Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hunter Bechtle ...Throwaway?

Hunter has been riding a lot filming for his next edit. The following clips are all the things Hunter considers throwaway. Some of it looked pretty sick to me. Definitely makes me anticipate his next edit a lot more, which you will be able to find here on Inside-Scooters as soon as it drops. Check out the vid below.

Shannon Francis Dogg Edit

Female riders are on the rise as our sport continues to grow. We know about a few of them, Jessica Boland from Aus, and Kiara Meade from the US. Well Shannon is one of the only female riders from the UK. Her style is very different from other female riders, she takes a more tech approach with her riding. She's been riding for a little over a year, and at 16 years old has two sponsors, DoggScooters, and SMB Bearings. I was really impressed by some of the stuff in the video, mainly because you just don't see girls doing some of the tricks she's doing. Check it out below.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Razor Global Domination Tour Stop #1 Results

Stop number 1 took place today at the Esco skatepark, and it kicked off what is sure to be one hell of a competition series. You can see the top 3 riders below.

3rd Place- Cameron Ward
2nd Place- Raymond Warner
1st Place- Dakota Schuetz

To be honest these three riders, each had an even chance at taking 1st place, all of them are that good. Though Dakota has proven himself time and time again at competitions. I sometimes wonder if there are any riders that can ride at a competition level the way Dakota does. With two more stops ahead, I can see quite a few guys making it extremely difficult for Dakota to take the top spot. You can find your results and updates on this tour, and the riders in it, here on Inside-Scooters.

Max Peters 2011 Web Edit

Max is a freak.  The kid goes at everything full force with raw power.  Super consistent with what he does, and pulls out the crowd pleasers whenever he wants.

Friday, July 29, 2011

ELYTS Do It Big Tour Edit by Phillip Long

ELYTS recently shut it down on the East Coast during their rightfully named, "Do It Big Tour". They hit up XW, numerous shops, and a bunch of other skateparks. One of the highlights of this video are the locals! Some of these kids rip sooo hard. Not to mention Cory Geisler! This is some of the first new footage of Cory you will find anywhere. And of course Zig and Chris throw down like there's no tomorrow. Check out the edit below.

Filmed and Edited by Phillip Long. Swag for days and a half.

First Look at the New Blunt Complete

Blunt was one of the companies that made their debut into the sport in the best possible way. They have an amazing roster of riders representing their company, and have quality products on top of that. We got a sneak peek of the new Blunt complete scooter, and I think it looks pretty sick. It has the new Blunt flex brake, IHC Forks, a new deck design with a new headtube, the popular stripper bars, blunt solid core wheels, and new blunt grips..which look pretty sick.

Check out some shots of it below.

For more information and news on Blunt Scooters, keep checking Inside.

Difference Between Integrated and Standard Headsets by DSA

Gotta be honest with you.. when I started riding, and even a good 2-3 years into the sport, nobody really used bmx headsets with their stock scooters. However, this sport has evolved to the point where using a bmx threadless headset is now a standard used by almost everyone.

The past couple of years brought upon a new change, integrated decks..which use, integrated headsets. I know a lot of people know the difference, but there are still a good amount that don't. For all of you that want to learn a little bit more about the difference in an integrated headset, and a standard headset, check out the piece below from DSA.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Scoot Nation" a UK Magazine On The Horizon

There are only a few key things seperating our sport from other mainstream action sports, one of those is that we have a serious lack of print magazines. The whole point of a print magazine is simply to give the community something they can actually hold in their hands. Well the wait is almost over for The UK.

Soon they will all have their hands on a brand new magazine featuring top UK riders, News, and Photos. For more information read the press release below, and get details to a contest they are having.

Scoot Nation is the UK’s first freestyle scooter magazine that is completely FREE! The first issue is due for release on the 17th August and will be available from all hardcore scooter stores and skateparks.

The 140 page issue includes a guest US profile from one of the best riders around, UK pro rider profiles, How To trick guides, NASS & Razor Tour reports, UK scene coverage, hardware guides including customising, new products and maintenance, behind the scenes industry interviews, product reviews, skatepark guides, a reader pictures section and so much more!

Main features:

• US INVASION: Ryan Upchurch Profile
• NASS and Razor Tour Reports
• London Takeover: Some of the sickest UK riders shred the capital
• How To Trick Guides
• And much more!

PEGGED Competition

Want a free £300 scooter? PEGGED is your chance to get your picture in a magazine that the whole country will see! The best ten photos submitted by Thursday 28th July will make it into the mag! Even better, the best photo of the lot will win a brand new and exclusive complete scooter from French ID! Send all submissions as high res images to For more info like us on facebook at check out .

Big thanks to DOGG SCOOTERS and FRENCH ID for sponsoring the comp and providing the prize! Get submitting now!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lewis Williams New Edit

Another new insane edit from Lewis Williams. To some it may seem that Lewis is an Aussie rider trapped in the UK, at least when it comes to his trick style. He has some really nice combos in here, and it seems like he can beast this park pretty well too. Check out his latest edit below.

Park 80 West Jam by Phil Kerzhner

Helping out a fellow rider here on this one. Phil is hosting a Jam at Park 80 West on Sunday. There are some legit sponsors helping out on this one, including Phoenix and ELYTS+841. There's going to be prizes, free drinks, and a best trick contest. So get out there on Sunday and have some fun.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jackson and Aaron Again.

Last two clips...last two clips.  That just happened.  I don't understand how, but it did.

Otto Märkjärvi Welcome to Tilt Scooters

Otto Markjarvi of Finland is on the Tilt European team, and he kills it.  He was in the process of filming this Welcome to Tilt video but unfortunately his scooter got stolen before he could finish it.  Regardless he still managed to get some awesome clips, its awesome to see him be able to ride street versus the indoor footy we've  seen in his previous videos.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Scooter Zone Santa Clarita Grand Opening Video

If you missed the grand opening of the Scooter Zone's newest shop in Santa Clarita, you definitely missed what looked like one hell of a time. There was everything from a BBQ, to give aways, to huge discounts and sales, and of course a mini ramp right there in the shop. Want to see more of what you missed out on, and what you can expect when you make your way into the new Santa Clarita Scooter Zone? Check out the video below.

Dennis Podloujnyi Promo

Never once heard of this guy, have no idea where he lives but his riding is gnarly.  The music is a bit much but he seems to be a shredder.  Looking forward to the full part for sure.  Last clip was so crazy.

Inside Interview with ELYTS' Cory Geisler and Chris Hart

Sometimes I get the vibe that people haven't yet grasped what level ELYTS is operating on. They recently added Chris Hart, and OG Aussie rider Cory Geisler to their Team. What better way to get to know the guys better than to fly them all the way from Australia to the US. While they were here, Inside-Scooters got to get an interview done with them. You can learn more about how they got on ELYTS, how they feel about the company, and more by watching the video below.

Questions all by Steven Tongson.

Read and asked by Phillip "Swag" Long

(Zig makes his entrance in typical Zig fashion at about the 4:00 minute mark)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wisconsin OG Sesh at Racine

Matt Andrus had a couple guests in town for the Whitewater comp that was held recently and they decided to hit up Racine skatepark a couple days before.  Matt, Jon Jacobs, Ryan Grant, Brandon Aguilar, Max Caldwell, Joey Aria and more were filmed shredding it up on the lakeside park.  Diggin the clips of Ryan for sure, kid has gnarly steeze for days.  Joey's clip is just silly.

Razor Sneak Peak

Hey everyone, I have something special in store for you today. As many of you may know, I recently joined Team Razor USA. I was at the head office in Cerritos, CA last Thursday and was given a new prototype fork. I instantly asked if it was a possibility to do a sneak peak and show the readers here at Inside-Scooters. Well that answer was yes, while the photos below are not the final production design, this particular fork will be for sale very shortly and I will let you guys know where and when as soon as that information becomes available to me. So for now, Enjoy!

Friday, July 22, 2011

ELYTS Backpack

We know ELYTS has shoes in the making, and while we are all impatiently waiting for those, we do got something else to check out. The ELYTS Backpack. For all further details read below.

Ever run into problems bringing your scooter on a bus or into a store or class room? These problems are history with Elyts' scooter backpack. Elyts invented a system to carry the scooter complete or disassembled and you can even attach it to the handle bar when riding.

To carry your scooter you simply open the zippers of the front compartment, insert the scooter and attach the handle bar with two Velcro closures on the side and should strap. And if you don't need to transport your scooter you just close the zippers and you have the perfect backpack for school and traveling.

Elyts put great emphasis on the quality and workmanship of the backpack. It is made of high end 1000D Polyester and rip stop fabrics and all seams in stress areas are triple or cross stitched. It features 2 large compartments which provide ample room for protective gear, personal belongings and electronic gadgets. It also comes with a padded computer compartment which sits 1" above the bottom to prevent damage if the bags is being dropped. On top of that it is loaded with special features such as a waterproof bottom, pockets for sunglasses with micro fleece lining to clean your glasses, media port and phone pocket on shoulder strap, internal organizers and many more.


- 2 main compartments
- Patented scooter holder system
- Padded laptop compartment
- 8 zipped pockets, 2 Velcro pockets
- CD and DVD organizer
- Sunglass pocket with fleece lining
- Media port
- Phone/iPod pocket on shoulder strap
- Extensive back padding

Dimensions: W: 15” x H 20” x D 12” (39 x 51 x 31 cm)

MSRP: $99.90

More great things to come from ELYTS? I think the answer to that one is obvious. For all updates and news regarding ELYTS, keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Peg Tech

Collin over at Tilt sent this over to me to post, great tutorial on installation of pegs.  Check it out:

It seems like every day we get a question about running four pegs or putting pegs on with a spacer. Hopefully this article will clear things up. What you need:

Start off with a set of Park or Chromo pegs. In this article, I will be using a set of Park pegs.

The best way to put pegs on requires a ratchet, 13mm or 1/2″ deep well socket, and a 6mm hex key. A normal wrench will work, but a socket is better as described below.

All Tilt pegs are designed to have the ‘nut end’ of the hardware tighten inside of the peg. Put the bolt through from the opposite side you want the peg on, put the peg on the other side, and then tighten the nut inside of the peg using the deep well socket. The result should look something like this:

Since the ‘nut end’ of the hardware fits inside of the peg, pegs can be easily used on both sides of the deck/fork. Only a longer axle is necessary to use pegs on both sides. I used a back axle on the front and got this result:

To allow pegs to fit on an Madd deck and other components, Tilt now includes a spacer with each set of pegs. The spacer fits between the deck/fork and the peg.

Thanks to Inward Scooters for supplying the Madd deck -
Leave a comment or shoot us an email to let us know if we need to answer any other questions!
And don't forget to check out the Tilt website for everything Tilt related.

ECX Summer Tour Hits Ocean City, MD

ECX is hitting the road again with yet another stop of their Summer Tour. A lot of people will be happy to know that HepGreg WILL be showing up to this stop. So prepare for footage of that. Upchurch will also be back. For more information check the piece below from ECX.


ECX is on a mission to have scooters accepted at every park in the country. That is the reason for the ECX Summer Scooter Tour. The tour continues this weekend in Ocean City MD during the 2011 Dew Tour. Exposure will be huge and the guys will be on the beach handing out fliers and getting people pumped on scooters! We have also contracted with the Ocean Pines Skatepark just 5 minutes from the boardwalk to have a Freestyle Scooter Only Demo this Saturday from 5-7pm. ECX Riders will be there along with the Vitamin Water Crew handing out free stuff and showing people what Freestyle Scootering is all about. Pro riders Ryan Upchurch will be there fresh off his European Tour and 2nd Place Razor Global Domination finish. Ryan will be joined by other ECX Pro riders Hep Greg, Jon Devrind and Brandon Ruhl along with the rest of the ECX Team!

If you will be in Ocean City this weekend grab your friends and head over to Ocean Pines to ride with the crew and help us build the sport so that next year we can be on the beach with our own event in the Dew Tour!

BK/Dibbs XW Sesh

If you know anything about these two guys' friendship, you'll know that it actually rarely includes serious riding.  But when it does, its always worth a watch.  BK still kills on the box jumps and Dibble still seems to be progressing as well.  Looked like a fun sesh for sure.

Crisp Clips #2

This video comes to us from Luke Maff and friends.  Lots of sick stuff in here...quad whip a set?  Rail to whip was dope too.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Phoenix Pro Scooters Reventon Deck Launch Party

It's been going around the sport now that Phoenix is in fact releasing their new deck soon, the Reventon Deck. They are having a little launch party/mini contest to celebrate the event. There will be a crowd judged "Best Trick" and a "Boost Off" as well. Prize for Best Trick is 500 bucks, and for Boost off is 200 bucks. Not to mention a raffle for a complete Reventon Phoenix Scooter! Give aways, T-Shirts, and more will be available at the event.

Check out the flyer below for more information.

Ryan Gould- Box Edit #3

This is really sick.  Get a rail and box with some lights during the nighttime and throw in skilled rider like Ryan and you get this.  Pretty cool video, Ryan kills it and the filming was pretty neat too.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Razor Global Domination Tour!

As you can see from the poster above, The Razor Global Domination tour has hit the USA! The first Stop of which will be at Escondido Skatepark in California.Registration starts at 9am and contest is set to begin at 10am SHARP! 

Full details are on the flyer and do not forget to check out the website:

Lucky Opus DVD Throwaway

Lucky Scooters...arguably the most popular company out there today (as shown by the sheer number of likes on their facebook), not without reason.  Tyler Wheeland, inspired no doubt by Proto's Dylan Kasson, has been pushing the team to film and progress in ways scooter riders haven't ever progressed before.  A small taste of that progression is shown in this throwaway montage of their 2nd DVD, called Opus.  I definitely cannot wait till it drops this winter.  I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ryan Upchurch Goes To Europe

When Blunt Pro Scooters, ShopECX, and Inside-Scooters's own, Ryan Upchurch goes to Europe... madness is bound to follow. There are 540 combos in this video that you hardly ever see, if even at all. Ryan took full advantage of the opportunity to ride in Europe, and even took 2nd place in Pro at the Razor Global Domination Tour.

The banger at the end is a first for sure to be thrown in a vert ramp of that size...or any size. Check out the edit below.

Lucky Scooter Parts Ride Days

LSP has one of the most dominant Teams in the sport today, and they are going to start doing some ride days for this summer. I dont' know about you guys, but if I lived anywhere near the Northwest of Washington, I would def. get out there and ride with these guys. For more information, check the press release below from LSP.

     The following is an official Press Release from Lucky Scooter Parts.

"The time is here for Lucky Scooter Parts to reclaim the NorthWest. This August the Lucky Scooter Parts Pro Team will be all coming to Washington for a series of ride days.

The adventure begins Saturday August 13th at Woodinville Skatepark ( 12pm- 4pm); Arizona’s Jon Aglialoro will join the Washington team members to bond with the community. Don’t miss your chance to ride the Lucky Team and even though there isn’t a contest, throughout the day the Lucky riders will be scoping out their favorite Am and Beg level riders. Why? To give prizes to! Be there and you might get awarded the best fork on the market, the SMX, along with other prizes being given out. That’s not all Friday August 19th the entire Team will be present at the roots of Lucky: Sammamish Skatepark! That's right you could be at the founding grounds of Lucky Scooter Parts while riding with its team! Each team member will be giving out prizes
by the end of the sesh so be there 12-4! Lastly the Team will be mobbing down to Portland Oregon and having a ride day at the famous Tron Skatepark! Oregon having such a large amount of young shredders, had to get a visit from the Lucky Team. Saturday August 20th 12-4 meet at Tron Skatepark!

Wait, there’s more! Along with Lucky riding with the community, for all the young riders ( 12 and under) we will be examine who should be added to the Little Luckys Team! If you want to join the ranks of the gnarly little riders such as Kaleb Kier and Paxton Swygard then take your chance at these ride days! At the very end the team will come together to decide who(s) deserves a spot and announcing it online!

The time is now to start making arrangements to be a part of history and partake in the Lucky Scooter Parts Summer Blow Out! Now, the question is are you feeling Lucky?"

Lucky Scooter Parts

Jordan Jasa Park Edit

Inside-Scooters Founder, Jordan Jasa, doesn't ride park that much. But when he does, you won't find him blasting the quarter pipes, and hitting boxes. Instead what you get is the video below. I know there are a lot of tech/street riders out there right now, but I don't put too many over Jordan when it comes to having natural skill. Difference between myself and most people, is I noticed this in Jordan early on, and it has only proven to be more true with each edit released. Check out Blunt Scooters Pro rider, and Inside's own, video below.

Inside the Lens: Week #24

Rider: Mario RocchioPhotographer: Alexis WhiteTrick: Tuck no handerLocation: Hornell, NY Skatepark
-Must be sent to along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression.

Rider:  Kody McQueen
Filmer:  Chris Gascoigne
Location:  Southern California

-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression.
-Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dialed Scooter Mag Facebook T-shirt give away!

Dialed Scooter Mag is doing a free t-shirt give away on Facebook for certain milestones of likes on their page. Dialed says that they will be doing this at every 50likes from the 300 mark till the 1000 mark. Get to liking guys!!

** Dialed also says not to worry there will be tons more chances aside Facebook to win gear and other prizes. **

Dialed Scooter Mag Facebook

Dialed Scooter Mag Website

Also, if you haven't already, check out the Inside Scooters Facebook and give it a like.

Jorge Petrov "Back Again"

Jorge is an OG rider who has been known to take time off from the sport. However, now we are happy to say that Jorge is back, and looking great. Below is a very simple edit, however the complexity of some of the tech combos is not so simple. This was a lot of fun to watch, and I know a lot of people are going to really like this. Check out his edit below.

Victory Scooters HIC Bars

You spoke, and Victory listened. They now have HIC bars coming in a couple different styles which you can see on the flyer below. You'll also notice you can get them in backsweep. Check the flyer below, and keep checking Inside-Scooters for more udpates and news regarding Victory Scooters Inc.


WISE - Crew Introduction from Wise Scootering on Vimeo.

Wise Scootering is Balthazar Neveu's new project.  Wise is a company that will be making scooter specific clothing.  The crew consists of Balth, Marc Pauls, Arthur Blond, Joe Oldfield, and Bryant Walker.  You might not recognize a couple of those names...these guys are all older, OG riders.  The concept is that "Wise" riders have the patience and creativity to find spots and use them creatively.  Pretty sweet idea for a company, I expect some cool things out of Balth and the crew...this video was already sick enough.

Josh Young Sky High Promo

You don't get videos like this very much, so enjoy this one. Josh Young has been in the sport for a veryy long time, and in the past three years he has really evolved into one hell of a rider. This short, but still full of bangers, edit is proof that Josh has no plans of slowing down. I can personally watch the clip at 2:00-2:07 all day. Check out the promo below.

Shot and edited by Jordan Jasa

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ben Thomas - 720 Flip

Ben is a really sick rider, and I can't wait for another full edit. For now this clip will have to do. Such a ridiculous trick. I love how he boost whips the spine before hitting the 720 flip haha. Check it out.

ECX Summer Tour Update (XW 6)

ShopECX is still on their summer tour, and they were recently at the Xtreme Wheels 6 Competition, where they had quite the showing. For more information check out the article below written by ShopECX owner, Mike Lashbrooke.

The ECX Summer Scooter Tour continued last week with a team trip to the XW6 Contest in Buffalo NY. The guys packed up the show trailer with tons of gear to sell and lots of Vitamin Water to keep them going and headed out last Thursday morning for the 8 hour trek to Buffalo. They were joined by 2 ECX Flow riders from Florida, Tabitha Windle and Vince Pernas. Tabitha and Vince drove 22 hours straight to get to the event!

Once we settled in to the hotel, the guys headed down to Niagara Falls to check out the night sights. If you have never seen the falls at night, you definitely should, it is pretty cool. The next morning we headed back to check out the falls in daylight and it is even more amazing than at night. Everyone rode their scooters around the falls including ECX owner Mike Lashbrook who was kicking around a new District DK-V2I complete. A few ledges were grinded for the video, but it was more of a sight seeing trip. After lunch, the team headed over to Xtreme Wheels to get in a practice session until 11pm.

The following morning everyone was up early and ready to go! OG team rider Andy Bradford drove up during the night and was there to lead the team in a warm-up stretch session on the hill that ended up drawing a bunch of riders like JD from Addict, Hunter Bechtle from ZG and the MC of the event Jake Hershey. After the stretch and a prayer led by the team minister Joey Aria, the guys (and gal) were ready to ride.

The competition ran without a hitch and many fresh lines and tricks were thrown down. ECX had 9 riders competing in the event. A few couldn't make it like team manager Ryan Upchurch who was busy finishing 2nd place over in Europe at the Razor Invitational and landing 900's on 14' vert ramps! So we missed him, but are stoked at the opportunity that he had to head over seas.

After the dust settled over the competition, the ECX team was left holding the bag(s) of prizes and trophies that is... The team riders ended up placing 1st and 2nd in Beginner and 1st, 2nd and 3rd in advanced! This just shows the level of dedication that ECX team riders have. Even after everyone headed home, the ECX crew stayed around filming until closing, then headed over to the World Famous Duff's for some victory wings! All in all, the Buffalo trip was a huge success and a great opportunity for people to see the potential of this team. On the way back to Delaware the guys insisted on stopping to film at a few parks along the way... they just never stop!

After a one week break, the ECX Summer Tour continues on July 21st with a trip to Ocean City Maryland for the 2011 Dew Tour and a Scooter Demo at Ocean Pines Skatepark on Saturday the 24th from 5-7pm. If you are in the Ocean City area, please stop out to Ocean Pines and support the crew! ECX's tour sponsor Vitamin Water will have staff on hand with free drinks and ECX will be giving out some free goodies too. Don't miss it!

Next Stop - Ohio Dreams Week 7 - Stay Tuned to IS for details and reports!

Thank you,
Mike Lashbrook
ECX Sports Inc.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Victor Campmany- Getting Tilted

Barcelona's Victory Campmany recently got a spot on Tilt's European team.  Really enjoyable video, those up ledge smith combos were nuts.  An awesome variety of park and street too, good to see a rider who can shred both equally as well.  Tilt also recently jumped on board to IS, so you can check back here for all updates on the company, which is known best for its pegs.