Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jon DeVrind Ruckus

Crisp Pro rider Jon DeVrind, recently dropped this edit for his new sponsor, ELYTS. Just some good old tech riding from one of the sports best technical riders. It also happens to be his birthday today, so Happy Birthday Jon! Check it out below.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Baytage #3

Concrete Crew is back and in full effect. These are some of the coolest guys I've ever had the privilege of riding with, and they all put it down in the third Baytage edit. I was definitely missing Fedora clips, so hopefully Baytage 4, he will be up in there. As always Jake Sorensen got that banger clip for the ender, such a killer. Check it out below.

Filming - Antwon
Editing - Antan

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


The instagram account @pantybunchers burst onto the scene this November.  With a nobody is safe, gloves off attitude, these guys have put some fun back into the sport.  Obviously, I wanted to know who they were, so I slid into their DM's to try to find out just that, or at least get a better idea of the riders behind the account.

Jordan Jasa:  First off, who are you? Is it multiple people? What area are you from? Be as specific or vague as you want.

PantyBunchers;  It is a we. Who are we? It isn't an easy answer. We can't give away exactly who we are, because the second everyone knows, it probably won't be funny or nearly as funny anymore. That is all.

The idea for pantybunchers clearly came from rodeopeanut, right? What made you want to do that for scootering?

Yes, the idea came from rodeopeanut, it can't be denied. But as diabolical as that sounds, its all for a good cause. There is a lot of hate among the scooter community right now. Different riders hating on other riders, brands hating on brands, and it is ridiculous. So here at pantybunchers, we have created a medium. Where hate is controlled, and turned into a joke. If people laugh at it, it is no longer serious, and will calm people down. So, long story short: We hate so you don't have to.

What's the process for seeing a wack clip and a seinfeld clip or whatever?  Do you just know clips that fit off the top of your head?

Haha this is a good question. It all depends on the scenario, really. We've all seen funny movies and episodes of old shows, so they are ingrained in our heads. So much to the point where if we see a wack clip, or somebody slipping up, we immediately know what to use. But if not, some deep Youtube research is required, and the end result is just as amazing.

How has the response been? Are the riders you make fun of taking it well, or do they get pissed?

So far, 99% of the community loves it, which is exactly what we want. We aren't out to harm anyone, or put anyone down, just make people laugh and ease the tension in the sport. But there has been some instances where people get mad. We've been blocked by Jon Reyes, I don't think he liked the grandma on the gold bike. But just so he and everyone else knows, it ain't nothing personal, just hilarious.

What's been your favorite post so far?

Oh man, that's so hard to say! So far, the Juzzy Carter one with the cat is hilarious. Ohhh nononono hahaha. But the one that makes me personally crack up is the post about Fuzion! That one will never get old. People don't forget!

Are there any plans for expanding the pantybunchers name? Stickers, shirts??

It is something we have thought about, but that might easily give away who we are ;) Return addresses are a bitch. So that is a maybe!

What do you think the wackest part of the industry is today?  Who's doing it wrong?

It is tough to say what the worst part about the industry is right now. There are little kids with big heads that are turning pro because they can do a couple tricks. Riders are switching teams for some extra cash. And the worlds biggest contests are paying the worlds smallest amounts. There is a lot of mending to be done, but we are young, so I have confidence that the bumps will be smoothed out over time.

What do you think the best part of the industry is today?  Who's doing it right?

There a lot of great things about the industry. We've been in it since the beginning so the fact that it is still around is awesome. I wouldn't say anybody is doing it "right." There is no right and wrong here, just different methods. The guys at Sunshine (AO, Elyts, etc.) have a great handle on things, giving their riders freedom of expression, as well as making them earn their rank. Tilt also has done wonders with their team, making sure it is a tight knit group of dudes that get along super well. But the best part of the industry is the fact that you can go anywhere in the world, and if there is someone that rides a scooter there, you have a place to stay. It is like a bond that you won't get anywhere else. We stand apart from other sports, and we have a unique outlook on life. Anything is possible. Do what you love and love what you do.

Back to who you are, can you tell us if you're notable riders at all, or just some random joes?  Props on keeping your identity secret, secrets in this sport don't remain so very long.

I cannot say ;)

That'll wrap it up, keep up the good work, seeing a pantybunchers post always brightens my day.  Thanks for your time!

What I will say as the final words here, is that we love this sport and are dedicated to it for life. Here for the growth and prosperity.


So really, it seems there aren't bad intentions here.  They're just poking fun!  I think a lot of riders tend to take criticism badly, so I'd say PB is a good thing.  They may not be the heroes scootering deserves, but they're the heroes scootering needs. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Terry Price YOU Call the Shots

So good to see Terry still out here killing it, and progressing. A true OG and pioneer of the sport. This is a "Calling the Shots" edit, so it is basically a bunch of other riders calling out tricks for Terry to throw down in one session. He does an awesome job. Love it Terry, keep it up brother.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Jordan Jasa Satori Signature Promo

Jordan rides for Tilt, and Satori, and also happens to be the creator of Inside Scooters. He recently got this promo done for Satori's Winter Collection, which includes his new signature shirt. Just straight up solid and clean riding from one of my favorite riders. Check it out

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jake Clark Welcome to Grit

I'm a little late to the party here for this one, but damn, another long time Envy rider leaves the company, and now rides for Grit? Wonder what's going on to have all these riders migrating over to Grit and Crisp? I know one thing, Grit and Crisp products have really taken a huge step up in quality. Check out Jake's Welcome edit, and be on the look out for more from the Grit team in the near future.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Speak's Family Vacation

The Speak boys kill it.  They managed to film this video over the month that all the homies were back from college (which means there's some Conor footy in here).  Fakie to fakie wallride, manual wallride whip, half cab into that steep bank...diggin the vibes from this one.

Kaaden Bewley SD Mixtape

Here we have an SD video from Kaaden, SD meaning standard definition.  Filming seems a little shakey in some parts but Kaaden throws some solid tricks down.  Board gap board 3 was tight.  Sick to see scooter riders shredding Estabrook DIY in Milwaukee too, that place is too fun.

Matis Deleplanque "Welcome to the elyts team "

It's not often you see a small/younger guy with such a smooth tech style.  Clearly influenced by the likes of Le Baron and JD, Matis makes his move to Elyts with this edit.  He's got a niceee backside rollout.

Andrew Broussard Armageddon B Sides

Andrew Broussard is one of the most well known riders in the industry today. He is the owner and creator of PROTO, and one of the first riders to ever hit the Mega Ramp, and be featured on Nitro Circus. He is respected by riders and industry leaders alike, and not just for the companies he owns. He also happens to be one hell of a rider. His Armageddon section was one of the gnarliest things I've seen in a while. And to see the amount of dedication Andrew put into that clip, well it's inspiring to say the least. A true one of a kind. Definitely take the time to watch this, and next time you see Andrew, give him the props he deserves.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Welcome to River Edits: Ryan Gould and Hep Greg Cohen

Two Welcome Edits, from two of the coolest riders around. Both of them are as nice off a scooter, as they are on. Their styles differ a bit, but that takes nothing away from both of these edits. Tons of speed, from both riders, and bangers throughout. Support these guys, and River, by checking out the edits, and grab yourself a pair of what I feel, are the best wheels on the market today. River Wheels.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Austin Street Jam 2015

Last year was the first Austin Street Jam, and the turnout was a lot better than expected, so good in fact that they are having another Jam this year. Some heavy hitters are showing up this year, including; Matt McKeen, Andrew Broussard, Chema Cardenas, Zack Martin, Dan Barrett, and Jon Devrind. The jam is simple, but I guarantee the riding won't be. 5 spots. 30 minutes each. And I can't wait to see the footage. If you are in the Austin area, get down there and throw down, or at least show your support! More information on the flyer below.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Matt McKeen: Welcome to The Team

The River Team that is. Matt McKeen has been leading the pack when it comes to street riding for a very long time now. With each part he drops, he reminds people why he is so respected as a street rider. Always pushing himself, and never dropping stale clips, Wallride at the end over the rail was intense. Check it out below.

Trip Through the Cosmos: Alex Steadman

Alex recently had two new signature parts from Proto release, an SCS, and a new wheel. Both of which look amazing. Alex is a true OG in the sport, and his riding is timeless. He has never conformed to the new age tricks that most riders are doing today. He stuck to the tricks he personally likes to do, and has simply built off of that. It's a pleasure to watch this guys do what he does. Check it out below, and hit up your local scooter store or online shop to get your hands on Alex's new sig parts!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tom Mattingly for Crisp

Tommy boy surprised everyone when he left District for Crisp, but he seems like he is really enjoying himself with his new sponsor. This is Tom's latest edit below, and he starts it off with, well, a really long ass manual. The edit continues with a bunch of street clips, and the rail at the end was gnarly. Check it out below. Good stuff from Tom.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hep Greg Road to SD iPhone Edit

Hep Greg redeemed himself from missing SD last year, and made the way down this year. He also put together a really sick iPhone Edit featuring some heavy hitters. Check this one out below.

SR Exclusive Ian Hotchkiss: So He Won't Break

I don't know how this one slipped by, but it shouldn't have. Ian has some serious skills. We have gaps for days, tons of speed, and everything you want to see in a solid edit. Some of his style is a little off at parts, but it was easy to look past that with all of the gnarly stuff he was throwing down. Check this one out if you missed it last month.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jarrod Bruns New and Old

Jarrod is one of my favorite people to be around. Super chill dude, and don't get it twisted, yeah, he's quiet, because his riding speaks for itself. One of the most stylish riders in the game for years now, and he proves that again in this short edit make up of old and new footage. Get your note pads out kids, and take notes, this is what style is all about... And that last clip tho..

Monday, January 5, 2015

Jake Sorensen Hella Classic Colorway Video

Watching Jake ride is a privilege, seriously. I've rode with him in person, and it is mind blowing how easy he makes really hard shit seem. This is his latest edit, and as always it is jam packed with bangers. Jake just set the bar extremely high in the street riding game, to start off 2015. Good luck to anyone attempting to get on his level. Check it out below.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Scootering Fails and Bails

Double A Video put together another Fails and Bails compilation, and while some of it is painful to watch, it's a reminder going into the new year that even the best of us get wrecked from time to time. Check it out below