Thursday, October 31, 2013


It seriously blows my mind that Dylan has taken the whole DTDF thing this far.  A concept that started as a joke turned into something of a movement- tattoos, instagram hashtags, laser-marked headset caps, a whole gang of riders and now this video.  This video is tight though and despite what DTDF actually stands for as an abbreviation, DTDF as a group of scooter riding motorcycle dudes is awesome.

Blaqe - Philadelphia + DC + NYC Madness Trip 2013! [Roots Boy Production]

Yeah...this gon' be good.  Some of the best names in the game hit the grimiest East Coast spots, you definitely won't want to miss this one.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dan Barrett "Say Wassup" Barking Spyder promo

Barking Spyder is Dan Barrett's hometown shop, located in Bristol, PA, and they do a lot for scootering.  Dan made this edit for them and it's bangin.  The fullcab slider thing on that bank was sooo good.

Halloween Contest from Scooter Grounds!

Scooter Grounds is holding another contest for you guys. This time you can win one of the new Grit Tremor Complete Scooters! For more details check out the flyer below.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cooper Klaar XL Signature Bar Promo

A lot of people have been looking for bigger T-Bars, and those of you who have can look no further.  Cooper's signature Phoenix bars now come in an XL size, at 24 wide by 26 high.  Of course, the 20x23 bars are still available as well.  In this video, Cooper throws a few quick clips at a park to showcase the big boy bars.

Skatepark Etiquette

This video was made by skateboarders, but the same exact rules apply to scooter riders.  Scooter kids are notorious for having bad skatepark etiquette, so hopefully this'll help you guys learn what to do and not to do at the park.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stefan Hefner: Recovery

This is it.  Stefan has been filming this video for like two years and every clip is a hammer.  Half cab front scooterflip was so messed up...all the front scooterflip clips were so good.  Look how far he had to gap for that first gap to front board.  So gnarly.  Give this one a watch or two or three.

Tom Kvilhaug | Tilt Video Trailer

So I guess you could say this is the first "official" trailer for The Tilt Video.  Tom is most known for slamming hard, and this clip is doesn't exactly change that rep.  He's got 13 minutes worth of landed footage though, it's gonna be wild to see what fits in his full part.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fat Cat Crew Presents: Green Skate Lab Jam 2013

This was a bowl jam that recently went down on the East Coast.  One of the first events of it's kind in the US, looks like it was definitely a success.  Good friends, good bowl, good times.

Friday, October 25, 2013

SDG to handle Phoenix Distribution in Europe

From here on out if you're in Europe and you want to rep Phoenix products, it's going to be a lot easier. This press release was released earlier this month. Check it out.



SDG Distribution to handle Phoenix Scooters in Europe


                                                                        Date: 10/17/2013


Beaverton, Oregon – Phoenix Sports, Inc. proudly announces a new partnership with the European distributor SDG. SDG will be handling sales of Phoenix Pro Scooters in ALL European countries from their warehouse in France.


With the SESSION by Phoenix brand available to the public in December, SDG anticipates a strong holiday sales season and is ready to service its hundreds of established customers throughout Europe.


“As we strive to push industry standards and make the highest quality scooters on the planet, there is no better partner in Europe than SDG.” Said Tom Floyd, founder of Phoenix Pro Scooters.  “We are looking forward to the future and felt it was imperative to offer the same level of professional sales and service that we offer here in the United States.” Floyd added.


SDG has been extremely dedicated to the sport of Freestyle Scootering and was responsible this year for creating a presence at Europe’s largest freestyle event called FISE. Years before, FISE had only welcomed BMX, Skateboarding, Wake boarding, and several other sports. SDG went out of their way so scootering could be present in a large scale event.


“We are so happy and proud to now supply PHOENIX in Europe. If i had only 3 words to talk about Phoenix, they will be : solidity, USA and street.  It is very interesting for us to develop a true brand in Europe with values, history and expertise. Moreover, the image of Phoenix is in harmony with the european spirit. Thats why, we are so happy to be in charge of Phoenix.” Commented Arnaud Le Luhern, SDG’s Marketing Manager.

“The rider’s community respect this brand and its crazy team! They can shred anything and always with style.  I know the main goal of PHOENIX is to make some strong parts and, along with the know-how of the company,  this is the most important for us. The mix between the Session line and the Reventon will be a great asset and value for the consumer. Can’t wait to start!” he added.


Together SDG and Phoenix will continue to push industry standards, continue to supply high end scooters and maintain excellent customer service.


Dan Barrett has this to say about the partnership between SDG and Phoenix: “Europe is one of my favorite places to ride, film and chill. In the past when I was at the street jams and contests it seemed like everybody knew about Phoenix, wanted Phoenix, but couldn’t afford it. With our new SESSION by Phoenix brand coming out and this new partnership with SDG, I'm more than stoked that people can experience riding parts that we put so much work into with designing and testing.”


For more information, please contact Phoenix Scooters or SDG Distribution at:



Tom Floyd




Phoenix Sports Inc. • 9950 SW Arctic Dr. Beaverton, Oregon 97005 USA •

R Gould and R Dub Friday Night Lights

Ryan and Raymond have been close friends for some time now, and it shows in their ability to film stuff like this. This is just a small preview of an edit they are making where they will basically be doing a lot of doubles lines, and hopefully more tricks like that noseblunt transfer haha. Check it out.

Edited - Ryan Gould
Filmed - Cody Groom

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Brandon James in California

If you're looking for riders with style, look no further than the Teams of District/Eagle. Coedie Donovan, Chris Hart, and Rory Coe to name a few. But if I had to pick a rider with one of the best styles in the game right now, it would go to Brandon James no doubt. He literally has riders trying to imitate his style all the time, and that's no easy job. Kid is as smooth as butter, and makes the hardest tech tricks look effortless. Check out his edit from when he was down in California.

Filmed and Edited by Aaron Hill

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Charles Padel- Don't Need Wings To Fly

In this video, Charles show you really don't need wings to fly...just some dope skateparks and a good set of wheels.  Charles does some insane tricks over some of the biggest gaps, with tons of amplitude.  Banger was on that OG Brandon Kilbury level.

Filmed by Nicolas Ballester and Luca Thiebault, and edited by Nicolas Ballester.

Kaaden Bewley Welcome to Anaquda

Kaaden recently got on the Anaquda pro team, and was flown out to New Jersey to ride and film this.  Super sick stuff, he can do some of the hardest technical tricks with ease.  He'll have another promo in the future, so get ready for that.

Zig Short Stylites Section

Elyts just released Zig Short's Stylites section, and if you haven't seen it, it is worth the watch for sure. Especially if you haven't seen the banger. He might not be everyone's favorite rider, but there's no way you can't respect someone throwing down over El Toro.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Zack Martin Welcome To ADVCT

Wow, ADVCT picking up yet another awesome, upcoming rider.  Zach has gotten really good really fast it seems, this video was super good.  The hurricane full cab bar he did on the ledge was perfecttt.  Diggin this one for sure.

RIP Stefan Hefner

Lets get back to scooter videos.  Stefan's Source part is about to be one of the best videos you've ever seen, period. It's coming out on Sunday, so get hyped.

The Maturation of our Sport

Recently as most of you guys who sit on FB all day long know, there was a dispute about a rider leaving a company/Team while in the middle of a Tour. He left because apparently he didn't agree with what the other riders were taking part in. Take that how you want it.

The issue though is not about that rider really, or what he said or didn't say about any other riders. (Evan Larson and Cooper are beasts, I'll leave it at that) It is more about parents, other riders, and even company owners that don't understand or accept a sport that is maturing and growing up, and the fact that their are in fact individuals in this sport. I could go on about this, but I received an anonymous email that I have decided to post, because He and I do share the same views on a lot of this stuff. Read it below.

"On Maturation of the Scene.

The following does not reflect the views of Inside Scooters nor does Inside Scooters endorse it.  Also note that I am not a parent nor do I claim to be a parenting expert. 

Recent events involving a certain rider leaving a certain team have caused a bit of an internal discussion within myself.  I’ll try not to get into too much detail, but these are my reactions to tonight.

I get it.  Parents like to be involved in their kids’ lives.  That’s great.  But to be in it to that extent?  Do you know what the term “helicopter parents” means?  At some point, you have to let your kid make his own decisions, make mistakes, and learn from it.  Pretty much every kid will run into drugs/alcohol/questionable behavior.  It IS the parents’ responsibility to prepare their child for those situations.  That doesn’t mean to flat out avoid it, it doesn’t mean go balls out right into it, but to know how to react and deal with it.  It’s almost a certainty that these situations will arise while on a pro tour, and if someone can’t handle that, they shouldn’t have been on the team in the first place.  In fact, it makes you wonder if they should even be a “professional” rider at all…I could write a whole editorial on who should be pro and who shouldn’t, but that’s a topic for a different day. 

A lot of parents also want their kids to be good role models for the younger riders- wear helmets, don’t be seen drinking/smoking, etc, because those younger kids are the ones who buy parts, which supports the pro riders and the scene in general.  And that’s cool.  But I don’t know if they realize there are older riders, who can relate to riders who are engaging in more mature activities.  Riders that, if they aren’t catered to, will get bored of the flashy skulls, nunchucks and kneepads image that some pros have, and leave scootering…most likely, for a sport with a more developed image, like skateboarding or BMX.  Some of these same parents can be seen arguing with 16 year old girls on the Internet.  You want your son to set a good example for kids, and then you go engaging in pointless bickering on Facebook with a girl who, nearly by definition, is going to try to get a rise out of you?  Yes, there’s nothing cooler than when Mom chews out a random girl online whom she has never met.  One of the only things more pathetic than an adult actually fighting with a teenaged kid is an adult fighting with a teenaged kid over the internet.  In fact, taking the time to partake in Internet drama is always a pointless, lame decision.  It could all be avoided by remembering that what strangers say about you or your loved ones on the Internet doesn’t matter and will not affect you in any way whatsoever. 

Parents aren’t the only ones who need to take a step back either.  Other riders could be found making inflammatory comments, which fans were clearly reading.  It was a bummer to see them respond, saying how they had just lost respect for some of their favorite riders.  Putting down another rider in a public way does make you look bad.  I know a lot of these guys don’t really care what some random kid thinks of them, but your own comments online DO reflect on your sponsors.  And what’s bad for your sponsor, is bad for you.    The worst though, are comments like “Nobody knows who you are”.  It’s shocking to see that, such cockiness and disrespect from a rider of such stature.  It really shows how “mature” these guys really are…


So, to recap.  Parents, don’t be like Marlin from Pixar’s Finding Nemo.  Let your little Nemo spread his wings (fins?), and learn to take care of himself.  Definitely do not get involved online.  Pro riders, don’t involve yourself in pointless drama.  Yeah, you might think it’s funny to poke fun at someone, and while that may be true, there are kids out there who will see it and look at you differently.  They might not buy that pair of sig bars, or buy a pair of wheels from a different company, because you made yourself look like a dick.  There are plenty of riders who don’t concern themselves with what’s happening on the Internet at all.  They are more focused on riding, and having fun- which is what it’s really all about anyway.  Taking a page out of their book might do you some good."

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Inside Exclusive: Davenportage 3.0

It's been somewhat of a tradition to film a Davenport montage every year.  The guys filmed this over quite a while and the clips turned out super good.  Features Issac Miller, Devin Heald, Jordan Jasa, Cody Olds, and Alex Gould.  Enjoy this one, and drop a comment to let us know what you think.

Jack Chaney- Satori

Jack Chaney aka Jack 2Chaneyz is the man.  Always down for a good time, whether that be riding or just hanging with the bros.  That and his progression in riding over the past year is what got him a spot on the Satori team.  This is his promo video (which leaves two left).

Gus Rymer vs Danny Schmidt Flat SCOOT v2

Gus is one of the funnest dudes to watch for a lot of reasons, one of those being how huge he goes while riding street. Most people don't know that Gus is also super dialed when it comes to riding flat, with what seems like an unlimited bag of tricks. However, Danny also got a lot better. So below is their second game of flat SCOOT. Check it out, and hope to see a v3 someday.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Some more footage of Kevin here, this time for a Rider tag.  Everything landed so perfectly.  I cannot wait for his Lux part, it's gonna be so good.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Parrish Isaacs Welcome to ADVCT

Damn son.  Just a few days after Tyler Bradley's Welcome to ADVCT part comes out, they drop this one for Parrish Isaacs. Tyler and Parrish are both part of this new wave of rail slayers, props to ADVCT for picking them up.  Board hard 180s are too gnar.

Realitoss Cooper Klaar!

Cooper Klaar rides for Reality and here are some clips he put together for them.  These are supposed to be throwaway, but that first clip is heavy.  Coop's style is getting super good too.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Hat Gang, Cat Gang, you know who they are.  Friendly drops a clip edited by Mark Abbot of a bunch of park clips.  Kevin Austin might be the best scooter rider- I don't think I've ever seen him land anything sketchy.  And if he did, he re-did it immediately.  Rad edit.


You stick a bunch of MGP riders in a bad ass skatepark like Unit 23, and you know there's bound to be madness. A bunch of tricks stick out in this edit, including a sick Flip Superman by Terry, but that banger takes the cake. Well worth the watch if you're into park riding.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Inside the Industry: Jona Humbel

As the freestyle scooter industry grows, more and more scooter riders are getting the opportunity to be employed by companies.  It's really awesome to see companies giving riders a chance to work for them, because it keeps more money in scootering as well as gives riders a chance to gain experience in a professional career field.  We all dream of being a pro sponsored rider, but not everyone can or will be able to accomplish that.  Getting a job in the industry is the next best thing.  Whether it's running a shop, operating machines, filming and editing, graphic design, and beyond, there is a wealth of positions that scooter riders fill, and with Inside the Industry, I'd like to find out more about them.

This first piece is with Jona Humbel.  Jona has been an up-and-coming rider for a couple years now (he recently was sponsored by Unfair), and has been employed with Tilt since the summer.  He's returning to his native Florida this month to start college, and so I hit him up to learn a little bit more about his experience with Tilt.

Jordan Jasa:  First, tell us who you are and where you're from: 

Jona Humbel:  My names Jona Humbel, from Largo Florida, but currently staying at the Tilt House in Mokena, Il.


So you work for Tilt.  What's your official job title and what are your duties?

Yup, my official job title is Shop Associate, I basically watch a CNC machine to make sure that each part is properly made with no flaws and/or problems, and while I'm not doing that, I package and label the parts to be sent to dealers all over.  Oh, and I run the laser marker, which etches the Tilt Logo onto everything we make, excluding pegs of course.

So basically you have a hand in almost every part Tilt makes, awesome.  How did you get this position?

Jona looks over a clip with Tom Kvilhaug.
I met all the Tilt dudes at SD7 including yourself, and Collin Snoek hit me up a few weeks later about filming/working in shop after I graduated. It just wasn't something I could turn down, working with one of the most reputable companies in the industry. So 3 weeks after I graduated I packed up and flew out here.  Oh yeah, I guess I'm also the Filmer for Tilt, kinda. Hahaha

So have you gone on filming trips with the team?

Yep, over the summer the whole Tilt Team was in Chicago, we packed up a 15 passenger van and road tripped it to Columbus, Ohio where Dylan Kasson toured us around his hometown. We also got some filming done in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs the two weeks everyone was here, as well as capture the 3rd Chicago street jam. It was for sure the highlight of the summer.

Gotta agree with you there.  What kind of filming setup did you work with?

We had Standard and High Def setups on the trip, the SD setups being two vx2100s with 2 mk1s, and the HD setup being 2 Panasonic HVX's with a Century Xtreme fisheye.

I have to ask, can you shed any light on Tilt's upcoming full-length?  Did you get to film any bangers?

Ahhhhh, I can tell you from filming the dudes and seeing everyone’s footage, and with the dude that’s handling post-production, that this will be all around the best scooter video created. So if you need a reason to be in San Diego this January, #TheTiltVideo is the reason.

For sure.  What would you say to kids who want to get a job in the scooter industry?  Any advice?

Try to make good impressions and the people you want to work with, and try to find your niche. You have to be able to offer a company some form of skill that you're passionate about.

David Cappetta films while Jona whips the hydrant.

Wise words.  That'll wrap it up, any last words you want to say?

Thanks Collin and Luke at Tilt for giving me the opportunity to fly out and work for them these last 4 months, it’s been an absolute pleasure. And, SD8, #TheTiltVideo is premiering, DO NOT MISS IT.

While out in Chicago, Jona filmed a part for Satori as well as a few clips for a Basic video.  Check those videos out below.

Lucky Scooters | Skatepark Sessions with Blake Bailor

Just when you think he's delegated his future to a life of sitting around and binge drinking, he comes out with clips proving he can still get it done.  These are some of the best clips Blake's had in a long time.  That first bar back lip is switch too.  Word is he's filming for a full part that'll be released in the next couple months (along with some signature wheels too), so look out for that.

Win a 5Starr Rider Pack from

5Starr Scooters and Scootergrounds have teamed up to bring you guys a pretty sick, and easy to enter contest. All the details for the contest can be found at the link below, and on the flyer below. So check that out and give it a shot.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

David Veltum - SR Exclusive

David Veltum is really, really good at riding scooters.  He's one of those people who is just naturally talented at everything.  I was lucky enough to be able to film him a few times last year for this video, and I hope I get the opportunity to do so again someday- because he's also one of those people who drifts in and out of riding.

Tyler Bradley Welcome To ADVCT: Sacramento

T-Brad was in Sactown recently for Epic comp and fired out this street edit in just a couple days.  I think that says a lot about Tyler's consistency and ability to get it done.  I also find it kind of strange how he has no reaction after firing out a backlip whip down a 12 rail.  All in a day's work, I guess.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Trend-Travis Bruss and Ryan Day

These guys, part of the SD crew "Trend", really shred.  They both have good style and a proper trick choice.  Definitely give these guys a watch, both of their enders are on a really crazy spot.


Ollie, Brad, and Brandon kill it in this montage, straight from the camera.  Not much to say other than dem front boards.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New 5Starr Scooters Website!

Today 5Starr Scooters launched their new website. Same web address, , but with a fresher more mature look. 5Starr first stepped into the scooter scene April 6, 2013 and in 18 months they have made some major changes. Not just with their website appearance, or a few up and coming riders who show some serious promise, but with their product mostly. The launch of this new website also is synonymous with the launching of quite a few new products. There are a few on the website right now, and there's more on its way, with one in particular they are completely stoked about, the TMS fork. Be on the look out for more details to come on that. But for now, go check out their website and see what 5Starr is up to these days, might be more that you expected.

Also they are offering 10% off your order total to celebrate the launch of the website coupon code: 5Starr Scooters

A Day with Jackson Bartlett

Filmer Shaun Williams recently spent some time with one of my favorite riders, Jackson Bartlett. They hit up a few parks, and Jackson put down some good clips. Really cool Day in the life edit.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Philly Files Teaser

Trendkill released this teaser for a video featuring some East Coast shredders riding Philly and surrounding areas.  Normally in a teaser with zero riding footage I would be bummed, but I was hyped on that raccoon.  Just look at his little hands as he climbs up the fence.  Such a good clip hahaha.  I'm psyched for the video to come out though.

ELYTS Ruckus w/ Elliot Arnold

Wow.  Elliot just keeps coming out with footage and it keeps getting better and better.  Just handling that kinker at the end like nobody's business.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Noah Risser

This guy is one of the most talented riders out there, period.  It's a bummer that he doesn't have a legit filmer or much for good spots but he manages to shred what he has.   Either way, I get psyched when he puts out new footage just because it means he's still riding.  Backside three smith frontside three out was perfect.  He really needs to get up to Philly and ride with those guys up there.

Scootober Fest Oct 26th

If you're in the Southern California area, or will be towards the end of the month you might want to check out Scootober Fest on the 26th. For more information check out the flyer.


Make no mistake about it, Oregonna enjoy this video.  Portlandians Evan Larson and Chase Robertson took a trip down to Eugene, Oregon to ride with Conor Davidson.  All three of these guys are style bosses, good vibes all around.

Monday, October 7, 2013


This is one of those videos you know instantly will be good.  Everything UNIUN has dropped is great, and Danny is a whistle-clean rider.  Combine him with Graham Kimbell's filming/editing, a Beatles tune, and you got this video.  Smith 360 whip was one of my favorite clips.

Pol AceƱa- 'Merica Leftovers & Random Clips

These are some clips from the trip Pol recently took to America as well as some other leftovers he had on his hard drive.  It isn't often that you get someone who can take photos as well as Pol can, and ride as well as he can too.  Makes this guy a great asset for Phoenix.

MGP in.... Brazil??!

MaddGear is known for flying their riders all over the country, but Brazil, at least to my knowledge is pretty uncharted territory for most scooter riders. They will be hitting street spots and various skateparks, and we will be getting live updates while they are there. Can't wait to see some footage. For more information check the flyer.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Scooter Zone End of Summer Sale

For today and tomorrow you can get some deals on new parts from Scooter Zone. Not to mention 15% off anything and everything online or in store. For more information check out the flyer.


Wow.  Boris Germain and Maxime Legrand kill it in this Roots Boy video.  Maxime has some super tech lines all throughout and Boris goes wild everywhere.  180 tooth chink 180 a handrail?  Sending ittt.  If you're gonna watch one video today, it should probably be this one.

Friday, October 4, 2013

LA Scramble

I'm not sure why they used the "Scramble" name when this has nothing to do with Sky High, but regardless, the video is sick.  Tyler Wheeland, Stefan Hefner, Dylan Kasson, and Robert McMoran are all featured, along with Collin Snoek, who got his standard crusing-with-a-backpack clip.  Definitely just makes you wanna hit a city this weekend.

Inside on Twitter.

Inside has had a Twitter for years, but not until recently have we been utilizing it.  If you have an account, give us a follow  We'll post the news like always as well as any thoughts about the sport we have.  Once again, give us a follow (and maybe we'll follow you back?)-

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Baytage #1

Baytage is going to be a series by the Concrete guys featuring their crew as well as friends.  This first one is full of sick clips, from guys like Jake Sorenson, Fedora, Anton Abramson, and more.  Aaron Ngo came through with the best clip though, at 3:05.

Nick Donatelli and David Ramirez

It's been a long time since I've seen some Donatelli clips, and my man comes back hard. David Ramirez is also featured in the edit, and he can clearly hold it down too. Donatelli has some crazy lines in this edit, not to mention a double whip to bar on flat. Check em.

Q and A with Ryan Gould and Cody Groom

Well unfortunately we won't be seeing a Ryan Gould 2013 Street Edit, but we will be seeing something, so stay tuned for that. Ryan and Cody are known for putting together banging edits, with Ryan being the rider, and Cody behind the lens and editing. They recently had a bunch of riders ask them some questions on their Instagram, and they answered all of them in the below video. Pretty cool to hear some background on how these guys met. Check it out.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cameron Poe for Proto

Cameron Poe aka Cameron Pro aka Cameron Amateur just released this video over on Trendkill.  Cameron has been killing it for a while now and this video really shows it.  Handrail slayer and one of the best in the game at noseblunts.  Enjoy this one.

Canon 60D Testies

Wil Shepard is this kid's name, and until recently, I had never seen him ride.  I saw this video recently and had to subscribe.  If he keeps it up, he's got a future.

Graham Kimbell 2013 footage

Saw this on my Youtube subscription page and knew instantly it was gonna be good.  Graham has to be my favorite rider from the UK- smooth, steezy, really knows how to ride a mini.  Wish this was longer but Graham's off to Uni now, Inside wishes him the best of luck there.