Thursday, May 31, 2012

Audun Grundt Leine Venture Promo

This killer is helping put Norway on the map, and he's off to a good start. The first half of the video is park, but he keeps it pretty street. The second half is all street, and it's good stuff. He recently got picked up by Micro who seems to be coming pretty hard with their new line, and new Teams in The UK, Europe, USA, and more. So check out his first promo below.

Welcome to Orange with the ISS Team

The ISS Team took a trip down to a small town called Orange, and rode the skatepark there, despite the cold weather. All of the guys got solid clips throughout the video, and little Sammy was shredding hard. Check out their edit below.

Joel WEZMA Erwin Trilogy Scooter Check

Joel "Wezma" Erwin had been riding for Razor Aus for some time, but recently made the decision to sign with Trilogy. He seems pretty content with his choice, and his riding looks as clean as ever. He gives you the run down on his scooter, and follows it up with clips. People also complained before that the design of the Trilogy deck won't allow for good grinding, but Joel seems to have no problem with it at all. Check it out.

Proto Instagram Contest Winner Announced

Proto recently had their Instagram contest, and the winner was just announced. Check it out below.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

US Scooter Championship

Next month one of the biggest contests of the year is taking place in Michigan. The top 10 riders of the contest will be invited to the International Final, where they will compete against the worlds best. So for competition riders, this is no event to ignore. We will be posting results and all videos of the event here on Inside-Scooters when they drop. For more information follow the link below, and check the poster.

Click Here for More Info

David Tiefenthaler

Good riders coming out of Austria is something I've gotten pretty used to by now. I was stoked when Florian sent me this video of his good friend David, who Florian feels is really underrated. I had never heard of David until now, and after watching the video it is clear that he is a pretty well rounded rider. He's got street clips in here, and some park clips, and for the most part he rides really clean. Supposedly these are older clips though, so let's hope for some new footage soon.

Filmed/Edited by Florian Toegel

Woodward EAST Scooter Camp!

Yup, thats right.  Woodward PA is finally having a scootercamp, and you can get all the deets from the above flyer, and website (

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Martin's ID

Martin Andre is on French ID, and came out with this video about a week ago.  Lip to whip, bar backlip line was so dope.  Super cool edit.

WarScooters How To: Stretch Clamps + Free Facebook Giveaway

We got the latest WarScooters How To video sent to us today. This one explains how to stretch clamps for whatever reason you need to do so. I've had to do this myself, and it is pretty useful for sure.

WarScooters will also be giving away a free Grit Invader Complete. All you have to do is go to their Facebook, and Like the page. From there you are automatically entered. Contest ends on July 1st, and winner will be announced here on Inside-Scooters.

WarScooters Facebook

Proto Facebook Contest Winner Announced!

Congratulations to the Proto Scooters Facebook winner! Everyone else, make sure to enter the Proto Scooters Instagram contest for the same winning package which will be announced this Thursday! Follow the Proto Scooter Instagram @protoscooters and tag a scooter related photo #protoscooters for your chance to win!

Fuzion Elite Z250 Model Specs + Scooter Check by Brian Griffin

Fuzion's Elite model sold out unexpectedly quickly last fall, leaving fans patiently waiting for a re-release. Finally, Fuzion is back on the set with the new upgraded Fuzion Elite Z250 model -- the first model in Fuzion's line of next generation of pro scooter, the Z Series.
The Z250 features:

19” x 21.5” Chromoly Bar
Pro Silicon Hand Grips
Double Bolt Clamp
Sealed Headset Bearings
ICS Compression System
One Piece Aluminum Deck
Steel Flex Fender Brake
110mm PU Wheels
Aluminum Wheel Cores
ABEC 9 Wheel Bearings
Price: $129.99

Below you can check out Brian Griffin doing a scooter check of his new complete Fuzion scooter, and some pretty sick clips that follow. Check it out.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Inside the Lens: Week 62

Rider: Terry Price
Photographer: Ricky Johnson
Trick: 180 Wall Stall
Location: Montpellier, France

-Must be attached in an email sent to along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.  No external links will be considered.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by compos
ition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression. 
rider/filmer: Noah Risser
location: Lititz, PA
-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression.
-Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

"Back to the Source" BenJ Friant 2012

I have to say that I am glad to see BenJ back with MicroExtreme. The beginning of the video pretty much explains how BenJ feels about it.

BenJ never had a point in the sport where he had to prove himself, he has always been known as one of the sports best all around riders. Yet he still manages to push himself with every single edit he drops. Whether he is riding in the snow, or street, or park, you know he will be pushing himself. Seeing him hit that big ass kicker gap really makes me wish BenJ got a shot at the Mega Ramp. I honestly think he would tear it up. Check out one of BenJ's best below, and get ready to start seeing the new Micro Extreme decks here in the US soon.

Jeremy Nuyens Armed and Dangerous Spring 2012 Edit

Don't recognize the name? I didn't either. Colton Freemantle sent this in to me, and I checked it out. I was really impressed. Sometimes you get a vibe at the beginning of the video and feel like the rider is going to kill it, I got that with Jeremy. The video was full of good clips, and it leaves you hoping the video won't end. Unfortunately it does. So let's hope we get to see another Jeremy Nuyens edit after the summer is over.


Send Evan Barba to Ohio Dreams with ECX

Evan Barba is a young rider on the come up. He rides with Jon Devrind a lot, and his style is simliar as well. From the get go he looked like he belonged in the streets, and today that holds true when you watch him ride. Clean style, and dope 180 whips, bars, and trucks. Evan wants to get to Ohio Dreams this summer to ride with the ECX Team, and he needs some help in order to make that happen. You can help Evan by watching and Liking this video on YouTube. Help a homie out.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bad to the Bone

For this video, Jon Reyes, Dan Barrett, and Ryan Upchurch decided to dress up and have a little theme to spice it up a bit.  Well, Dan and Ryan at least because thats what Jon always wears haha.  But anyway the riding is cool, these are the East Coast's top riders for sure.

Six Trick Fix X2

Joe Riley decided to do a Six Trick Fix, on flat, in a line. This whole thing took three tries, and just goes to show how consistent Joe is with his riding. Check it. Cooper Klaar and Brandon Miller take on the Six Trick Fix together in this one. They picked a small street ledge, and they killed the poor bastard. Check it.

Mohamed Alsulaibi Sacrifice Edit

Mohamed continues to push himself with his latest edit for Sacrifice. It seems like Sacrifice really takes care of their own, and in return they definitely deliver whether it be in competitions, or edits. Mohamed mixes it up with street and park in this one, so check it out below. Filmed and Edited by Josiah McClements

TIC Comp 2012

Anthony Crespo put together this edit of the recent competition at The Incline Club.  Pretty ridiculous park riding as you'd expect from the East coast locals.  The real reason to watch this video though is at the end, where Jake Hershey proposes to his girlfriend.  Did she say yes?  Watch the video to find out!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

MaddGear 3 for 1: East Coast Tour, Billy Watts Flat, Robbie Weir RAW

Starting off with the East Coast Tour. Jeremy Beau for the most part has kinda been seen as the new guy on MGP, but with the last clip in this edit, let's just say he established his position on the Team pretty well. You also got the rest of the MGP USA Team doing what they do. Solid clips from everyone. So check it out.

Well Billy kinda proves that he doesn't really need a skatepark or ramps to throw down. It's only a few clips but the flat 7 at the end was super clean, and it is a real change of pace to see any of the MGP AUS guys riding something other than huge boxes and skateparks... even if these were filmed, at the skatepark. Good stuff from Billy.

Robbie is one of the more recent additions to the MGP AUS Team. These raw clips will show you why. It is rare as hell to see someone throwing double backflips, and even rarer for them to be done as clean as Robbie's at the end of this edit.


Scooter Flow Video

Some of the homies in France got this footage in a couple days of filming. Riders are Kevin Demay, Frank Sarcy, and Martin Andre. Edit is by Frank Sarcy. Just good old street riding in here. Check it.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Proto Week Day # 5: Proto Armageddon 2012 Trailer

So you've probably all been waiting for Day #5 of Proto Week on ISB, and now it's here. We end Proto week with the official first trailer of the new Proto DVD Armageddon. If you've seen the first Proto dvd, you can imagine that Armageddon will be better in every way possible. From this trailer alone I got so psyched on seeing the DVD. Let's hope they release another trailer down the line, or at least some teaser footage. Check it out below.

Scandinavian Scooter Contest 2012 Edit by Phillip Long

ELYTS Filmer Phillip Long was recently with Cory Vanlew and Zig Short at a Comp in Scandinavia. Looks like it was pretty good too. One of the things I noticed about this edit/competition was the amount of US riders there. I think it really shows that companies are starting to support their riders a bit more, and really get them out to various competitons around the world, as opposed to around the country. Really sick to see guys like Big Ron, Vanlew, Jake Clark, and Peter Jungsberger out there shredding. Check out the edit below.

Also, rack up another win for the homie Big Ron. Out there with these ridiculously crazy park riders, throwing flips and flairs left and right. And then you got Big Ron coming in with his signature style and trick list, and shutting it down. Good shit. Props.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Proto Week Day #4: Instagram Contest

Day number 4 of Proto Week is here and Proto Scooters is giving away 
another complete package, this time in the form of an Instagram contest!

Newest Freestyle Depot Team Rider/BBQ Jam

"Freestyle Depot would like to welcome TYLER WHEELAND as the next rider 
to the team! Enjoy his welcome video and make sure to say what's up to 
him at our free BBQ rail jam this Saturday!"

2nd Annual Transit Scooter Comp

Last year's Whitewater competition went off swimmingly.  Organized by the Andrus family and Joey Aria, the comp was a fundraiser to help a local diseased boy.  This time again the proceeds go towards a good cause, so you should make it up to "Cracker H20" if you can.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Josh Brown Spring Edit

This guy is killing it.  Josh's progression continues to amaze me.  The rails he does keep on getting bigger, and of course he still hits up the big sets.  It'd be cool to see him do more lines, I think I counted just a few.

Proto Week Day # 3: Jackson Manzie Interview

Jackson Manzie is Proto Scooters newest rider and we couldn't be more pleased to have him be a part of the team. Jackson is one of the few Australians who approaches riding and filming with the street mentality and he fits right into Proto with the rest of the team. With the Proto Week underway, we thought it would be good to get Jackson's take on being a part of Proto, his injuries, and his upcoming plans coming out to America to film for Armageddon 2012. Interview by Kris Anacleto

You've been riding for Proto for over half a year now, but this  interview kind of marks the official announcement. How does it feel to be the first new rider added in the past few years and what's your overall take on being on the team now?

It feels good, obviously. I'm very grateful. My overall take would be that it's exactly where I want to be. The wheels are the best, the team is the best to ride with, I feel very lucky.

I know everyone else on the team is stoked to have you, and they're all stoked to ride with you when you're supposed to make your way here this summer for 2 months to film for the video. But last week injury seemed to hit you pretty hard, care to explain what's going on with that?

3 of my vertebrae are squashed, probably just from the many years of riding and bad posture. So the nerves inside those vertebrae are being squashed, making all the muscles in my back and chest tight. So right now I'm seeing a chiropractor 3 times a week and doing heavy stretching 3 times a day as well. So far it hasn't improved much so I'm pretty depressed. Can't really do anything physical at all.

That's some heavy stuff. I know Dylan Kasson is out staying with you in Australia right now, are you cruising out with him at all telling him trick ideas trying to live vicariously through him?

Uh nope, haha. Right now I'm pretty much his chauffeur, he just made a big list of spots he wants to go to and I'm just driving him around and filming him with the gang.

Just bring him to all the skate parks and say "Here, just film at these parks, that's how the Australians do it!"

No. Just no. Haha.

Fine, have it your way. With that being said, what made you and the Friendly crew gravitate to street riding and filming rather then the park stuff? I feel like it's a pretty obvious answer to a lot of people, but the park riding is just such a big part of the Australian scene.

Yeah, it is. And we're cool with that, after all that's where we all started. Someone asked us about this exact thing about a week ago. I think we got to a point where we were watching a lot of skating and wanted our videos to be like theirs. Their videos actually have a feel to them, you get a sense of that crews culture and their city from watching them ride street. I don't know. That's why I like it. We just got over hanging out at parks and decided to go explore more.

What skate videos get you specifically stoked the most? Do you think scooter videos will evolve and have that skate video feel some day, or do you think they will continue to have the feel they generally do nowadays?

For me i really like those really tight fast skate flicks like the Far East Skate Network and there's a great one from Ohio called Windows and Doorways. The filming is on point, all the lines are fast and they always come up with creative stuff. I'd love to see scootering become that but i think that's a while off.

Well put. Australia has one of the biggest scooter scenes compared to all the other countries, which means big scooter business is going on out there. You're managing one of the ScooterHut stores now correct?

Correct, it's nice. I get to sell what I know most about. I want to make it have the same vibe as a skate store. A place where you can actually come and relax, read a mag and hang while you look at parts.

When you aren't working at the shop or out riding, what's your week consist of?

Nothing right now, at the moment I'm driving Dylan around and working to get money for the states. Trying to get my back better I guess. Day to day, if I wasn't riding and if i wasn't injured I'd probably start the day sleeping in and watching the Simpsons re-runs with a huge cup of tea, then maybe see what my friends were doing and go fishing or something. Or hiking. I've been getting into that too.

Assuming you'll be better by the time you actually get here, what are you looking forward to the most while here for 2 months? Got any specific spots you're trying to get heavy on?

I'm just looking forward to drinking 5 watermelon arizona's a day, and going to wherever Tyler Wheeland wants to go. I'll spend a fair bit of time at the Proto shop too I guess. And we're hitting up the Chicago street jam so we're gonna have a nice road trip through the states to get there. Oh yeah and eating Mexican food until I die.

Proto intends to have all it's riders have signature parts at some point that reflect their way of riding, what are you looking to have signature wise? And are you gonna push that the most at ScooterHut or what!?

I haven't even thought of signature parts because I haven't been on the team that long. But some long black socks with green proto logos would be pretty dankkkk. Maybe a deck that was my favourite color and length. That'd be cool. I don't know, I think I'd have to discuss ideas with Andrew first. I'd probably want a wheel actually, with a cool design and colorway the most actually.  I guess if I was to have a part that reflected me, I'd want a long ass deck. Like really long. Probably 22' and 4.65 wide with an 83ยบ headtube. That'd be perfect. I have size 11 feet and the only deck I've ridden that's long enough is Peasely's Addict so I'd go with something like that.

Anything you'd like to close with? Shout outs, thank yous, care to mention your favorite Australian park to do fly outs at?

Probably just all to Andrew for including me in an awesome company, for helping me get to America this year and to all the Hatgang for not giving one single fuck ever and being awesome.

VertX Presents: Chenga Scooter Competition

VertX is sponsoring a competition at TM Dom Marconi's home park, Chenga, in Ohio.  If you live around the area I suggest you go, big list of of comp sponsors there.

Montreux 2012 Street Comp

Footage from the action at the Montreux comp on the street course.  I don't really understand half of what these guys throw down.  Bangers all around.  This video is pretty lengthy (almost 20 minutes) and from the same angle, so beware.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Proto Week Day # 2. Win a Complete Proto Package!

Odds are if you're reading this, you have a Facebook, and you like Proto. Well they are giving away one hell of a package for Day #2 of Proto Week on Inside-Scooters. How do you win the package? It's simple. Go to the Proto Facebook, Like the page, and follow the directions provided to be entered to win a Complete Proto Package. For more information check the image below.

Josh Kish Signature Phoenix Deck at Flipside Ridehouse

That's right, Flipside Ridehouse has the new Josh Kish Signature Decks in. Josh has been killing it for years, and with Phoenix as his main sponsor it has only helped his riding improve. So it's only right that he have his own signature deck, and it looks pretty good. Flipside got a limited quantity of the decks in, so if you guys want them head over to the link below and you'll be good to go.

Josh Kish Sig Deck at Flipside

ECX 5th Annual Spring Scooter Comp 2012 Edit

ECX just wrapped up their 5th Annual Spring Scooter Comp, and it looks like it was another big success for ECX. Lots of riders made it out, and everyone was throwing down. The Pro division looked stacked. Below are the results for all classes, and the Edit under that. Check it out.

Ryan Upchurch (Wild Card Entry into the ISA World Championships)

Hunter Bechtle

Collin DaSilva

Cameron Ward

Billy Evers

Peter Jungsberger

Joe Armstrong

Joe Kish

Mohamed Alsulaibi


Ryan Kingsley

Justin Phillips

Joe Lopez

Jarett Thompson

Joe Mitchell

Kiara Meade

Ryan Sullivan

Diamante Taylor

Jimmy McDonald

Mike Scalia/Paul Jurenas TIE

Joseph Fisher

Alex Pinaha

Adam Devonshire

Nick Cicalo

Adam Abate/Daniel Fisher TIE

Kenny Alexander

Joe Zuccara

Josh Collins

Dylan Curtis

Tim Mitchell

Sal Stalone
Parker Curnew
Tanner McInnes

Mathew Fisher

Jay Daniels

Billy Evers - Twist Cup

Scooter Zone 2 For 1: Raymond Warner Scooter Check + Ryan Gould Six Trick Fix

Raymond Warner has proven time and time again why he is one of the sports top riders. Whether it's in his edits, or his competition performances, he makes it pretty clear where he stands. Recently Raymond finally got down to making a scooter check. So for everyone who wants to know what RayRay rides, check the scooter check below, and his ridic clips afterwards.

Ryan Gould is continuing to establish his name in the street scene, and his tech and originality with grinds and manual combos is definitely helping that. What better way to showcase that, then to do a Six Trick Fix. Last clip is pretty gnarly. Check it out below.

Monday, May 21, 2012

TSI Endub Edit 2012

Hep Greg spent some time this past winter in the Endub to film with TSI.  Of course it rained and snowed a lot while he was there but he still managed to clock some clips.  This video was made to promote the new TSI deck, a signature Hep Greg street deck.  The thing looks pretty dope from what I've seen.  A bunch of other TSI riders are featured in the video too, including Chase Robertson, Nick Toigo, and KC Corning.

Helmeri Pirinen: Barcelona and Aalborg

Some footage of Helmeri from some recent trips.  This video is filled with him going fast and doing some gnarly grinds.  That banger is so ridiculous.

Proto Week: Andrew Broussard Interview

Proto week has officially kicked off, and there's no better way to get it going than with an in depth interview with the owner Andrew Broussard. Andrew fills everyone in on issues from the past that have plagued Proto, what's going on now and what's being fixed, and what to expect in the future. And don't forget to check the completely re-vamped Proto site at

 We haven't seen much come out from Proto since Catalyst 2010 came out over a year ago. What's been going on since then?
Andrew Broussard:  A few months after Catalyst 2010 was released I went on tour with Nitro Circus Live again down to New Zealand and Australia which was an incredible experience and opportunity to promote my industry but my absence for nearly 2 months at the beginning of 2011 took a heavy toll on the business which was much smaller at the time.  Since then I have been restructuring and restaffing the entire company to stay competitive in what has now become a rapidly expanding industry.  The day after I got back from those tours I rented the industrial space next door to our old shop and doubled our square footage which only lasted us about 9 months.  In January of this year (2012) I signed a lease on our new warehouse which is about triple the size of last years expansion complete with offices, loading docks, toilets and a retail store front; non of which we had before.  The new facility has allowed us to massively increase production, inventory and distribution capabilities under our newly formed umbrella company TGE Distribution to make sure our shops and our loyal customers are able to get the brands and products they want when they need them.  We did fall behind on reviewing warranty claims with all the other changes that have been going on during the moving/upgrading process which is a problem when you boast the most comprehensive warranty in the sport (which it is) but we were simply swamped and had no one to check that stuff.  Fortunately we have a new PROTO website which should be live while you are reading this with a totally new automated warranty submission system that will allow us to track and update all warranty claims.  For those of you who submitted older warranty claims that never got responses or a conclusive answer, we still have all your information on file but you will have to resubmit through the new system to get those going again.  Sorry for the delays or confusion!  On a personal note, the last show I rode with Nitro was on June 4, 2011 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for their 3D movie coming out this year and we got to set up the PROTO tent right inside the venue with Catalyst looping on a TV which was awesome.  Unfortunately that was the last time I have really ridden "competitively" or in top form because of the amount of time I have been dedicating to the business but we are also in the middle of filming for the next PROTO DVD entitled "Armageddon 2012" right now with a slightly different rider lineup than you will remember from Catalyst 2010.  I started to film for the new video but broke my hand on April 1 on something really really stupid, no joke, and am just now getting back on a scooter.  All work and no play makes Andrew a rusty boy... but it's worth it knowing that PROTO is holding down the "rider owned" scene and continuously showing the sport how the best products in the industry are made!


Speaking of products, what new parts are in the works? Can we expect more signature products from different riders?
Definitely you will see more signature products this year but let me break it down by category on our regular releases: 
BARS:  reTro and slaYers are classics and will not be going anywhere.  reTros are now 20" wide and slaYers are now 22" wide, both are 24" tall all heat treated 4130 chromoly.  We will also be bringing BUFF bars out of retirement with an all new redesigned stem and we have plans for one more style of one-piece bars 24" wide with backsweep called "Boomerang" Bars!
FORKS:  Strikers and SenioRs (110mm & 125mm) are classics and will not be going anywhere they will however be offered with integrated crown races, integrated star nuts (threaded inserts) and will be heat treated 4130 chromoly along side the classic standard steel models.  All forks will start to come with a half inch shorter steerer tube to accommodate 3" (Baby) SCS builds with less modification!
WHEELS:  More colors, signatures and 125mm!
CLAMPS:  More colors!  Design will remain the same classic Knuckle!
DECKS:  New sizes of the Orion will be available and will be available in silver and black.  4"Wx20"L, 4.5"Wx21"L & 5"Wx22"L.  ALL decks will be peg compatible!  Signature decks with special dimensions and colors will be available as well!  All decks will still be 125mm compatible.
NECKS:  TDI Necks will be available standard and integrated, 81.5* and 83* and all neck geometry will allow for proper peg usage.  Necks will be available in Silver and Black.
BRAKES:  Dubb Step flex fenders will be made out of thinner guage stainless steel to allow for an easier flex and use larger 4mm hardware.  "Tri-Force" UBS brake mounts using 4mm hardware and "Press On" brake levers will be available for more compatible and customized braking setups.  125mm brakes will be available in all configurations.
PEGS:  "Slug" pegs will be available for use with all PROTO forks and decks.  Compatiblity with other brands will vary.
COMPLETES:  PROTO Complete Scooters available Winter 2012.
PACKAGING: We have been developing some pretty extensive packaging for all of our products to make distribution easier to control without damaging products on their way to you.  It also looks cool which has got to be a worlds first for scooter packaging.
We also have tons of small accessories and apparel in the works right now some of which may be released in 2012 some may wait til 2013: Wax, bar ends, bearings, headsets, grips, grip tape, socks, hats, beanies, hoodies, more stickers, more shirts, keychains, buttons and probably some other stuff that I'm forgetting.  You know, just everything you need to rep PROTO to the fullest!

Rumor has it of an additional wheel brand coming out, care to shed light on that?

That is correct.  We have another wheel brand "by PROTO scooters" coming out under TGE Distribution this year.  We decided that since the PROTO wheel was the first freestyle scooter specific wheel and is still regarded by most to be the best wheel in the industry there is absolutely no reason to change it.  I do, however, want to experiment more with different cores and compounds so we are forming a new brand to see if we can't take wheel technology to an even higher level without effecting the classic PROTO wheels.  It also allows us to bring on a new team of riders who are already on board to start a new signature wheel series.  The brand is called River Wheels and the goal is to keep you flowing... get it?  More info on this topic when it's not a PROTO interview.


What's up with the Proto team? It's slimmed down quite a bit and how do you feel about the newest addition Jackson Manzie?

Yea, we lost a few riders to various circumstances whether it be deciding other sponsors were a better fit, switching sports or simply not riding/filming anymore like they used to (which includes me).  Either way there is no bad blood and I'm still psyched they were part of PROTO.  I think it's just a natural evolution of life, business and sports... no team can stay the same forever or it gets boring.  The current team consists of:  Brandon Kilbury, Dylan Kasson, Elmer Ferrieras, Alex Steadman, Chema Cardenas and Jackson Manzie.  I am really hyped on the dudes who are still on the team though.  They are killing it harder than ever.  Jackson is currently the only Pro rider to get picked up since Catalyst and I couldn't be more amped to have him on the team.  He's one of the most stylish riders ever and he's connected with some of the best street dudes in Australia so I fully support him and their cause to bring street awareness down under!  He is currently working through a back injury and we have the clock ticking on the next video premiere already but I'm pretty confident if he takes care of himself and gets in front of that camera (Sony VX to be specific) you will not be disappointed with what you see.

Chema was living with you for 6 months helping in the warehouse and filming for his next part, how'd all that go?

Soooooo good.  I love Chema.  He is like a needle in a hay stack and PROTO was like a giant magnet that pulled him out without looking.  If you don't follow what I am saying, I mean there is no one else like him and he found US because he was drawn to what PROTO was doing and PROTO alone.  The relationship has been perfect.  It was a nightmare arranging his travel Visa to come to the United States because Mexico and the US don't exactly have the best relationship but it was completely worth it.  He was a great help at the shop, an amazing rider and a totally awesome dude to chill with at the end of the day.  He quickly became one of my best friends because we share the same passion and dedication.  His footage for the next video is definitely going to blow minds.  I personally am rooting for him to have last part in the next movie but last part in a video has to be earned and we have a few people really putting in work so it's anyones game right now.


How's Armageddon 2012 looking?  Any trips planned or a release date?
Everything I've seen so far is getting me extremely hyped to release the next video.  Basically the entire team is going to be in Southern California this summer finishing the DVD.  Dylan is in Australia right now with Jackson then both of them are flying to San Diego next month for two more months then Chema will be coming up from Mexico late June then were gonna get Elmer out here around the same time.  BK will be living out here in Los Angeles all summer anyways building rocket ships for some company because he is literally a rocket scientist in real life and Steadman lives close enough to drive from Arizona to be here whenever we get some filming trips going... which we will have a lot of this summer between San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City.  Some people have more footage than others so certain people are going to be on a pretty strict filming regimen this summer to complete their parts.  Regardless we will be renting out the Avo Theatre in downtown Vista, California on Friday, November 2, 2012 in the PROTO hometown for the premiere so mark your calendars because you will not want to miss it!

Is there any significance to the title?

I decided that if the world really did end in 2012 (armageddon, as "predicted" by the Mayan Indian's calander thousands of years ago) that I really wanted the PROTO series to be a trilogy because everyone knows all great films come in 3 parts.  Catalyst 2010 (the beginning), Intermission 2011 (the middle) and Armageddon 2012 (the end).  Intermission 2011 obviously did not happen due to circumstances with the business and the team last year but since it was intended to be more of an experimental film project based around scooters rather than a "traditional" riding video and they just discovered more Mayan calendars so it looks like the PROTO series will become a trilogy sooner than later, just a little out of order, before we move on to the next real video... if anyone wants to try to guess that name!

Proto started small and out of your pocket and is still ran that way basically, how hard is business not having a financial backer, especially when you see how large some of these other companies are?

It can be tough at times but I would never sacrifice the freedom and control I have with the company and the products by having partners or investors dictating what I should or shouldn't be doing.  That is what has allowed me to develop an entire line of products so extensively and branch out into distribution and other brands through TGE.  I focus on quality over quantity even if that means not making as much money as I could if I did certain things differently.  There are a lot of seriously awesome things I could be doing with products, designs, distribution, etc if I had more financial backing but I figure if I don't have the money to do it then I'm not ready to take that on until I figure out how to make the money with what I have established now to finance the next projects on my own.

Anything else you'd like to close with? Work Hard.  Ride Hard.  Chill Hard.  Press On.

Back to the Source: BenJ Friant

EDIT:  Apparently some of these clips were in his part in the Elyts DVD so he took it down.  I kinda wondered about that.  Bummer since more people would have watched this than the DVD.

So you may have heard BenJ recently dropped his District sponsorship in favor of Micro, who sponsored him a few years back.  Apparently this switch led him to lose his ability to barspin.  Just kidding, but as usual this BenJ video contains mostly insane whip combos (and no barspins).  Loving the street clips he had too.  I'm also kind of amazed that he hasn't gotten to hit the Megaramp yet.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Tom Mattingly Welcome To District

Tom, an upcoming young shredder out of Maryland, recently got picked up by District.  He makes it no secret that he loves the District decks, and his videos prove how well he can ride them.  Hope to see this guy making big moves this summer.

Cory Vanlew Joins Freestyle Depot

For a long time, Cory Vanlew was one of the most underrated riders. He rides with his own signature style, and he kills it. He was recently added to the newly assembled Freestyle Depot Team. For more information check the press release below.

"Freestyle Depot has assembled it's team and we will be releasing new riders week by week. First up, CORY VANLEW! We're pleased to have Cory be part of our Freestyle Depot family, and with him living in the Elyts house right around the corner, make sure to swing over to the FD store and our events to meet up with him!"

Proto Week on Inside-Scooters May 21st - 25th

Proto has been one of the most popular companies in the sport since it started. It has hit some bumps along the way, but they are back and hitting it twice as hard in all aspects of the company. To celebrate this, and their joining up with Inside-Scooters we will be having a special week for Proto on ISB. For more details on that, please read the press release by Proto below.

"Proto Scooters has been going through some big changes this past year and to officially announce and release those changes, we will be having Proto week here on Inside Scooters. On Monday we will be unveiling our new web site, as well as an interview with Proto owner Andrew Broussard discussing what's been going on since the Catalyst 2010 video came out, and what's to come for the future of Proto. Tuesday will be our Facebook contest to win a ton of Proto product. Wednesday will feature an interview with our newest rider, Jackson Manzie, where we'll discuss his current injuries, why he chose Proto, and where he's at on his next video part. Thursday is another chance to win Proto product with our instagram contest. And last but not least, Friday we will release our first official trailer for our Armageddon 2012 video! Enjoy and we will see you starting next week."

Clearly you don't want to miss next week on Inside-Scooters. From the interview with Andrew, to finally, the release of the Proto Armageddon DVD Trailer, it is bound to be a hell of a week. Make sure you're here on Monday when it all kicks off.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Petition to Remove Scooter Ban at San Clemente Skatepark

Ok, now I know we have been successful with these kinds of things before on Inside-Scooters, and I’d like to see that happen again. At one of the most popular skateparks in Southern California, there is a “Ban” on scooters. The skatepark is San Clemente. Most riders are at least familiar with that skatepark, and we’ve seen quite a few edits from So Cal riders where that park is featured.

As most of you know, the sport of Scootering is huge in Southern California, and there is really no reason that a skatepark like San Clemente should be banning the use of scooters. Some of the local residents have tried to get the ban lifted, and sadly, it was a no go. So here is what we need to help make happen.

We need to try and get Scooters onto the California HRA (Hazardous Recreational Activities) List. What this will mean is that Scooter riding will be treated much like Skateboarding is now. Making this happen can be a really positive thing for our sport, not just in California, but in other states as well should people take this action. It takes like 5 minutes people.. support the sport that you’re a part of, and sign the petition below. Thanks guys.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dissidence Street Jam

Here's the official edit by Roots Boy Prod.  Again, such an insane event, highlighted by Kenny Yap shutting it down on the 8 flat 9 with a 360 whip.  Big Ron was there reppin the US as well too, lipping that huge round hubba.  But the Europeans still seem to be miles ahead of anyone else with street riding.

Inside the Lens: Week 61

Rider: Antoine Delcampe
Tricks: Truckdriver
Spot: Creteil, France
Phtographer: FogysProd (Romain Aubriot, Nicolas Jacob)

-Must be attached in an email sent to along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.  No external links will be considered.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression.

Rider: Luke maffesoni
Filmer: Jarrod Rampling
Location: Mayfield; Australia

-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression.
-Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

2 Styles of Matt McKeen Signature Shirts from Boxes Limited

It's common knowledge that Matt McKeen is "The" Street rider, and that he also rides for Boxes Limited. A while back Boxes released Matt's first signature shirt, it was a Baseball Style Tee. Well they also got a new style for you guys as well. You guys can check it out below, and visit the Boxes website by follow the link below this.


Freestyle Depot on Instagram

For along time Instagram was for iPhone users only, leaving Android users left out of the fun. Well, recently Instagram was released for Android users as well. So we've been seeing a lot more people start using the photo program. Freestyle Depot also recently got an Instagram. So if you want a really cool, fun way to keep up with what Freestyle Depot is up to, definitely head over to Instragram and follow them @Freestyledepot

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Ty Alexnder, Jake Clark, and Brenden Orton hit up a park recently and made this day video.  Such a good trio of riders, each with their own style.  Filmed and edited by Jake Sorenson.

Wrapped Up??

Ok, well I haven't heard of them before Alfie Wisker contacted me directly. Alfie recently started the crew, Wrapped Up. Their goal, get street riding more noticed. It is really good to see another street crew in Australia to join Friendly Flicks. After watching the two edits that Alfie filmed and edited, I realized that Wrapped Up was no joke.

The first edit features Luke Larsen. As the video started I was thinking "Meh.." but by the end, I was completely impressed by Luke. Mainly with his street riding. It was almost annoying to see a park clip starting because of how good his street clips were, but then he would kill it in park as well. Such a sick rider, definitely on the come up.

Next up is someone who seems to be a bit younger. Xavier Ragas. First thing I noticed were his bad ass brakeless manuals, mainly because I find them to be pretty hard. He obviously doesn't. Again killing it with park and street clips. Being that he's a little younger, he clearly has a lot more time to improve, and word on the street is he's thinking of stopping riding. Let's hope he doesn't do that.

I'll be posting more Wrapped Up Edits from now on, so keep checking Inside-Scooters for more news on Wrapped Up. I hope they put as much time and effort in to their future edits as they did with these two.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ryan William Does the Loop.

I've been wondering when this was gonna get done.  Ryan became the first person to do the loop on a scooter after doing it second try in training for the Nitro Circus.  I guess he's on their tour now, being trained by guys like Bob Burnquist.  So that should be pretty sick.

Freestyle Depot Memorial Day Event

Freestyle Depot is known for carrying all of the sports top brands from the best companies. Well this Memorial Day FD is having a pretty big sale on some of their best products. Not just a sale, but a Free BBQ and open sesh to anyone that stops by. For more details just check the flyer below. X Fest 2012 Edits

The Razor Global Domination Tour had its first stop recently over in The UK, at X Fest 2012. had Amy Sav and Dan Parsons travel out and film their trip there, and tons of footage to go with it. I like watching competition edits from places other than The USA, helps make it apparent that the sport isn't just growing in any one place, but that it's growing all over the world. Some of the riders in the competition really kill it. Check out the edits below.

Traveling to X Fest

 X Fest Part One

X Fest Part Two