Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Real Joe Armstrong

Crisp rider Joe Armstrong is currently ranked 3rd in the world. I watched him perform at the last World Championships, and he shut it down hard. He does the same thing in his latest edit. As always mixing it up with huge bangers, tech clips, and some street as well. 360 to nose manual to 360 looked really good.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Tilt Video - Ralph Mcmoran B Sides

These B-Sides always make me want to go ride scooters.  This week in Tilt's B-Sides is Ralph McMoran.  Ralph was put on Tilt about halfway through filming the video, so his part was filmed pretty much all in one year. Actually most of it was in like three weeks haha.  Anyways, watch this to relive the massive pop, style, and finesse Ralph showed in his full part.


It's been quite a year for Tyler.  Having a full part released in The Tilt Video, getting kicked off Tilt, putting in effort at school, and riding motorcycles whenever possible.  This video consists of leftover clips that never saw the light of day until now.  Some of it may be throwaway but it's still rad to watch.  I was there watching Kirk Svensson edit it, and as you might guess the song just kept getting better and better every time I heard it.

Michael Mankong: Welcome To TSI

Yup, King Kong finally made his way onto the TSI team officially.  All the front boards he does are dope, especially that gap front board to fakie.  Back lip 270 whip was perfect too.  Shoe game on point as well.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Vincent Kudrna | It's What I Do

Vincent Kudrna is one of those riders known as a machine, for how effortless he can make the most complex tricks look.  This documentary gives a closer look at the man behind the machine.  Its not your average rider who starts their day off with a flatland frontflip in their underwear.  Cody Groom did a great job behind the lens with this one, as well as editing it (with the help of a bunch of other people).  It's so true how scootering lets you be free, compared to organized sports.  I think some people forget that's what scootering is supposed to be about.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


The annual LARD battle saw some insane tricks go down on some insanely fun looking setups.  Guys like Remi Bouchard, JD, Lambert, and everyone else killed it.  I don't know what makes these Frenchies so good, but I want some of what they're having.  Maybe it's the giant joints idk.  Roots Boy Prod on the film/edit.

Leader Rider present the team 2014

Leader Rider is an apparel/brake company who's team consists of Martin AndrĂ©, Thomas Gillam, Matis Deleplanque, Boris Germain, Didine Terchague, Enzo Commeau, and Maxime Legrand aka Le Baron.  With a lineup like that you know this video is gonna be heavy, check it out.  That lipslide to wallride, how does that even work??

VEX SoCal HomieCam

As you may now, Vex riders Issac Miller and Matt McKeen recently did little Socal tour.  This is the official HomieCam footage, documenting all the rad tricks that went down.  Tons of fun looking ditch spots in this, as well as some ridiculous pool tricks.

The Tilt Video - Tyler Wheeland B Sides

Tyler isn't on Tilt anymore, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't watch his B-Sides.  One of the most creative riders out there, Tyler pretty much owns wallrides and basically invented the inside 50.  I hope we get to see new Twhee footage soon!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Elliott Arnold Got Dat Pro Deck

Okay, this might be one of the best videos of the year.  Elliot's finally got a well-deserved pro deck, and this is a video to promote it.  So many messed up rail tricks, hitting spots that have taken out other riders.  Elliot seems to feel no fear.  Must be a benefit of the Satan worshipping thing.

Jack Colston Bar Promo

Wow, Jack is an absolute madman.  Like, I don't think he's quite sane.  Huge, fast tricks with some tech thrown in as well.  Loved that feeble to downside whip over the gap.  The horizontal kink rails were dope too.  And the ender...who looks at that and seriously thinks about trying anything on it?  Buy Jack's Source bar and support a rad group of riders.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Jack Colston Source Bar Promo Teaser

Jack Colson is getting a signature handlebar from his sponsor Source, and this is the teaser for the promo.  Jack is a nut and absolutely shreds, this new footage should be good.

The Tilt Video - Friends/ Collin Snoek B Sides

Collin/Dylan antics are the best.  This B Side section contains a few of the fun moments with those guys as well as shredding by all the homies.  Also included is Tommy Daddono's ACL tear, which sadly cut an otherwise awesome California trip short for him.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Anton Abramson

Anton is holding it down exclusively for the pals.  His newest video, filmed over a year and a half, shows the effort he puts into riding.  The back lip to fakie on that curved ledge took him three hours.  Noseblunt to noseblunt was pretty cool too.  Quality video.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Sky High Scooters | Asylum Demo

Sky High recently threw a demo at Asylum skatepark and it was a fun time.  Check out Chavdaddy, Shortylo, and the boys do tricks for the kids and cameras.  Hopefully there'll be another one soon!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Another Hour with Andy

When he's not running LA, Andy is riding the concrete wonderlands of Texas.  Diggin the vibes from this one, chill clips.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

CC Rider

Cole, Collin, Austin, and Brandon ride McDowell skatepark in this video.  Makes you wanna just hang with the crew and do scooter stunts all day.

The Tilt Video - Jon Archer B Sides

Jon has one of the nicest styles on a scooter, period.  He didn't have a whole lot of time to film for The Tilt Video, what with filming for Friendly's Lux as well, so any clip he got for Tilt was a treat.  He did managed to get a lot of footy while he was in America and I can't wait to see his Lux part.  I also hope he finds his way back to the US soon.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fun N Eazy // Zack Martin

Forget the pals, Zack just set the whole scooter world on defrost with this part.  Some of the gnarliest riding I've seen all year.  That Z curve rail, manny finger, double down heel...and that ender.  Such a sketchy looking double kink, but he handled it like a boss.  Someone get this kid a contract.

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Tilt Video - Josh Young B Sides

Young Money on the track this time for the Tilt B-Sides.  I'm so bummed he didn't get the line at 5:39. Don't forget to watch his full part here.

Brian Griffin 2014

Woww this guy's insane.  He's got tricks, and isn't afraid to use em.  That feeble 540 whip...jeez.  Feeble truck gap to smith got me psyched too.

jack dye

This was footage that was supposed to be for Unfair, but Jack no longer rides for them and he says this is throwaway anyway so he's releasing it all.  Still, its so fun to watch any clips of Jack. His doubles are dope and that opening 3 whip was so tight.

Tyler Bonner "TROOPS"

T-Bone got this edit done in five days in LA with Rudy Garcia to promote the new Elyts Troops shoe.  Amazing clips like you'd expect from Tyler.  Rotor to manual was tight.  Front hurricane on that bridge was bonkers as well.

Fun N Eazy // Logan Crawford + Playlist

A bunch of parts from Fun N Eazy have dropped, check this playlist to see em starting with Logan Crawford.  Also included are friends, Stefan Hefner, Cory Vanlew, and Gerardo Gonzales.  Stefan's part was short but so rad, he threw down some real shit.  Cory's was short and sweet, but I'm so psyched to see someone hit that hubba!  Gerardo's part is crazy, he's obviously so young and raw yet able to do some insane stuff.  Zack Martin's part drops tonight, you won't want to miss that.