Wednesday, July 31, 2013

SZ NW Tour 2013

The Scooterzone guys went on a tour of the NW this summer and got a lot of footage.  Loved all of Jarrod's and Nick's clips.  Everyone came through though with awesome stuff.  Riding starts at about 4:20 if you get bored of airport shenanigans.

Raymond Warner: A Day In The Life

Raymond is a good dude both on and off the scooter, and in this video he shows us what he gets up to on an average day.  Hittin balls, checking out some cool whips, Megazone seshing...looks like a pretty good day to me.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oakland Weekend 2

The boys were back at it again recently, shredding with a heavy crew in the Oakland/Napa Valley area.  So many awesome riders, a good song, and gnarly clips.  Watch out for Ralph's switch clip.  That back wallride front 3 too...too sick.

Monday, July 29, 2013

841 Wheels Elliot Arnold: BTC

Elliot really threw down for his latest edit for 841. He's been putting their new line of wheels to the test, and supposedly they've been holding up great. He keeps it super creative in the streets, and slays rails left and right. Good stuff.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jona Humbel Satori

Jona video is the next to be released for Satori.  He recently made the move up to Chicago to work for Tilt, so all of these clips are brand new.  Check it out and enjoy.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Dakota Shuetz: World's "First" Frontflair?

Kota does it again.  Josh Kish was doing front flairs across transfers years ago but this is the first one straight up and down a single quarterpipe.  Does that qualify it as the first "real" front flair?  Either way, it's one of the craziest tricks I've ever seen. 

SOTM July 2013 Voting on the RideWire

Voting is underway at the Ride Wire. Stop by and drop your vote on the best looking scooter. Don't forget to enter for next months SOTM. Submissions open up again on August 1st.

Proto Scooters- Armageddon 2012- Part 7: Dylan Kasson

Dkass had the ender part in Catalyst, and the question on everyone's mind was whether or not he would claim that spot again in Armageddon.  Turned out he had the 2nd to last part, with Chema, riding on the momentum he'd gained from being in the states, taking the banger section.  Anyway, Dylan's part is good so you should watch it.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Michele Failla Off the Injured List

Michele suffered a gnarly knee injury earlier this year, and after the surgery was one of the many riders that was on the side lines waiting to heal up. Well he's back on his scooter now, and doesn't look like he missed a beat. In fact his riding is looking better than before. Really stoked to see him back riding, as he's one of those dudes who gets better with each new edit.

Spokesman at XW 2013

Spokesman made their presence known at XW, they have a full Team of heavy hitters, and even Jon Reyes was there putting it down. He's still healing but he still has some clips here and there. Hope to see a Spokesman Street Edit sometime in the future, and it'd be tight if Jon was back riding when that happens. For now check this out.

Calling All TIC Rats!! Scooter Zone Ride Day!

As most people know Collin DaSilva recently left MGP, and is now a part of Scooter Zone. SZ is going to be holding a ride day at TIC on the 26th (FRI). So if you want to hang out with Billy Evers and Collin DaSilva, head out to TIC tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Parish killed it at the NYC jam and now here's some more clips of him to mark his introduction to the Basic crew.  Now that he's on, does that mean he gets to be on Unfair?  Only time will tell. I hope, at least, Dcapps will film him a video, kid deserves it.

Oh and he does a board hard 180 down a handrail.  I don't even

Coedie Donovan and Christ Hart | 2013

You can't really help but capture a few clips of guys like this when you ride with them on a regular basis.  Nickeh filmed this video over the past year.  Textbook perfect footage from both of these guys, tech as can bet yet clean as a whistle.  Good edit.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Concrete: Aaron Ngo

Part 3 of Anton Abramson's Concrete video goes to Aaron Ngo.  18 year old Aaron shreds it for sure.  Definitely has those 180 whips dialed.

Introducing Black Pearl Wheels

It's really rare in our sport to actually see innovation in products, and not just the same designs used over and over with slight modifications. Which is why I'm so stoked that Kevin Demay (Owner of Ethic) has started Black Pearl Wheels. The wheels feature something that no wheel has ever done before, that being double layered urethane. For more information check out the promo below, and stay tuned for all breaking news related to Black Pearl Wheels.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Jon Devrind Scooter Check + Clips

Jon Devrind shocked a lot of people earlier this year when he made the switch from riding for Phoenix, to riding for Crisp. Crisp might not have much of a following here in the US yet, but they are trying to change that, and one of the things they're doing first is releasing a new line of products. Jon Dev breaks down in set up right now, and follows it up with some clips. Check it out.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gryndo/Lucky Scooters New York City Jam

Gryndo and Lucky were the title sponsors in this years' NYC jam.  Tons of sick stuff went down at this one.  Parrish Isaacs in particular caught my eye with the front board HARD 180 and back board hard 180 bar.  Kid has been going off lately.  Video filmed and edited by Sebastian Sims.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Vault Entire Shop Sale

It's so good to see The Vault making moves, and making the right moves. I wish more ads and promos looked like this, and weren't just text tossed together. Looks like they're having an entire shop sale with everything at 15% off. So hit it up and see if they have anything you might need.

Looks like Twhee is making stackssssssssss on stacks!

MaddGear North American Tour with Ryan Williams

That's right, arguably the most popular rider in the sport, and one of the most, if not the most talented rider in the sport, is hitting up the US. They will be hitting spots all over California, The East Coast, and Canada. This is going to be a hell of a tour, and if you want a chance to hang out with R Willy, and see him shred, try and make it out to one of the stops below.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Inside Exclusive: Jon Knudtson- Threshold

You might remember Jon's Bamboozle part, filmed entirely in Boston.  Since then, Jon relocated to the Midwest, and I was able to film this video of him over the past 8 months or so.  A true shredder doing his own thing, Jon is one of the funnest, nicest guys to be around.  Matt Rittler comes through with some guest clips as well.

Additional filming by Conor Davidson and Matthew Rittler.
Be sure to subscribe to the Inside Youtube channel.

Proto Armageddon 2012: Part 6- Elmer Ferreiras

Elmer had a super good part in Catalyst and followed it up with an even better better in Armageddon.  One of my favorite parts of the 2012 Proto full length, Elmer is the 5050 king.  Both channel gaps he does are so sick.  You know his steeze.

Dialed Scooter Magazine Friday Feature: Mexico's Finest, The Chema Cardenas Interview

Chema snagged the cover of Issue 3, and came through with a really sick interview, and all the photos turned out great. And for the record that double peg on the Cover? Yeah, that's his front peg on the bigger rail, and back peg on the lower rail... so ridiculous.

Phoenix in Phrance

Phoenix sent Tyler Bonner, Dan Barrett, and Cooper Klaar to France for the recent street jam and FISE events, and this is the footage they brought back...3 songs worth of amazing, technical footage.  Its amazing how smooth and clean these guys can do all these super tech tricks.  And there's some footage of Tyler killing it on some tranny, getting back to where he used to be.  Enjoy this one.

Scooter of the Month!

Inside and The Ride Wire are teaming up for a SOTM feature.  Read on:

Scooter of the Month was made popular by Scooter Resource over the years and with the recent challenges and upgrades over at SR preventing them from hosting we decided to host it over at The Ride Wire. A natural progression would be to do collaboration with Inside-Scooters. So what we’ll be doing is hosting the entry and voting process on The Ride Wire and then doing a monthly announcement on Inside-Scooters. By doing this we’re taking advantage of the strengths of both websites. The Ride Wire is a strong community where discussion can be had and Inside-Scooters is a content machine where riders from around the globe go to get the latest scooter news, videos, and more. It was a no brainer really.

How does it work? It’s super simple really. Head over to The Ride Wire and make a submission to the SOTM thread. Once the entry session closes then come back and vote. Once the voting is completed a post will be made on announcing who the winner is. You’ll also receive a badge on The Ride Wire saying that you’ve won SOTM for that month.

If you have any questions about how to enter or anything related to SOTM *CLICK HERE*.

*Enter for July now

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ricky Cox Welcome to AO + Sacramento Street Jam

Ricky Cox has taken his riding to new levels in the past year. When he started dropping edits, you saw a lot of potential, and in his latest edits you're starting to see his riding really take shape. He's riding for AO Am now, so let's see what the future holds for Ricky. Really enjoyed this one.

Also for anyone in Cali, or anyone who wants to come ride some top notch street spots. There is going to be a Street Jam going down in Sacramento next month on August 10th. Best believe Ricky is going to be there, along with all the heavy hitters in the street game here in Cali. For more information check the flyer below. Also Dialed Magazine will be running a piece on the Jam, so anyone that throws down has a chance to have their photos featured in a future Dialed Magazine Issue.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

District & Eagle: Gonzalo Pasquier

These days, a lot of guys are known for their technical street riding.  While there are tons of guys doing amazing tricks, it takes something more to stand out.  Being able to have the tech style while going fast is a way to do it, as Gonzalo demonstrates.  High speed + Barcelona spots + skilled riding = good video.

Dissidence Joins Inside-Scooters: The Kevin Demay Interview

I'm sure to most people the only thing that comes to mind when it comes to Dissidence is the Street Jam every year. But there is so much more to the story of this amazing shop and company, and especially the people behind it. I had time to sit down with my good friend Kevin Demay, and ask him some questions regarding Dissidence, and the result is probably my favorite interview on ISB so far. Check it out below.

What’s up Kevin, how’ve you been dude?

 Kevin:  I'm fine (as always), things are going a bit better now for us, so there is more space in my mind to answer peacefully ; )

 Haha good, good. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s good to see Dissidence partnered up with Inside-Scooters. It seems like Dissidence has been around forever, when exactly did the company get started?

 Kevin:  Yes!  Dissidence seems really old, but we started this project only 5 years ago.  For sure, if you compare that to the freestyle scooter history ... it's like prehistoric.

 At this time, I was running FrenchID with Johann Moreau, and I was tired of seeing every FrenchID part sold by CDK in France (that shop was only caring about the profits, and they never tried to take a look at what was really happening on the core side).  At this time scootering was nothing, so they were the only shop selling the JD-Bug in France (the MS-130B, same as the Razor in USA).

 That's why, with Cyrille, we chose to create a simple online shop, just to have a place where a rider can find everything he needs (actually, it looks stupid ... but, at this time, it was like something totally new in Europe).

 Through this, Maxime Legrand, Jean Yves Randriambelson, Lucas Wisdorf, and Shinpei Nakata followed us on this new adventure.  Then, Jeremy Lenfranchis and Balthazar Neveu were added to the team a while after. 

 Team ... for me, it's not really a team, but more like a group of friends (we have been riding almost every day together since 4 years before the beginning of dissidence).   It's like an OG crew from the old age of scootering.  We don't care about level or results ... it's just the good time we share.

 As I was working at K-124 (FrenchID) on the designer office, the boss forced me to sell only FrenchID parts on Dissidence, otherwise he would fire me.  That's why there was only FrenchID stuff in the shop.  (In fact, that was not a really big problem because FrenchID was almost the only brand on the market at this time).

 Then, when we quit FrenchID one year after, to start new future projects (District / Addict) we become free with Dissidence for the first time.

 With the growing of Eagle, and the beginning of District, we chose to become a distributor, to try to find new shops which would be able to sell scooters.  (At the beginning, there was only Dissidence and CDK.  Now, there are around 90 shops in France selling freestyle scooters ... but we are still the only scooter shop selling only freestyle scooters).

 That’s awesome man. Being a true rider-owned company, what are some of the hardest things you deal with to keep the company running?

 Kevin:  Honestly, the most difficult thing is to stay true ... When you run a business, you are on an ocean swimming in the middle of a lot of sharks (mostly when scootering get its first big boom in France 3 years ago).

 We started with only 3000 euros each (Cyrille and I) from a loan I did to finish my school ... I've quit my engineer school to use that money to start Dissidence.  That may look like a lot to kids, but it's just ridiculous if you compare with what you really need.  At the beginning, all of our stock fit in Cyrille’s bedroom.  We had to grow, without any financial help.

 Anyway, it's easy to grow a shop when you don't care about ethic problems.  In fact, the market in France during the boom was really different than what you can see in America ... there were like 3 or 4 times more scooter riders in every skate park than skaters or bmxers.  And most of them were

kids buying shitty complete scooters.

 But, with Dissidence we always choose to sell only "real" brands.... no Madd, no Grit, no Crisp, no Chilly, or every fucking cheap scooter that doesn't bring anything to the sport (and we have a lot of brands like that in France).  Unfortunately, those brands were like 80% of the sales ... and when you have a really big shop here for 20 or 30 years that starts to sell scooters, it's sometimes difficult to make people understand we are really different.

 I really think we are different ... scootering is our life, and the final goal, nothing else.  That's why the Dissidence family is really big, we try to help every rider we share time with.  The official team is like 7 guys, but, for me, there are maybe 20 or 30 riders we really support and travel with.  And most of the time we give them much more help and parts than what they receive with their own sponsors.

 We take care of the Flavor team.  In France, we help Julien Perret to grow RAW Scootering because he really deserves it.

 At the end, the most important thing is to have a good time and enjoy your life.

Love it man, that’s what it’s all about. Talk to me about Dissidence USA.  I know that Matt McKeen, Hep Greg, and Logan Fuller are running that.  What are your plans with Dissidence USA?

Kevin:  Hmm ... one year ago we drove all around the USA: New York, Philly, Toronto, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego in a car (Cyrille and me).   I'm sure you remember it, it was the first time I met you.

That trip was first to have a good trip (hey, hey ^^), but also to meet everybody running the scooter industry in USA.

 We were also looking for a good distributor for the launch of Ethic DTC there.  We got a lot of propositions from big companies on the West Coast, but at the end we chose Mothership, north of the West Coast.  Not because they were big with a really good potential (because it's maybe the opposite ^^), but mostly because we recognized in Jimmy and Kingsley was a similar situation to what we had with Dissidence in France, chill and good spirit.

 But, for us, USA is really big and didn’t get its first scooter boom (as we had 3 years ago in France, and also in Australia).  That's why we wanted to split the distribution (east/west).

 And, at this time, there was like nobody on the East Coast.  And as we really like the East Coast (the way of life, the cities ... the population), we were like: why not try to do it ourselves?

 That's why we've asked Matt (I’ve known him for a while with FrenchID and Addict trips) if he was down to take care of it =).  He told us that it could be great to do it with Hep Greg and Logan, and we started like that.

 Actually it's still really new, which is why it takes time to make it work well and be sure this project can stay alive in the future.  But there is nothing secure.  That's why we try.  And I hope one day we will be strong enough there to make great things, not just as a distributor, but also a company that can bring something to the sport.

 Looking forward to that for sure. The Dissidence Street Jam is one of the most iconic events in our sport today.  What made you guys want to start the event so many years ago?  And how has it changed since then?

 Kevin:  4 years ago there was absolutely no street scooter event.  And we really like street and the concept of a street jam (everybody can try, no need to be a super rider, no pressure, no real competition ... freedom).

 That's why we chose to try one, and it worked well.  Everybody enjoyed it.

 For example, with the sponsors we don't ask them to pay anything, or to give us prices... (We pay everything ourselves ... around 10000 euros), the only thing we ask them is: you have to pay any flight tickets for your riders to come here.

And, for sure, we select the sponsors we want to have ^^.

 Sometimes people ask us: Can you advise me how to make a really good event?  What do we have to plan?  What do we have to ask to the city?   The answer is absolutely nothing.

 Every year we start to really think about it maybe 3 or 4 days before (the spots we will use, if we will bring something to the spot ...), and I think that it's mainly the reason why the Dissidence Street Jam is so particular.

 50 riders sleeping on the floor and shredding all night at the warehouse, that is the real street jam (On the video we can only see the "event", but most of the best part is outside the event, during the night or the session with everybody before and after the Jam).

 Haha with such little planning it’s amazing how it always comes together. The Dissidence Street Jam was so big this year, that it attracted the attention of local authorities.  Do you think this will continue to be a problem in coming years?

 Kevin:  It's not the first time we’ve gotten in trouble with cops ... 2 years ago Cyrille got arrested by them, so he didn’t see the end of the Jam ^^.

 But, this year was particularly intense =).  As the famous Bercy spot will be destroyed next year, I was thinking about creating a rail for the 18 stairs.  We made it one day before the jam with Julien (raw) and Alexis Cuvillier.

 The rail was so perfect that we knew we had to drill the floor of Bercy to fix it very well.  (We really wanted to leave it there, for other skaters or bmxers to ride it after, and to think ... yea the most crazy shit ever done on that spot was made by scooter riders).

 So, I drill the spot with a really big driller I had rented.  I was dressed in workmen clothes with a yellow jacket and a helmet to look like a building worker.  The morning of the Jam, we drove 40 miles with the rail on the back of the truck (the truck was 4m long and the rail 7.  It was sketchy driving it in the middle of Paris with 2 guys hidden in the back to handle it).

 We finally arrived on the spot and the security guy arrived just 2 minutes after we'd finished fixing it ... I was like so sad ... it was like the killing of a little baby.

 I hid the driller on the truck before the cops arrived ... I was really lucky to get this reflex decision because when they were there, they were only looking for that to have a real proof of destruction of private property.

 But now I don't care ... I know that next year we will do something crazier and crazier ... that's sure ! ^^

 The only bad thing we think sometimes is that if a rider dies on a spot, we can have a really big problem ... (and when you show riders a spot with like 20 stairs, and you see kids trying it, it's a bit tense ^^) but anyway, if we don't do it, who will ?  ; )

 That was one of the best stories I’ve heard in a long time!  Now, last year, we all saw the “Ethic: The Untold Story” video, you mentioned that Dissidence almost died.  How did you guys bounce back from that, and survive?

 Kevin:  It's just a mix between a lot of work and a lot of luck, and honestly, even though I now know that we have really good products with Ethic, and we choose to keep low margins to make them 50% cheaper than what they have to be, it's difficult ^^.

 We have a lot of work with Dissidence: Ethic, Dissidence Distribution, Dissidence Distribution USA, French Toast, Allis Possible, and others, but we are still really small.

 So, yea, we survived the "Marcel's bullshit" and we successfully brought Ethic DTC on the market, but we had another really stressful time like 2 months ago (just during the Jam).  We have never been so close to dying ... Cyrille didn’t pay his flat for 2 month ^^ we still had to pay $150,000 to factories and other people, and, at the same time, Cyrille and I were only paying ourselves 40% of the minimal salary in France ($600 / month).  During the first 4 years, we didn't get paid at all.  So, if we needed cash, we really had nothing to save us ^^.  No rich family, no security, but time is still alive, so we don't think about it.

 And I think that may be the reason why we try things so easily.  We don't think about the risk ... we’re like kids, and it's good like that, we don't want to be adults.

 In the same time, we've just finished, after 4 years of work, the new Dissidence website (it was really long because we really do everything ourselves with friends).  We don't have $50,000 to pay for a website like that, and we really didn't want to use a "ready-to-use website".  Everything is custom, and created from nothing (It looks really simple, but on the back office page we've made a lot of tools for us to work easier).  I've spent maybe 50 hours just for the "tips" page to design all the images.  And we take all the pictures ourselves on our own Foto Studio.

 We have also finished the new 2B2 Distribution website for France: 

Riders don't see it, it's only made for shops, but when the shop is connected, everything is totally automatic, and easy.  We can now save a lot of time, and it avoids mistakes on the stock ... before we had to run everything by hand with shops. 

 We are actually working on a similar version for Dissidence USA to make everything there also really easier than now.

 So, yea, now we are in a little bit better situation, but as I told you, we still have a lot of money to pay ... and as we don't want any investors, and want to stay totally free, it's really hard to grow and survive ^^.  But, we can try to realize every stupid idea that’s born from our little brain ; ).

 I think that’s the best way to go dude. Where do you see Dissidence in the future?  You now have locations in France and USA. Planning to go anywhere else?  Australia, perhaps?

 Kevin:  Honestly, I really have no idea about where we will be in the future, still here, I hope ^^.  We don't have a global goal, we don't want to become the masters of the scootering world, and we don’t want to have as many shops as we can everywhere in the world.  If we become too big, it will be the same as every other big company: you need a lot of employees, and people don't know each other when they have to build something together ... no spirit.

 We want Dissidence to stay humane ... a family.  And, in Australia, there are already people and companies there to do the right things, like Unfair, Flavor, et al.

 There is enough space for many more real brands here in the scootering world.  That's why we also try to push the riders to set up their own project.  And we will always be here to help projects like this coming from riders, even if we have to do it for free.  The more good brands in this sport, the more our culture will be strong and deep.

About the way we work, it's simple: every time we start something, it's just like a surprise.  We think “that could be cool to try this”, and, the day after, we try it.

Actually, we have a lot of other projects already ready to be started ... the only thing we don't have is enough money to realize them ^^.  But, I think that a few of those projects will probably be born when it is the right time.

Kevin, it is always a pleasure to hear from you, dude.  I hope the partnership between ISB and Dissidence is a long one.  If you have any shout outs, or last words, let them go now man.

Kevin:  First, thanks for this small interview (it's a long one, but I would need 50 pages to explain everything ^^).  We are not focused on massive advertising; that's why there are not a lot of people who know us. And I hope this thread will help a few of them to understand who we really are and what we try to realize.

I would also like to thank every friend and rider that supports us.  Dissidence is not just Cyrille and me, but so many other people, stories, memories, adventures ... and without them, Dissidence’s heart would have been really less colorful.

See ya "really" soon ; )

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Too Hot Too Chill

This video comes to us from the far reaches of upper Michigan.  Apparently a small scooter scene is developing there, and these are some of the top riders.  Rider names include Reece Doezema, Kaaden Bewley, Keegan Roy, and Zack Rowan.  I sense a strong Brandon James influence here.

Collin DaSilva | Welcome To ScooterZone

So, if you haven't heard, Maddgear recently lost a few riders, Collin DaSilva included.  Collin made the switch to Scooterzone, a good choice for him for sure.  He went out and filmed this edit, with some older clips, as a welcome to video. 

Unfair Scooters Parktage by Reece Jones & Nathan Flemongo

Unfair's Reece Jones and Nathan Flemongo recently came out with this parktage.  Both of these guys kill it with an awesome style.  Super chill vibe, I really enjoyed this one.

Tilt LImited Edition Clamp Colorway

With the recent release of the limited edition Legacy fork colorways, the time was right to release a new colorway of the clamp line - black on silver. Match up your Legacy or Tyler Wheel Nimbus fork with a black on silver clamp. Limited stock available.

Monday, July 15, 2013

AO in Germany

AO was in Germany for the ISA Competition, and along with some other riders put together a bad ass edit. Tons of tech riding on all kinds of obstacles. Lambert was killing it, and of course Brandon James was shutting it down as usual. Worth the watch for sure.

Scooter Zone NW Tour + GTLI Dvd Throwaway footage/Summer Edit

Some of the SZ guys are hitting the road, and heading to the Northwest. Pretty stoked to see the guys doing a tour, as it's something we don't see too much from SZ. Let's hope this is the start of even more tours for the SZ Team. Check out the flyer for more details.

Below that we have the SZ Summer Edit, which is also some throwaway footage that wasn't good enough for the GTLI DVD. Hard to believe some of that stuff wasn't good enough for the DVD. Hope that drops soon.



Sunday, July 14, 2013

ELYTS Stylites All Star Montages 1 and 2

One of the best parts of the ELYTS Stylites DVD was the montages. They feature a handful of riders, and everyone has some pretty good clips. Check em out below if you haven't already seen em. Helmeri slaying that rail at the beginning of the second montage was so good.

Friday, July 12, 2013

PROTO scooters - Armageddon 2012 - Part 5: Andrew Broussard

The man, the myth, the legend, Andrew Broussard, owner of Proto Scooters, is next on the team to have his part from Armageddon to be uploaded for the world to see.  Andrew's riding is so crazy to watch.  He does some of the craziest drops and ride-downs.  And his ender clip is so nuts.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Tyler Bonner Mini Vi 1

Six years ago, Tyler Bonner wasn't the rider he is today. But if you had half a brain, you could tell he was going to go somewhere in the sport. He wasn't the biggest dude out there, but he could shred like nobodies business, and it didn't take long for everyone to realize that. He was a total package, and it seemed like he had no weaknesses in his riding, and he just kept getting better and better. Even today, Tyler progresses at a ridiculous rate. Sit back and enjoy a mini video that I still enjoy watching to this day.

Tom Kvilhaug Satori Promo

TomK is the next rider on the list for Satori.  Big gaps, grind combos, big rails, he's got it all.  More promos to come.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Yara Haynes Dissidence Promo

Yara goes way too hard in this promo he made for Dissidence. High speed on everything, and lands everything really clean. Loved the fact that it was a 4+ minute video, cause these are the kinds of edits you want to keep watching. Check this out.

Anaquda Updates

Anaquda is still trying to get established here in the US, and their Team is definitely helping with that. The Team right now consists of, Joey Aria, Kyle Tolentino, Josh Brown, and recently added, Tabitha Windle. All of these guys (and girl) can kill it. Kyle was recently flown to Germany where he took 1st place at a competition in Coburg, and in doing so got the last ticket to the ISA Finals. We will have footage of his runs when they're done being edited in a few days.

Below we have videos from Kyle and Tabitha from their time in Ohio, and a US Team Edit featuring the three guys. Check em out. Have to say, Kyle is one of the steeziest riders in the game right now, hands down.

Friction Ride Shop Jam with Grit Pro James Schroeder

Friction Ride Shop is hosting a ride day and autograph signing with Friction Ride Shop and Grit Pro team member James Schroeder on Sunday July 14th. There will be free pizza, free drinks, and a free game of scoot for both beginner and am riders. Each winner will receive $50.00 in store credit. If you do not want to compete in the game of scoot, you can just ride the ramps, grab from free food, and get some pointers from James. 

James Schroeder handling business in Chino!

Friction Ride Shop
41800 Enterprise Circle South Unit H
Temecula CA 92590 

When: 07/14/13
Where: in our parking lot
Time: 12:00pm to 4:00pm
Cost: free

Questions? Call us at 951-296-5233.

Monday, July 8, 2013

5Starr Scooter California Trip: Team Summer Edit 2013

Recently the riders of the 5Starr Scooters Team got together in sunny California to film their Summer 2013 Team Edit. Behind the lens and taking care of the editing was Olivia Monks, and she did a really good job. The Team is a bit stacked, but there are some guys that really stick out. Josh Smukal is definitely one of those guys, his clips were just ridiculous. The edit is to help launch the new product line from 5Starr which will be launching later this week. Check out the edit below.

Team Riders are

Daniel Bondar (Washington)
Josh Smukal (Ohio)
Todd Duff (Florida and part of Florida Ride as well)
Kory Collins (California)
Colton Herman (Texas)
Clayton Lindley (Texas)
Kelden Garofalo (California)
Kyle Collins (California)
Devon Antinoro (New Jersey)
Alex Graham (California)
Andrew Iniguez (California)

ELYT'S Stylites DVD Sections from Mitch Baldry and Benj Friant

The ELYTS Stylites DVD was recently uploaded in full on Youtube, so we're posting up the sections here on ISB for anyone that hasn't had the chance to see them on DVD yet. Mitch Baldry and BenJ Friant both had solid sections. Mitch's whip to bar game was on lock, throwing them out of manuals, fakie, and over all kinds of stuff. And BenJ, well he really needs no introduction, you know he delivers.

Jon Devrind Welcome to Crisp

Not many people saw the Jon Devrind to Crisp move coming, I know I didn't. But that's who he rides for now. And while they aren't the most well known company here in the US yet, if Jon keeps dropping edits like this it can only mean good things for him and Crisp.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lucky Scooters Frideday #1 with Blake Bailor and Mike Montgomery

Two of my favorite riders on Lucky got together for the first of many, Fridedays. Check it out. Mike's backlip was so smooth.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Tabitha Windle Flair

It's not easy being a chick in any action sport that is dominated by males, but the few we have in our sport can hold their own. Tabitha recently spent some time at Ohio Dreams and Chenga, and was determined to learn flairs. Well she got em, and I believe she's the first chick I've seen land a flair. Check it

Thursday, July 4, 2013

PROTO-TILT: Chema and Josh in HD

Josh (Tilt rider) works at the Proto shop along with Chema (Proto rider).  They also ride together and filmed this HD edit with Andrew Broussard's t2i.  Nothing too heavy, just some good ol cruisin to a mellow tune.  Also, word on the street is that Josh is having a full Tilt video part out soon, with footage he doesn't want for the DVD...stay tuned...

Scooter Zone 4th of July Sale

The Zone is having a huge sale starting today. The best of the sale starts today and lasts until the 7th. Sale applies to both in store and online purchases. If you need some new parts this summer and want to take advantage of a sick sale, head over to the Zone.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Basic Bunch is really startin to get it.  The guys hit up NYC as well as Philly to stack these clips.  Super dope watch, grimey track and good filming.  Cast list includes the usual suspects and some bigger names you already know:
David Cappetta
Trevor Pritchard
David Coe
Ben Kowalski
Mark Williams
Erik Deptula
Yara Haynes
Hep Greg
Matt McKeen

Sky High 4th of July Sale

Tomorrow Sky High is having a sale, use the code FIREWORKS for a cool 15 percent off your order. 

Coming Soon: Speak Apparel

Bobby Pantano is starting up a new apparel company, seems to be all the rage now a days. Definitely stoked seeing as I consider this one of the companies that will turn into something good. To promote the company Bobby put together a promo video. If you like tech riding, and street riding, give it a watch, and stay tuned to ISB for more news on Speak Apparel.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lucky and Gryndo Present: The City Jam

In a couple weeks there'll be a jam in NYC, get out there ya hear?

BENJAMIN FRIANT 2013 | °Recovering°

BenJ was injured last summer and just finally healed up recently.  This was filmed during the past 6 months.  The injury doesn't seem to have slowed him down much at all, tons of huge tricks are in here.  That last drop...BenJ is insane.  Definitely give this one a watch.

Phoenix @ Ohio Dreams 2013

Phoenix sent out Tyler Bonner and Lewis Williams to Butler, Ohio last week to ride Ohio Dreams camp and this is the result.  Tyler is definitely getting his old style and tricks back, and Lewis continues to kill it as well.  Too smooth.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Justin Robertson: Limits Are Endless

It's been a while since Justin's last video, and according to him, he was able to get every clip he wanted for it.  That's a damn good feeling, and it makes watching the video that much better.  I was a little bummed on the lack of street clips but he still kills it at his local park. Also a good way to kick off Canada Day (Justin is from Canada).