Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Inward Announces New Fork Design!

Today, Inward Scooters announced a new lightweight fork design.

The advantage of this fork over existing lightweight forks is that it is available with threads that will not be damaged by clamping on a steel bar. The fork also has built in wheel spacers, eliminating the need for washers.

The threadless version weighs only 12 ounces same as stock Pro-fork). The threaded fork will weigh a few ounces more because of the thicker steerer tube.

Inward will start selling the zero offset version (pictured) in the second half of October. The offset version is currently being tested and will be available well before Christmas. As most Inward products, these forks will be available powdercoated in the color of your choice.

This fork is CNC machined in the USA.

Lucky Scooters is looking for riders to Sponsor!

Lucky Scooter Parts is looking for riders to sponsor. This is one hell of an opportunity for any rider out there. They make a complete line of parts, from Decks, to Bars, to Forks, and they have lots of plans of expanding and continuing to grow as a company. So if you guys think you got what it takes to ride for Lucky Scooter Parts...all you gotta do is get a video together with its length being 1:30-4:00 minutes long. And send the video to James Gee where it will be reviewed.

Email the videos, and any other questions here


Pro Model Decks and Ultra Pros at Inward-Scooters.com

Razor Pro Model decks are back in stock at Inward-Scooters. Also don't forget that Inward-Scooters is one of the only places, if not THE only place where you can purchase the Ultra Pro parts seperatley. Including the Ultra Pro Deck. Click the Inward-Scooters Logo on the right to visit the website and check out the Inward-Scooters store...which is constantly growing and expanding.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Matt McKeen and Cory Vanlew on Nitro Circus

As I'm sure everyone knows, Matt McKeen and InwardScooters rider Cory Vanlew were recently featured on Mtvs, Nitro Circus show. Here are the clips that were featured. Matt's double tailwhip over that gap was just sick. Enjoy

p.s. Regarding Erik Roner's "bashing". It has been said by a couple people that he's not talking about "scootering", but that he is instead talking about "Having to drop in, on a scooter".....ehh....post your opinions on his comments if you want.

Who, What, Where, and Why with Ben Harradine

Recently caught up with another one of Aus's underrated up and coming riders. That rider is Ben Harradine.

Who would you like to ride with if you could ride a full day with anyone in the sport?

Ben: hmm, ide like to ride with everyone if i had the chance haha! but if i had to choose just one rider, i think it would have to be Justin Robertson, theres no other rider like him.

What trick so far has been the hardest for you to learn in scootering?

Ben:Well there's been a few, my double fingerwhip acid would have to be up there, i tryed my heart out for that trick and it payed off when i landed it, i think the one that took the most effort to do would havto be either halfcab whip fingerwhip off a drop, or halfcab fire crack a 3 or 4 stair haha

Where is your favorite spot or skatepark to ride in Aus?

Ben:For skate park, as much as people hate it, and as crappy as it is, nothing beats a local, my local park, Tamworth skatepark, will always be my favourite park to ride.
But my main favourite spot to ride is Tamworth Public School haha. Ive ridden there since I started at about 11 years old. So Ive been riding a good 5 years ago, and before that i used to go there after school in primary school to drop the 4 stair and show my mates, I find it amazing that I still ride the place pretty much every thursday night still and have mad fun riding the place. In my opinion its got everything, I ride it alone most of the time sadly ahha but still have a great time. i couldnt live without that place, its like my home haha.

Why do you continue to ride scooters today?

Ben: Haha, theres a bunch of reasons, I find it fun and it keeps me happy, I meet so many new people through it and make so many freinds. I love to try and change peoples opinions on what they think of scooter riders. When I began riding no one really payed me out, but no one really took me seriously. They saw me as one of those kids who bring what ever to the park to roll around on. Now all the local skaters and bmx all see scooters as just another legit sport and that realy keeps me motivated to ride.

I want to thank Ben for taking the time do this piece with Inside-Scooters, and expect a couple more Aussie riders for our next "Who, What, Where, and Why's"

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ethan Hong.... enough said.

Ethan Hong is a rider from Aus who I would honestly say is underrated. Some might feel differently, but in my opinion he is not one of the big names you hear of when you think of top Aussie riders. However, he is the type of rider who does tricks that simply shock you with how easy he makes them look. I do believe also that this is the first time I've seen this trick landed....without the assistance of a kicker, or block of wood/obstacle to run your front wheel into... enjoy.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Josh Young Video

the past year or so... from Josh Young on Vimeo.

Clips from the past year or so...too good. Get at this kid to keep riding, he keeps hurting himself and is a wuss. And don't ever let him on a bike.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dylan Kasson......... Throwaway??

Yea..he is calling this footage throwaway. After seeing this, everyone should be anticipating not only Dylan's part...but the rest of the Teams Proto DVD parts. Also notice how Dylan is getting rid of the bowleg status when he lands. Don't know about you, but I think his riding is starting to clean up a lot. Enjoy.

Untitled from Dylan on Vimeo.

Lucky Scooter Parts Bio

Within the last couple of months a company has started to burst out onto the scene, and with some of the best riders on the west coast behind them, it’s easy to see why. That company goes by the name of, Lucky Scooter Parts. To shorten things I’m going to refer to them as LSP. LSP was started in Sammamish, Washington a little over a year ago. The owner of LSP, Brian, had a son who had been purchasing Wee Scooter parts, and after dealing with the shipping costs and exchange rates, he confronted his dad with the idea to start the company. A company that could produce quality parts, and get them to people quickly without them being robbed on shipping costs. The idea would soon become a reality in Lucky Scooter Parts. Today LSP is still based out of Sammamish in Washington, with 50% of their products being made there at a local shop, and the other 50% coming out of Phoenix, Arizona.

The first scooter part to come out of LSP, was the “Nork Fork”. The first prototypes were said to be quite rough looking, but they did their job, in that they performed extremely well. Although they started but one product, they now have a complete line of scooter parts. From various types of bars, and forks, to deck reinforcements, and the newest edition the Lucky Deck. How do we know all of these are top quality though? Well, that’s simple…because the riders testing these parts before they’re released…is the Nukk Crew from Sammamish. James Gee, Blake Bailor, Jessee Ikedah, Evan Yamada, and Brent Reid are some of the high level riders that make up the Nukk Crew. They have known and supported LSP for a long time now, and personally test the prototype parts before they are released. Each time giving feedback and input on all of them, to ensure that when these parts are released they are as durable and dependant as can be.
(Nukk Riders James Gee, Jessee Ikedah, and Blake Bailor)

LSP sees a lot of promise in the sport of scootering. They see it as one of the fastest growing action sports, and believe that to keep that momentum going riders need to continue to push themselves, push the limits of tricks, but also the equipment needs to continue to evolve and progress. That is where they are doing their part, and doing it well. LSP feels that the sport is still seen as people who ride around “Razor Scooter Toys”, they want to do their part to shed that stereotype, and push beyond it. Possibly starting with branding our sport as “Freestyle Scootering” Which I think would be a good start.

As for future plans for LSP and things to look out for, there’s quite a lot. The Lucky Deck just came out recently and is getting a lot of people’s attention. With its unique design, and considering its CNCd from a block of aluminum it’s easy to see why. A handful of other parts are soon to be on the way, including complete scooters that you can buy at local bike shops and other stores in the WA area. LSP’s plans span further than just expanding and improving on their company and parts. They want to start talking to some big companies about sponsorships, and getting them involved with the sport. Soon they are starting an organization known as “FreestyleScootering.org” that they hope will combine the riding community and other companies to help push the sport forward. Two LSP Teams are also currently in the works, and with a dream to start a facility in the future much similar to that of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, which will include an indoor street section and vert section. We can all only hope that LSP stays true to their hopes, plans, and dreams.

Keep checking Inside-Scooters.com for more updates on Lucky Scooter Parts!

Written by Steven Tongson

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Matt Ogle Announced as Inward Team Captain!

Matt Ogle has been heralded as one of the sport’s most underrated riders.  Despite being one of the most creative, and most balanced riders, he hasn’t had the recognition he deserved until about nine months ago, when he was put on the Inward Flow Team by ex-team manager Steven Tongson.  It took him five videos, and four years to finally get the long deserved spot on the team.  And now, nine months later, Matt has been voted Team Captain by his own teammates.  Being captain is something the 19 year old Baylor student is very excited to be.  And I know I’m not speaking for myself when I say his teammates are excited to have him in that spot as well. 

- Jordan Jasa

-It took you 5 videos to get sponsored by Inward, and after 9 short months you have taken the Team Captain position.  Did you expect any of that?

Heavens no, you have to realize that by the time the old Team Captain (Steven T.) had even offered the sponsorship to me, i had begun my first semester at Baylor and had totally stopped progressive riding for half a year. It was the most random and blessed thing that had happened for a while. Afterwards i started riding much more often and i guess i just really wanted to commit myself to the team and when the oppurtunity was offered i gladly accepted.

-What made you want to be Team Captain?

The fact that, and especially after meeting JP, I realized how legitimate Inward Scooters is. I really would love to help this company boom and it is headed in a fantastic direction. Also, after doing hard filming since early May i have realized that my body hurts more often now and I really want to stay involved with scooters while both on the scooter and off. So i figure this is a great way to help.
-Why do you think your teammates picked you to be captain?
I bribed them with scooter stickers. Na im playin but i would have no idea. I dont want to say anything that would come off as boastful so i just hope they picked me because they trust my judgement and commitment.

-Are the responsibilities of a captain different than a manager?

I would assume so, but i literally have no idea at this point. I just received the honor of the position so i'll give it time and find out.

-What are you looking forward to most about being TC?

I am most excited about participating in all the events and, hopefully, hitching more rides with JP to competitions and events. Plus i love the riders on our team so i am so thrilled to help them out and see their new footage and, most especially, see them in person soon. That will be <3. I also hope to get even more involved in the future when i finish college up.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Matt McKeen

Funn. from matt mckeen on Vimeo.

Kills rails like no other...as well as everything else.

My Assault Wrap

Finally got around to putting this Assault bar/fork wrap on…I didn’t do the best job but it looks pretty gnarly.  Take a look for yourself.

proto 002proto 001proto 006   proto 004 proto 005

Thanks to JR from Assault for sending us some wrap packs, thanks again dude.

Friday, September 18, 2009

NEW Eaglesport Cores and Wheels

Looks like Eaglesport is at it again, with a set of new Core colors, and Urethane colors. The UK is going to be the first to get their hands on most of these. So if you are living in the UK make sure to check your local Eaglesport dealers in the next couple weeks, which is when they are expected to arrive. Expect those Red Core, Black Urethane wheels to show up in the US soon as well. Here are some pics.

(Pictures were taken with a mobile phone...all colors are actually more vibrant and brighter than they look in the pictures...expect more updates with more pictures regarding Eaglesport in the future)

Most of these at this point are 100mm...however, they will eventually all be available in 100mm and 110mm.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


In a sport that thrives so much on progression, and original riding. It is a shame that such a small list of guys actually do so. Dylan Kasson is without a doubt one of the few riders at the top of that small list, and is one of the sports most progressive riders today. He went from being a complete nobody in the sport, and then in what seemed like overnight, he was riding for one of the biggest companies in the sport, and releasing jaw dropping videos.

Dylan Kasson was born in Westerville, Ohio, where he has lived all his life, and currently still lives today. It was in the year 2000 during the “Scooter Craze” that Dylan and some of his friends would buy some scooters. However, in two months all his friends would be completely over it, and yet Dylan is going on 9 years strong, with no plans of stopping anytime soon. When Dylan first came onto the scene, he wasn’t everyone’s favorite person. He would release mini videos so frequently with each showing little to no progress, and he would get bashed not only for these but for his attitude he would use on the forums. Sometime later this would change, his riding started to take a turn. His tricks were finally smoothing out, but what caught more peoples attention was how he had started to separate himself from every other rider. With the originality and creativity of his tricks and where he would do them. People started to look past his attitude and focus simply on his riding. All of a sudden his name started to pop up on peoples “Favorite Riders” lists, and he soon found himself on the PROTO Team.

If you were to ask Dylan now a days what his favorite tricks to do are, they would be, 720’s, nose manuals, and lots of spin tricks out of various grinds. All of which is evident in his latest videos. Having landed 900s to fakie, 540 bri flips to fakie, and 540’s out of feeble on almost any size ledge, it’s obvious he’s got his spins on lock. His favorite obstacle to ride would have to be a ledge about 1 foot high, with some nice angle iron coping, something good for tricking in and out of. When it comes to who he likes riding with, it’s not scooter riders. He rides with skateboarders usually. However, when he is traveling, he enjoys riding with fellow team rider Elmer, and Elmer’s two fellow New Yorkers, HepGreg, and Sanchez. When it comes to riders who Dylan looks up to, it would have to be Matt McKeen and Addison McNaughton, two of the sports best street riders. Dylan feels that the two of them know where the direction of the sport should be going. By taking it to the streets, and getting talented filmers, to film their video parts. As far as how Dylan feels about being asked to ride for Proto. It meant everything to him, he looks at Proto as a small family. Insisting that the parts are so amazing, that had he never been asked to be on Proto, he would still be riding the same set up of Proto parts today. The fame since joining the Team is something that he is still getting used to though. He honestly never thought the sport of scootering would take him this far.

Dylan’s plans for the near future is to finish his all street video, something we are no doubt all looking forward to, and to help the rest of his Team finish theirs as well. Currently you will no longer find Dylan on the online scene. Like a lot of riders before him he would rather be out riding his scooter, than on a forum arguing with kids about petty differences and possibly tarnishing his reputation to the scene. So in the end, when it comes to Dylan, you don’t have to like him. Whether you love him or hate him, hate to love him, or love to hate him. We should all be grateful that he is a part of the sport. It’s riders like Dylan who are trying their hardest to push this sport forward. The days are long gone when we would see repetitive Dylan Kasson videos, rest assure that with every new video you see from Dylan in the future, there is bound to be even more groundbreaking footage.

Intro by Steven Tongson

Interview by Jordan Jasa


Jordan Jasa:  You went from one of the most goofy, sketchy riders in the sport to one of the cleanest and most original almost overnight.  How did that happen?

Dylan Kasson:  I was watching footage of myself one night and I realized how gross it was.  After that I rode for a whole month straight riding regular instead of ski, and doing tail whips instead of  heel whips.  To me at the time it was like riding switch but I forced myself to do it and eventually it caught on.  Because I started out doing heel whips I can tail whip and heel whip pretty much equally now which I'm thankful for.

I think I remember your Scoot Ohio part as being the one that established you as one of the better riders in the sport.  How did it feel when that was released?

That movie was about getting all of the riders in Ohio noticed and getting coverage of them because they deserved it.  I wanted to make it somewhat of a real production.  The whole thing took me 2 years which I am proud that I saved footage and took it in that manner even back in those times when I would release a video every week.  I actually established the principle of "throwaway footage" when i was filming for it haha.  I am still very pleased with it it seems like a documentary on the time of all stock, unsealed fsas, and yak 110mms that were so plentiful you could pile them up.

What is your opinion of the online scene?  Why do you think there is so much drama?

I am very glad I got off SR.  I feel like I have so much more time to just live my life and not care at all what people think.  I bet so many people talk so badly about me on that site but in the end I am out riding and filming the very thing that started that site and they are typing on a keyboard going nowhere.  I know I cause a lot of drama but I feel very changed since I got off SR.  It just shows you you dont need a scooter forum to run your life and when you realize that talking about people stops.  I want to apologize to the people I talked about.  I still cant understand everybody's riding but I will respect that they do it.  And I mean that.

A lot of people say they love your style, yet just as many, if not more, love to impersonate your bowleg style.  Does that bother you?  Do you think you have good style?

Honestly I thought my bowleg just kind of died away but maybe not.  I just do the tricks I enjoy and if I ride bowleg then that sucks I guess.  If people are saying something about it they are just sitting online wasting their time.  If people still say I ride bowleg after my proto part comes out then I will be surprised but not dissapointed.  I think when I do land tricks I land them clean if that means good style.  Sometimes I can do some really ugly turn downs though.

Does a rider have to follow certain trends to be considered “good” or “stylish”? 

I think all of the scooter trends are silly so no.

Do you honestly believe that a rider’s clothes, or what he/she films with, makes them a better rider?

I don't believe it makes their ability better but I definitely believe it gets them more respect not just from fellow scooter riders but from other sports.

Why is it that you don’t like to ride with other scooter riders?  Why do you prefer to ride with skateboarders?

The only people that ride around here aren't fun to ride with because I like to ride with someone that you can push each other with each trick and all my skateboarder friends are really good and we go back and forth trick after trick and push each other to total progression.  I cant have that experience with kids doing tripple whips flyout at my local park.  I don't have anything against them its just not very enjoyable for me.

What gives you the right to bag on another rider for the clothes he wears, what he rides, and how he films when you wore the same exact thing, had the sketchiest style of all time, and a crappy camera for years?

Because I dont anymore.  And I am trying to push people out of this embarrassing stage early on.

What was up with you at XW this year?  You took your runs as if they were a joke, and you barely rode.

I had to enter pro and I didnt think I stood a chance and I didn't.  Competitions don't matter to me.

What kinds of tricks can we expect in your upcoming all street video (PROTO dvd part)?

No stair sets or gaps.

What is your biggest goal for the future?

Finishing my part and getting into college.

Any last words of advice for people reading this?

Get off SR and go do the thing that got you on life support to it, scooter.

Benji Day Video while in Germany featuring Local riders

Really nice day video of Benji and some other local riders. Benji totally destroys that mini ramp. Awesome video, check it out.

One Day Video in Deutschland from BenJ Scoot on Vimeo.

German Micro Team Riders featuring Benji Friant

Julian and Viktor are two riders from the Micro Team of Germany. Not many people know that there is a growing scooter scene out in Germany..With Julian and Viktor most likely being a couple of the best.. Also check a few clips of Benji in there as well. Enjoy

Juli and Viktor Micro Video from BenJ Scoot on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Inward now carrying Razor Ultra Pro parts, Yak wheels

As of today, Inward added Ultra Pro parts to its website, further expanding its already unrivaled collection of scooter parts.
For sale are decks, Forks, clamps and Lo bars. Regular size bars will be available soon. Bars will be cut to size upon request.

Decks and Forks are offered powdercoated and decks are be offered with a pedal pin option.

Inward also added 4 popular Yak wheels to its on-line store.

Please check it out at at www.shop.inward-scooters.com

Fuzion RTG Tour: Ramp Rats Comp Video

Ramprats Competition from Josh NAthan on Vimeo.

Erik's best trick...ridiculous. Capron doesn't know how to stop progressing. Twan's grabs over that box were beautiful.

Evan Yamada Killing It

Evan Yamada of Nukk Scooters released a video recently...and it has been getting a lot of attention that it obviously deserves. In my opinion it is a big step up from his Nukk Summer Part that was also released not to long ago. So check it out guys.

EVAN YAMADA Lucky Scooters Edit from Lucky Scooters on Vimeo.

New District Clamps and T Shirts!

The new scooter parts company District has unveilied another Clamp Model. Called the "Light Clamp". There is a "Light Double" and a "Light Single" These will soon be for sale on C4Scooters.com. Currently on C4Scooters.com you can pick up the District Double Clamps in White or Black...for a ridiculously cheap price of only 7.50...Also at C4Scooters.com there is a nice variety of District T Shirts. Also on sale for only 12.00. District has an insane line of scooter parts coming out in the near future...so be some of the first to get some District parts, and some District clothing at a really good price! Here are some pictures.

Double Light Clamps

And here are some of the District shirts you can purchase on C4Scooters.com

Make sure to visit C4Scooters.com and the C4Scooters Forum to purchase all your District parts, and for all your District news and updates. This company is setting a new standard when it comes to affordable and high quality products.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Phil Lagettie hits the scene hard.. Again.

Australian Scooters 3 - SR topic.

So it's official, Aus3 will be released, sometime in 2010.
I caught up with Phil to ask him some stuff about it, and some generalities about himself.

Aaron: What got you back into the scene? Was it a personal decision, or did someone else help you come out of the shadows?

Phil: It was the loss of my license, it opened my eyes and showed me the transportation that i used to love, my scooter.. i only ever got lazy once i got it...i get it back in 2 weeks, after 3 months... but REFUSE to fall away due it it again... i use it purposely to drive to skateparks and ride with everyone..

How does it feel getting back on the old trustful steed after so long? Have you been throwing the casual 10ft high euro airs?

For the time i was out of riding, i had an emptiness within me.
Nothing could fill it, drinking, girls, mates, partying.. nothing would fulfill the feeling of when i used to flow and listen to Tool whilst riding..

Haha, sadly no after a few weeks, i am yet to throw a euro, I Crashed doing a invert air, after about 2 years not riding at all. i could remember the feeling exactly, but gravity though.

What has sparked the sudden want to make Aus3? Will it be a DVD again, and what names can we expect?

Being that i have been employed as a video editor for the last 2 years has grown my confidence in editing immensely
and even though i love what i edit at work, scooter vids/ mini vids was my main inspiration for learning the techniques.
i want to put my All in to this Video.

It will be a DVD swell as a web release.. DVD obviously including a lot more than the web release.

Names so far for sections are :
Coedie Donovan
Brendan Smith
Adam Rouse
Cory Geisler
Rory Coe
Aaron Bransdon
& possibly myself haha
This only being the 1st set... more to be announced!

Thanks Phil.

So there you have it!
Australian Scooters 3 is on the cards, and it's going to be done by the man who started it all.
Inside Scooters will try their best to keep you updated with any news on it as it comes, including new lists of rider sections, possible release dates and progress on the video!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Inward Milestone and Celebration

Inward-Scooters has sold nearly 1000 pairs of bars! To mark the occasion, JP wrote up this short article, detailing the event and the special offer that is going to be available in celebration.

Inward has been around for barely 9 months and is about to sell its thousandth one piece bar in the next few weeks.
We would like to thank all customers for putting their trust in the new company. We also want to thank the Flow Team and all riders that have offered their advice and suggestions that contributed to our success.

To celebrate the event, the buyer of bar #1000 will be getting the bar for free, including a choice of powdercoat or Assault wrapping, grips and shipping. The next 5 buyers of a one-piece Inward bar will get a free set of grips (animal or odi). Winners will be notified after they placed their orders on our website www.inward-scooters.com

Here are some interesting facts about the bars sold so far:

Tallest bar: 26 Inch
Shortest bar: 15 Inch
Widest bar: 22 Inch
Narrowest bar: 13 inch

Average bar size is 20 high, 16 wide.

Top 3 colors:
Black (25%)
Neon Green (16%)
Purple (16%)

Least popular colors (all less than 1%)
Neon Pink
Neon Yellow

Lucky Decks and Wheels

Lucky Scooter Parts just keeps looking better and better...I wanna get my hands on that deck.

Ryan Williams- MGP Video

So crazy...pretty sure thats a first at the end.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Inward on Facebook!

You can now follow Inward-Scooters on facebook. Become a fan to keep updated on Inward news, team media, and more.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Socal Trip Vid

Socal Video from Josh NAthan on Vimeo.

Brought to you by Josh Nathan and Connor Love. Features a bunch of Cali parks, Cali riders, and even a guest appearance by Dylan Kasson!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Assault Wrap Available on Inward!

Available in 4 styles here, check it out. I have some wrap sitting here at my house, I haven't gotten around to putting it on yet...but I'll be sure to get some pics once I do.

Nate Wagoner

Nate was one of the riders ex-Inward Team Manager Steven Tongson was considering to put on the team before he left. Def some real bangers here, last clip is straight up BenJ status.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Graham Kimbell

Clips vidd from GKimbell on Vimeo.

Amazes me with each new vid he puts out.

Lucky Deck Pricing

They're saying Lucky Decks are going to cost 130 bucks, which is 30 dollars cheaper than TSI decks. Sounds like a deal to me. Couple new pics of it too, check em.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Assault Scooters: Vinyl Wraps

So recently, Jr, the owner of Assault Scooters sent me some of his Vinyl wrap designs. Now me being a complete moron, messed up my Zebra wrap...that I really wanted on my bars, however, I made due with the Carbon Fiber wrap, and got that on my bars instead, and with what little Zebra wrap I had left, I put it on the bottom of my TSI. Heres some pictures.

P.S. Don't be an idiot, and just try and toss the stuff onto your bars/parts.=) Lets hope when my partner Jordan gets his scooter done, it looks a bit better haha.

Big thanks to Jr for letting Inside Scooters try out some of this awesome Vinyl Wrap. Expect a full review, and hopefully a video on how to put it onto your scooter...(no, that video won't be coming from me...haha)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Who, What, Where, and Why with Brian Boston"

This week for "Who, What, Where, and Why" I was able to catch up with long time friend, and OG rider, Brian Boston. Yes kids... the rider who created the Bri Flip.

Who: Who, did you admire when you first started getting into the sport?

Brian: Tim Muller, he was the person that got me into riding and I always learned everything about riding and the scene from him when I started.

What: What trick were you the most proud of landing since you've been riding?

Brian: The "Briflip" obviously, since my name is pretty much set in stone with the sport now. I didn't have any expectations for it the first time I put a video up of it, now the trick is huge.

Where: Where is one place you've traveled to because of scootering, that you might not have ever been to before?

Brian: Either Westerville, Ohio or Buffalo, New York.

Why: Why are you still involved in the sport today?

Brian: I am a head administrator on Scooter Resource. I like to help people out with figuring out video/photo related stuff. I like to try to make it out to events on the east coast to see everyone I met through riding. Some people I met would be my best friends if we lived closer, so its awesome to see these people when the opportunity rises. Although i don't ride near as much as I used to, just overseeing the sport, knowing whats going on, seeing all of these new companies pop up and all of the coverage scooters are getting now just kind of seems like a duty to me.

The video below is over 4 years old, from 2005. Enjoy this piece of history, from one of the top OG's in the sport today. Thanks to Brian for taking the time to do this.