Thursday, May 9, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Ladam July Day Edit by Nickehfilms

It was back in 2009 that this video dropped, and everyone got a rude awakening about just how smooth someones style can be. You remembered so many things about this video, that one hander to late barspin air, his airs in general, and of course his hair, and that damn iPod headphone that he kept in his mouth. Adam "Ladam" Bolton, has been a bit on and off in the sport lately. Most people remember that once he was off MaddGear he started to slowly fade away. Although, I just got word from Nickeh that he is going to be filming a new edit of Adam, and I am stoked.


  1. Definitely a redefining moment. Reminded everyone what style was, and started Nickeh's career off with a bang.

  2. slabanzis are sooo fresh

  3. i remember when this was the edit released. still one of my favorite edits to watch! This edit def made a lot of people start focusing on their style in riding


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