERING comps, not just sitting and watching, you start to progress fast. Fastforward a couple of years, and Jordan is no longer praised simply for being so young or small. He is starting to be recognized simply for how good he is. Growing up in So Cal doesn't hurt either, since he always has people to ride with and feed off of. He's turning into a really well rounded rider, riding street and park, and progressing nicely in both. Definitely check out his latest edit.

Proto Armageddon DVD Now at Freestyle Depot

The long awaited second DVD from Proto was dropped recently, and from what I've heard from people it did not disappoint. They are now for sale at Freestyle Depot and usually ship in 1-2 days. Don't think about it, just buy it.

Twisted Dirt Scoots in New Sizes

Twisted has now 4 versions of the URM (aka Dirt Scoot) Chromoly URM "Big boy" , URM Park: Aluminum 30" long x 5.5" wide, URM Youth URM 28.5" long x 5.5 wide & URM Jr 27" long x 5.5 wide same strength, same components, just smaller deck (foot room: 15.75", 13.75" & 12.5" respectively) the Big Boy & Park available now & expect the Youth & Jr December 20th 2012, also new color components to personalize your URM, check our website for details & little edit from riders

Thank you guys, safe & happy holidays
Click the link below to see a video of some younger riders riding the new Dirt Scoot

R.I.P. Stevon Wilson Tribute ft Dan Barrett, Jake Hershey, and Ryan Upchurch

In memory of Stevon Wilson his two long time friends Dan Barrett and Jake Hershey, got together with another one of Steve's friends Ryan Upchurch, and they made this edit for him. Gotta love how all of them can't keep the smiles off of their faces while they recall memories of Stevon. That tells you just how much they love him, and how they remember him.

R.I.P. Stevon Wilson

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Issac Miller Throwaway

Well if this is Issac's throwaway, we can expect 100% bangers for his next edit, hell even some of these clips are bangers. Contrary to how much street Issac rides, he can actually ride anything he wants. But I do definitely prefer seeing him ride street. Check out his edit below.

Victory Scooters New Retail Shop

Victory Scooters started out as just an online shop, but they are getting ready to open up their first retail store down in Southern Cali. For more information on that, check out the flyer. Looks like they're having a pretty cool event to celebrate it this weekend.

VertX Free "Build Your Own Complete"

Cool little giveaway/promo going on by VertX, for more information read below.

"We want to share our Christmas Spirit with you. Here is your chance to win a free VertX Complete Scooter. On 12-18-12 we will draw one name from all of you who have liked us on Facebook, that person will win a Complete Build your own scooter. If you have already liked us you are entered, if you haven't "Liked" us yet do so now so you too will have a chance to win. Tell your friends, other riders, everyone you know. Take advantage of our Christmas Spirit and be sure you have a chance to win." - VertX

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New AO Epsilon Red Complete

So from personal experience, "Complete" scooters, usually lack in many areas. They have a few solid parts, but definitely cut corners on other parts, could be the grips, or wheels, or whatever. Well I recently received an AO Epsilon Complete, and I can say with confidence, they made it a point to not cut corners with this set up. I'm sure you've heard reviews on the new Epsilon Deck, and how it makes the old AO deck look as bad as some people felt it was. But this new deck has been corrected in all areas.

The bars that come with it don't feel cheap like other Completes, and neither does the threadless fork. You also get a set of 110mm 841 wheels with Titen bearings, which I don't care what anyone says, these wheels are fast as hell. You got the AO threadless headset, and finally the Raptor grips..some of the best feeling grips on the market. Below is some information about the AO Epsilon, and below that you have AO riders, Joe Flowers, and Elliot Arnold killing it with a little AO Promo. Overall, if you're looking for a solid complete scooter, at a decent price ...definitely check out the AO Epsilon Complete.

"The complete Epsilon scooter comes with the finest and strongest components available: The threadless fork is forged in one piece out of a block of aluminum under 5 tons of pressure making it extremely strong yet light weight. The headtube is fully integrated and comes with sealed bearings and hidden internal compression system (HIC) which is the gold standard for bikes and scooters. Other features are an oversized Y-shaped handle bar in 4130 Chromoly steel with a triple clamp in 6061 T6 aluminum, flangeless Raptor Scale grips for easy bar spins and shock absorption and 110 mm 841 aluminum wheels for superfast speeds and perfect grip.

The Epsilon deck is made of re-heat treated 6061 T6 aluminum in one of the world’s leading BMX factories. The slightly concave deck is 4 ½” wide (115 mm) and features a completely flat bottom to maximize the grinding area. The red deck comes in 20 ½” (520 mm) and weighs 3.8 lbs. (1.6 kg). Other features are a rounded stainless steel flex brake to avoid flat spots on your wheel and 8 mm high tensile Chromoly axle bolts (12.9 grade)." - AO

Deck in re-heat treated 6061 T6 aluminum
- Fully integrated system (HIC)
- Flat bottom
- Super tough grind plate
- Nose blunt grind plate
- Rounded, stainless steel flex brake (2 mm)
- 8 mm high tensile
Chromoly axle bolt (12.9 grade)
              - Head tube angle 82.5
              - width: 4 ½” (115 mm)
              - Threadless forged fork, 7” (178 mm), closed top, internal thread, compression system
              - Sealed bearings
              - Chromoly handle bar, oversized, height 23” x width 22” (580 x 560 mm)
              - Raptor Scale Grips, flangeless
              - Triple clamp, 6061 T6 aluminum
              - 110 mm 841 wheels, ABEC 7 Titen bearings

Jake Clark DMC 2

Dammit Jake.. why are you so good? I don't know how this kid does half the stuff he does. Hang 5 to tailwhip to fingerwhip was so sick. I'd talk to you about some of his other tricks in this edit, but I don't even know what they're called. Check it out below.

RIP Steve Wilson

Flair from May this year.

You might remember a couple weeks ago Steve was in a car wreck and suffered serious brain injuries...well last night/this morning he succumbed to those injuries.  Although he hasn't been involved with the sport recently as he was in the past, he will be sorely missed by a lot of riders.  He was in one of my favorite videos ever (also featuring Dan Barrett) and I know I'll never forget it.  I didn't know Steve personally (I think I only ever met him once) but from what I saw of him he seemed like a nice guy.  We got to see a little bit of his personality in the first Transit Scooter Tour DVD, as well as some really sick riding from him.  From being in that first Transit video, to throwing down in the sport's first ever street jam, Steve was truly a pioneer in our sport and will always be remembered.

The above links are all videos that feature Steve, check out the ones below for more:
Steve/Dan at TIC
Whip Scooters DVD
Whip Mix

Monday, December 10, 2012

Epic Deck and Epic Forks Promo from Scooter Zone

Scooter Zone dropped these two Epic product Promos, one for the brand new Epic Deck, and one for what a lot of riders feel is one of the best forks on the market, the Epic Forks. Nick Darger has been working on the Epic Deck since he was a fetus..or at least that's how long it's felt like. He finally has it just the way he wants it, and it looks great. We also get to see some clips. Jarrod Bruns is one of the cleanest riders in the game today, and he breaks down the Epic Forks, and follows it up with some signature J Bruns Style clips...last clip was tight. Check it.

Phoenix Welcomes Kiara Meade

The Phoenix Team just got a little bit bigger, by picking up a rider whos a little bit smaller than most of their riders. Kiara Meade is the latest rider to hit Phoenix, and I believe their first and only female rider. For a while now a lot of people have believed Kiara to be the best female rider in the sport. Gotta be real, most female riders lovee doing flyout..Well Kiara boosts boxes at TIC like it's no big deal, and her trick list has vastly improved which you can see in her edit below. Dan Barrett and Myself also caught up with Kiara to get a little interview in which you can read below.

For the people who don't know you that much, let us know a little bit more about yourself.

I'm Kiara Meade, live in NJ, I'm 13 years old and have been riding for about 4 years now.

So you've gotten on the Phoenix AM team, how did this happen? How did you get on?

Well, I was thinking it was about time to move on from Razor, but don't get me wrong, they did treat me very well! So i started talking to Dan a little more about Phoenix and he brought the idea to Tom, and he was stoked about the idea of me being a part of the team, and I took a stop on AM. So Dan is how got on the team.

Besides Phoenix giving you the spot on their AM team, what other reasons bring you to be apart of Phoenix?

A big reason is Dan and Jon. We have been close since we all used to be on a shop team called FSP, but then we all split apart from them. I think it is amazing we have all of us together again. i really like the other team riders as well. Also, I had always liked Phoenix parts. My past 2 setups both had Phoenix decks on them!

Any hard feelings between you and Razor that you made the switch?

Not at all! I had informed them in the nicest way possible, and they where completely understanding, which was very awesome of everyone!

What made you want to ride for Phoenix, as opposed to say... the Madd Girls Team?

To be honest, I don't really like the MADD products. I like to ride with what I feel comfortable with. Also, I would rather ride with everyone on one team, because I don't like the idea of being on a different team and kind-of being separated from the guys based on gender.

Do you ever get some of the guys at TIC, or male riders in general talking down on you because you're a girl?

To be honest, not very often. My close friends are super cool about it and don't have anything against it. But, there are some people that don't know enough about me and assume I can't do it. Hopefully, I change their mind when they see me ride.

You have any love for street riding?

Im not the biggest fan of it as you can see haha, but sometimes if im at a good spot with friends, its super fun. I just don't like to film it because im not the greatest at it, and it just isn't my type of riding.

Most of the guys on the Pro team have signature decks, would you ever want a signature deck? If so what would it look like?

I would really like to have a signature deck one day! If i were to have one it would probably be purple with some type of NJ logo on it with Casino Pier, what my local amusement park on Seaside Board walk used to look like before the hurricane destroyed it.

How's it feel to be so young and have so much opportunity? (Traveling, being sponsored, having people look up to you)

It is amazing! I really can't even explain! I am so grateful for what I have. Not many people have the opportunity to do what I do, so I really need to be thankful, and I am. But it didn't come from nothing. I worked hard for where i am today.Barking Spider and Phoenix are also helping me very much, always making sure i have an awesome scooter to ride!. I really want to thank my dad for everything he has done for me throughout my career, because if it wasn't for him, i wouldn't be who i am today.

Do you eventually see yourself getting on the Phoenix Pro team??

One day i think it will happen i know it! But i always have to keep pushing myself harder and harder and keep improving my riding every day. If you really want something, you have to work for it.

Is there any riders you look up to?

I really look up to Joey Aria. He always has his head up no matter what! He has one of the most unique/sickest styles i have ever seen, and i love the way he rides and his awesome personality. He is such a good influence and is for sure a person any young rider should look up to, also.

Is it weird going against the riders you look up to in competitions?

I don't think so at all. We are all just friends having fun. But at the same time, it's crazy that i used to be so little always wanting to be like them, and now im going up against people i always used to want to be like.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

In the future, i would like to continue riding, but when i become older, i would like to own some type of scooter shop or a scooter company.

There is a good amount of girl scooter riders out there, is there any advice you would like to give to them?

Don't let any of the guys bring you down, because you can do it. Just because we are girls doesn't mean we can't be as good as them, it's just their excuse. Look how far i have came, if i can do it, anyone else can too. You just need to work hard at what you want, and sooner or later it will come.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Not Many, If Any (YesPleaseCrew)

This is a sickk crew from New Zealand.  Not sure how they got that name but they shred regardless.  Makes scooters look like fun which is good.

Flipside Ridehouse Update

Busy times at Flipside Ridehouse...
The highly anticipated Fasen decks finally arrived Friday 12/7 and not a moment to soon for Christmas shoppers. Flipside received a very limited quantity of every color. The very cool 8 spoke wheels are available as well.

Brand new shipment of Phase Two Dirt Scoots are inda house. Get yours before they're gone. First shipment sold out in one day and no more will be arriving in the U.S. until the end of January.
We now carry the new TSI Threshold V2 decks. So what? You say. Check out this polished V2. That is not's raw aluminum polished to a mirror finish. We can't keep them on the shelf...very hot item. We also offer custom powder coated TSI decks...let us know what color you want for your own one of a kind Threshold. Contact us at
Last but not least...

For the month of December, Flipside will be selling the MGP Nitro Extreme She Devil scooter at the reduced price of $329.95. For about the price of pegs you will be able to upgrade from a Nitro to the She Devil. Good while supplies last. Also, Free shipping on ALL MADD GEAR Scooters!

Have a safe and Merry Christmas everyone!

Welcome to ELYTS and Welcome to AO

Below we have two new "Welcome" edits for AO and ELYTS. First up for ELYTS we have Elliot Arnold. I posted one of his videos before when he got onto MGP, but I'm not sure if he's still with them or not, considering a lot of this edit he is on what looks like an AO deck. Either way, he is a good rider with all around skills in street and park. For AO we have George Gartlehner coming out of Austria. All around shredder, who seems to favor big gaps, making Zig a big fan of his riding as you can see from the beginning of the edit. Check em both out below.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Day in the Life with Ryan Gould

Cody Groom and Ryan Gould hooked up and got this Day in the Life done. Really steezy dirt scoot clips, followed up by Ryan riding the new Scooter Zone Skatepark in Riverside. Check it out below.

Hella Grip Friday Foster Freeze

Tyler Wheeland put in work with this sick hop over 50-50 to front 180 out, and fellow HG Homie Ralph McMoran was there to get to the shot. Check it out.

Also we have another promo for Hella Stoked and Hella Broke. George Justiniano is a pretty low key rider, but don't let that fool you. He can shred hard at will. Be sure to catch him and the other Hella Grip Homies on Dec 25th, in Hella Stoked and Hella Broke.