Sunday, February 28, 2010

Woodward Philly Comp Results!

As you may know the Woodward of Philly comp went down today. Here are the results:

1st: Josh Kish
2nd: Capron Funk
3rd: Dan Barrett

1st: Ryan Upchurch
2nd: Peter Jungsberger
3rd: Tyler Bromwell

1st: Oscar ?
2nd: ?
3rd: Jeff Ottinger (sp?)

Best Trick: Jon Reyes- bar feeble front slider dub whip out on the double set hubba.

I know Brian Boston was filming so don't expect any footage from him. Hahaha.

Inside-Scooters Exclusive: Back to The Beginning

So as most people know but as some may not, before Razor Scooters were ever seen in the US or other countries, they were in Asia, or Japan to be a bit more specific. Recently someone showed me a Magazine from Japan that features some really awesome pictures of some of the first scooters, and scooter riders doing tricks. This Magazine is over 10 years old. So enjoy this flash from the past for the sport of scootering.

So there you go, some of the oldest history of our sport. You can even see tutorials on how to do tailwhips and 360s..Also for a 10 year old magazine, some of those designs are pretty sick...the 3 piece bars in particular. Enjoy guys.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blake Bailor + Jake O'Donnell Super 60

Originally this was going to be a Super 60 with Jake and Mike Montgomery...however, Mike wasn't able to make it, and Blake rode with Jake instead. Jake kills it, I love his style so much. Blake is a ridic rider too. Bar board 180 fakie on that rail was so rad.

Thanks to Drew Lichty for the edit, and Sam Short for the intro.

Who, What, Where, and Why with Graham Kimbell

Graham Kimbell...if you were an old school rider like myself and stumbled upon a Graham video you would think it was another old school rider by the name of Martin Kimbell...who is Grahams older brother. However, the more Graham rides, and the more footage he releases he is making it evident that he isn't just a clone of his older brother. I recently caught up with Graham and asked him the 4 W's.

Who influences you the most in the way you ride?

Graham: Obviously Martin since he is who I rode with growing up, and is pretty much the template for my style, but in the last few years I've been influenced a lot by people like Brandon Kilbury and BMXers like Garrett Reynolds - they do techy combo tricks but always go big too, which is what I strive for :)

What has been the most frusterating trick for you to learn so far?

Graham:I would say learning 540's in quarter pipes or 360s over boxes was annoying, cause I ALWAYS took one foot off. Other than that I don't tend to set myself on learning one particular trick; I usually just mess around and try to think of lots of things to do, if I don't get one trick I'll just try a different one instead until I find something that works.

Where is your favorite place to ride in street and park?

Graham:I'm a country boy and have pretty much never rode street, but I really want to sesh London with the Dogg team next time they go, or some plazas like Stoke. I don't really have a preference for parks - if they have nice ramps I love them, if not it just makes it more of a challenge to ride them, so it's all good.

Why do you continue to ride scooters today?

Graham:Definitely the people I ride with - riding on your own is fine but what I really enjoy is a big session with a lot of people to meet, talk to, mess around with etc. I've also got to say that Dogg are a big reason I still ride, my scooter is always working because of them so I don't have to worry about maintenance, and since the shop/forum has opened the scene in the UK has exploded, this, as well as the events they take us to/host, mean riding with old friends and new people has become loooaaaads easier. The future looks really promising, loads more trips, tours, demos, and big ass team videos :D Much love Jon & Darren!!!

Thanks to Graham for taking the time to do this for Inside-Scooters, and keep checking Inside-Scooters for more 4 W's, and all the latest news and updates in the sport and the scene.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Yes, they now sell robots.
The Prototype model is featured in this video.
Pre-order your own Ryan Williams today.

Eagle-Sport US Team News

Recently Eagle-Sport lost 3 great riders. Those riders are Jessee Ikedah, James Gee, and Sanchez. The reasons will not be discussed here, and let it be known that Eagle-Sport has no bad feelings towards any of these riders and there are no bad feelings toward Eagle-Sport from any of them.

For more news on Eagle-Sport keep checking Inside-Scooters for updates.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Martin Nogol Practice Day

It's not easy being one of the sport's top all round riders...and one of the top 3 riders in Europe...and what got this rider there is a LOT of practice. So here is a video of French ID's Martin Nogol getting in some practice runs in the mini ramp. Such a solid rider.

Wanna check out some more pics of Martin and others? Then head over to the Gizmania CZ's Flickr! Gizmania Flickr

Royce King Holiday Edit's an older video..but Royce has always been one of my favorite riders from Australia. If you happen to find his old old videos, it's apparent that Royce has always been a natural on a scooter. Def. one of my favorite riders to watch and this video shows why.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bigbalth 2

[FRENCH ID] Bigbalth 2 from French ID on Vimeo.

Balthazar Neveu, such a street beast, amazing creativity. Combine that with the equally amazing street that Paris, France has to offer, and you get one enjoyable video.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dogg Trip Video

Check it out, footage from a trip featuring some of Dogg Scooters' team riders. Graham kills it and its awesome to see these newer riders shredding. Also features JDBen XD.

Support a Fellow Rider!

So I am a bit late on this. But Proto Team Rider Dylan Kasson is in a Photography contest right now, and he needs the most votes to win. So if you guys got the time please visit the link below, you will see all of the people entered in the contest, and you should also see Dylan's name. All he needs you to do is click and vote. Thanks guys.

Click and Vote

Below is one of my personal favorites from Dylan. (IT IS OLD FOOTAGE)

Warick Beynon on Monster Skatepark.

Warick, better known to most Australians, and the rest of the world as Wazza (from werombi) is the resident know it all on anything monster, having a dialled scooter, and doing crazy, unheard of combos that you'll more than likely only ever seen once in your lifetime.

We spent a night at monster filming some tricks, chilling in kicks and talking some shit to bring you the following feature, enjoy.
(Check the bottom of the interview for the video)

Your name, age, location, anything we should know?
Warick Beynon, 15 years old from Camden in Sydney, Austalia.
Im an employee at monster skatepark,

What got you into scooters?
um id have to say friends, ive always lived at a skatepark basically.
my older brother is a sponsored skater so i grew up following him around.

How'd you get a job at monster skatepark? What do you do for work there?

well when monster let scooters in, i think it was late december 08 there was new owners and they wanted to start fresh. They offored me sponsorship and part of the sponsorship was a job that was optional. i took the job because i needed money. i pretty much just do scooter lessons, foampit lessons and throw parties for kids there, but with that i also work behind the counter with retail and the cafe area.

Working at monster, a lot of tourists come to ride, who's been your favorite person to sesh with at monster?
well ive riden with people from all around the world, but ide have to say my local Coedie Donovan, Any park anytime he throws down and hes taught me alot so definantly him

You also see alot of kids, has working at monster changed your view on the younger generation of riders for better or for worse? Any stories about scooter kids?
definantly better, scooters are the underdog of extreme sports but part of my job is to teach the younger ones, most riders forget we were all there at one stage, at monster pretty much everything goes down but the story would have to be sammy the 7 year old wonder kid, he can drop in every ramp including the biggest ramp in the southern hemisphere and shred the GNAR. or another story about on the monster camp how royce king fell asleep in the foam pit for 3 hours because hed been riding 3 days straight. ahha

Who / Where would you session given unlimited time and money?
Um probably the melbourne kids, ive travelled alot the the world including my trip to California last january where i missed out on SD3 by 2 days and didnt ride with anyone. but ide definantly like to ride the parks in Cali again so fly all the Melbourne kids like Max Peters, Jaxon Andrawartha etc to the states to ride with me and the DSC possy, FOR YEARS!

Would you rather the sport gain a reputation as big as skateboarding/BMX, or stay relatively underground like we are now?
Well ide love the sport to take off, but by saying that i dont want it to forget its true roots. Like riders such as Coedie , Phil lagettie, Arron Brand, James barrett etc. Not many people know but James did a double inward bri up jamo euro in 2007. And without those 4 guys i wouldnt have been riding so much today. But all in all the Xgames and world promotion is where the sport needs to go because it is an extreme sport and the future is still ahead of us.

Thanks for your time, any last words to the readers? Shout-outs to anyone?

Id like to thank Inside Scooters and Aaron Bransdon for the interview, Monster skatepark for all the support theyve given me, my family, DSC, Chris Hart, Liam Anderson, Phil Lagettie, Todd and Mitchell slee and Nickeh. PEACE!

riding photos credit to phil lagettie.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Woodward of Philly Scooter Comp

A week from today. This isn't the updated flyer with sponsors but heres a list of em: Barking Spyder Board Shop, Woodward Philadelphia, Razor, Phoenix Decks, DSA, Proto. Be there or be square.

Camp Woodward Scooter Weekend Video

Heres the footage from last weekend's scooter camp at Woodward West. Looks like it was a fun time, lots of gnarly stuff going down. Theres talk of them hosting another scooter camp so keep checking back here for updates on that. Thanks to Alex Chamberlain for filming and editing the vid.

Also I'd like to take this time to give a HUGE! thanks to ScooterMom aka Kimberry aka Kimberly Funk. Shes the one who worked so hard to make the weekend possible, and should definitely be recognized for her efforts. Thanks again Kim!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sean Cardwell - Sky High Edit.

This guy has to have one of the smoothest, flowiest styles in the sport.
Everything he does seems to be smooth, dialled and clean as hell.
That last clip was plain stupid, really.

Check out all Sky High's products by clicking their logo in the right hand column of the blog.

Adam Rouse Aus3 Footy

I've come to expect a lot of nutty stuff from Adam's videos, and this one definitely doesn't disappoint. In fact, this might be one of his best videos I can recall. Soo many bangers (triple to manual, inward manny inward out). Kid is ridic.

Inside-Scooters Super 60 with Jessee Ikedah and James Gee

Yep its a rare moment where we got two Super 60s...right on top of eachother. But I had to get this posted as soon as I saw it. In 2008-2009 two riders really made a name for themselves..those two riders are James Gee and Jessee Ikedah. When people think Washington, it used to be only Rad that popped into peoples minds. But not since these guys hit the scene. James and Jessee ride for Lucky Scooter Parts, who have one of the most solid Teams in the sport right now. So check out two of their best in this Super 60.

James Gee & Jessee Ikedah Super 60 from AlexisF on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Inside Scooters Super 60 with Cameron Ward

So for the first time, a real video of Cameron Ward has finally surfaced...and it just so happens that as one of our biggest fans, It is a Super 60 done for Inside-Scooters. Cameron Ward is one of two District Team riders, and you can see him shredding on his District deck throughout this well the Addict Bars that he is also testing. At only 12 years old, I think we can expect a lot of good things from Cameron in 2010. So check out Cam's Super 60.

intro done by Sam Short

Ryan Upchurch and Jon Devrind Day Video

Really love this video. Riding at it's purest. These two guys just have a ton of fun when they get together and ride, and you can really see that in this video. Not to mention there is some sickkkk tech riding from Jon and Ryan. So check out the video from Eagle-Sport and District Team Rider, Ryan Upchurch and Jon Devrind both of which also ride for ECX.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Raymond Warner Park Video

Raymond is one of the cleanest, most dialed riders out there. There are few who can match his combos. Not only is he one of the best park riders but he's also one of the nicest guys I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Awesome video.

Get to know: CENTRE Scooters

Without a doubt one of the biggest scenes in the sport, is Australia. That being said, one thing that really sets Australia apart from the scene in the US, is the lack of companies there making parts. Instead a lot of Aussies are forced to wait for shops in Aus to carry parts made in the US, and then pay a large amount of money for them. With the exception of MaddGear and a select few other companies in Aus making quality parts, it's good to see new companies popping up...and even better, Rider owned companies. So to get to know the two riders behind Centre scooters a little bit more I caught up with them and had a little interview. Check it out below.

1. So where were you guys born, raised, and currently live?

Luke: My name is Luke Dallest, I'm 16 years old, currently in year 11 at Assumption College and studying in tafe for engineering. I am the youngest in my family of 5 and the only one still living at home. I am currently living in kilmore, Victoria on a small farm of 20 acres. I have lived in kilmore for 14 years now and before that I lived in Watsonia, Melbourne for the first two years of my life.

James: My name is James Hobson, I'm 16 years old and currently in the same year as Luke at assumption. I am the oldest of 3 with my bro and sister. I am currently living in criagieburn Victoria. I have been living in criagieburn all my life and know the place like the back of my hand lol.

2. How long have you guys been riding scooters?

Luke and James: Well we have both been riding scooters for a while now but James has been riding for about two and a half years and Luke has been riding for one and a half years but before that James rode mountain bikes and I rode BMX for about a year before James got me into the developing sport of scootering, back then it was not really big at all over here and I just used to see them as snakes. But we both had a bit of background in riding.

3. How did the idea come around for you guys to start making and selling your own parts?

Luke and James: Well it all started one day at school (ACK) at lunch time in the normal hang out when we were talking about scooters and scooter websites we knew of (hardly any) and we said ‘it would be sick if there was a rider own and run business that sold custom scooter parts’ especially for scootering, and since I had already made bars and pegs for me and James so we had some sort of idea. It wasn’t for a few weeks later that Luke came up with the name and we started to sell and represent ourselves threw centre.

4. Was it hard for you guys to get started?

Luke and James: Well, it was not that hard to get started because we were not focused on getting money and selling parts that was all just an extra. Centre started out more to just put a name to our new ideas and to get some extra money for buying the essentials like wheels and grips for our scooters. I think that centre is more about putting quality product on the market with new ideas for people to try out and run. Making scootering better for the world and making something that is worth while spending money on.

5. What was the first product you guys started making?

Luke and James: the first products we sold were pegs and bars and we had a cheap product so people were willing to try out new things and buy the product. That was a big step for centre, making a cheap product isn’t easy but when the price on most things In Australia is so high it was easy to make a quality product cheap and we didn’t have all of the extra things to pay for like most other companies. Cash in the pocket.

6. How many products do you guys plan on making now?

Luke: Well we don’t really have and exact amount or goal for the products to sell because we will always be making and expanding on product. But, I suppose we would like to have a 1 piece deck, signature bars, two types of pegs, stockies and stylers for the more hardcore peg riders which is a two piece peg, and 2 different types of forks, zero offset forks and some new solid aluminum forks. We will have a signature product which is what our team member would create and as a team create and design.

7. What is your goal with Centre Scooters?

Luke and James: Our main goal with centre Scooters is to create quality products that revolutionize the sport of scootering. To come up new innovative products that are cheap and quality that we can sell through a website to any scooterers. We want to have a team of about 4 including Luke and James that know how to ride as well as have good quality ideas. We want to make a website as well as a few videos and post all the new ideas as well as reviews on anything in the community of scootering whether it be parks, products or DVDs.

8. What do you guys want to accomplish in 2010?

Luke and James: 2010 will be a big year for centre, we want to make the team and have them constantly trying out new products and giving us feedback. We want to have new products and get that deck finished by the middle of this year. We would love to get the website up and running and make some videos as well as maybe host a comp with a few giveaways, not sure where it will be yet thought. This year will pretty much be the launch for centre getting the name out to people everywhere and telling people of what we do.

9. Any last words?

Luke and James: Well we would like to thank Inside Scooters especially with helping us with centre we won’t forget what you did for us and will be sure to give you all the updates on what we do. I would also like to thank LNP engineering for letting us use the workshop and all your resources. We also like to that our family and friend for all the support you have giving us, thanks heaps.

Big thanks to Luke and James for taking the time to do the interview. Inside-Scooters wishes them nothing but the best in the sport.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The "Lucky Free Parts" Syndrome.

Just lurking around the SR video section lately, i've seen at least 10 videos from names that didn't ring a bell even in the slightest sense with 'Lucky Free Parts' in the title.
Gut instinct told me to go with it and have a peep. After watching one, i was hooked, every "Lucky Free Parts" edit was instantly opened and second by second, blessing my computer screen.

What i'm trying to say is, any company reading this, get a competition together (It might not be a competition, i'm still confused as to what the "Lucky Free Parts" thing is..). As soon as this Lucky competition came up, talent seemed to seep out of every rider's body and we've been blessed with amazing videos,

Check them;

Wyatt Howe.
In my opinion, banger was definitely gap to feeble, hang 5 whip, that made the video for me.

Jamie Gantz.
After watching the first 40-50 seconds, you know the kid is pushing himself.
His style is really nice too, good to see people going against trends.

Mario Rocchio.
Definitely a heavy BMX influence behind him.
Toothpick can? So, so cool.

Kyle Tolentino.
I really enjoyed this video, especially for a TIC vid.
Not one backflip, and my god, 360 tuck down 8 (?) stairs, elmer status.

Of course, Jake O'Donnel was featured in this post.

Good luck to all entrants, judges are definitely going to have trouble choosing :p

Tyler Garcia.

Really rad edit. I got to meet and stay with Tyler at the Funk's house during SD4, pretty cool kid. I guess I didn't realize how good he was though. He's gota really clean style with a good mix of street and park. Really nice filming and editing in this too. Definitely left me wanting more.

Time to get International

So recently with some ideas from Dave Ward of DSAScooters, Jordan Jasa and myself have been discussing getting some translations on IS so people in all countries can read IS without problems. On the rightside of IS if you scroll down a bit you will see a LOT of different languages...We are trying to get all of these working, and soon we should. Hopefully this will appeal to all of our readers in other countries that sometimes can't fully read the content on IS due to it being written in English. We hope to have this whole thing working smoothly as soon as possible, and hope that everyone enjoys it. Thanks to everyone that reads and supports Inside Scooters.

-Steven Tongson

Happy Birthday BenJ Friant!

The Swiss Super Shredder turned another year older today. Hope its a good one!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Bloody Valentine Comp Results

Heres the results for a comp that went down in Dundas, Ontario (thats Canada for you geographically challenged). According to Matt Dibble, footage should start showing up shortly, so check back on IS soon. Congrats to all who placed, especially Jordie Robinson, who won expert and best trick!

13 under intermidiate
1. Aidan Christie
2. Andrew Wolford
3. Spencer

14 over am
1. Kyle Springer
2. Mitch Coons
3. Cade Jones

1. Jordie Robinson
2. Brandon Kilbury
3. Lloyd Bureau

Best Trick
Jordie Robinson
180 off 6 foot to flat

Aussie holiday vid Promo.

Geordie Mcaleer finds all the good stuff.
Just check that line-up, tell me you aren't on the edge of your seat already?

Timur Mamatov - St Petersburg Skatepark.

Excuse the title, it's called something different, but i couldn't find the "octopus" button on my keyboard.

Found this in the SR thread;
Just wait till spring when the snow melts and I can film some more stair-and-rail madness
-Timur Mamatov.

Hopefully that quote (bolded part specifically) excites everyone as much as it does me.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

SD4 Experience DVD Promo

Droppin March 2010, filmed and edited by Josh Nathan. SD4 was such a sick comp, and everything else that went down was awesome too. Josh was filming pretty much nonstop the whole time, he definitely captured a lot of the best moments of the event. I def can't wait to get my copy of the DVD.

Collab Video Series Expanding?

Through recent talks with Sam Short of Spain, he's come up with the idea of a "Collab Video DVD"

It gives some of the more unknown riders a chance to show off their skills. Normaly most of the people in the collab videos would'nt get a chance to be seen by the number of views their videos get. As well as that they just make kickass videos, just shows how tight the scooter comunity is, all comming together to make one great video/dvd.

- Sam Short.

Thread on SR

Show your support through a comment on IS, or a post in the SR thread.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Collab Video 3

The third video put together by the incomparable Sam Short, featuring footage from riders around the world (including myself =0)

Good Luck at Woodward!!!

Inside-Scooters wants to wish everyone that is attending the 3 day Woodward Scooter Camp good luck! I know there will be a LOT of new riders throwing down some new tricks that they learned at Woodward after this camp. This really is a huge break for our sport to be recognized and accepted by a place like Woodward. So to everyone that is attending GOOD LUCK. Ride hard but stay safe...and don't be surprised if you see me on the last day with a tape recorder in hand ready to get some interviews done with the campers and the Woodward staff about the 3 day camp.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Video of New French ID Scooter

[FRENCH ID] Prototype video - FRENCH from French ID on Vimeo.

Check it. Theres a whole lot of talking in French that I don't understand, but maybe you will. Having a "folding mech" on an aftermarket deck kinda undermines everything the industry has built today, but it could be good. After all, Razor Pros were good (before Razor decided to cheap out on em). The bars look pretty beefy (butted crossbar?) and so does the stem, but overall i think it looks really solid.

Jake O'Donnell.

Usually i try not to post too much on one day, but i couldn't keep this video off the blog any longer.

There's something about Jake's riding that's so unique, original and fluid.
Simply put, he looks completely natural on that piece of metal.

All the best with the competition Jake!

A Closer Look at District

A lot of details were recently released about District. So let's take a closer look at what is soon to come from one of the most highly anticipated companies in the sport.

All the parts will be high quality painted using sublimation printing for all the logos and printing on the parts. What this means is that the print and logos will be in the actual coating, and not just on top of the coating.

All the District Decks will be sold with everything needed to ride it. It will be including:

- 2 Plastic protection pieces for the front of the deck
- 1 Metal brake including the Flex pad
- 1 Back axle and 4 steel spacers

The highly anticipated COMPLETE District Scooter, will no longer be coming with a threaded headset. But with a threadless headset, and an inverted compression system will be standard with it.

Also soon to come are District threadless headsets and new Rubber/TPI Grips will be used instead of foam. You can see the pictures below, although the color has not yet been decided on.

With every District Threadless fork sold, you will also get a special long allen key, that will be used for the inverted Compression system for District forks.

Also in the future, District bars will come with a starnut already installed to save the hassle of doing it yourself.

Soon the District LIGHT Decks will be available on the Market. These decks have a balance and weight that is on a level of it's own. Later on in the season District will be releasing it's heavy duty model. It will be slightly heavier than the Light deck, and will be aimed toward larger riders, or riders who are really tough on their scooters.

Below you can take a look at some of the possible designs that District will be using. Remember to keep checking IS for all updates on District.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Luke Painter.

Probably one of the sickest, cleanest most under-rated riders in the sport today.
Check that double peg whip to manual.

The pegs featured in this video are;

Yes, even scooters can have corny taglines.

Buy swish pegs at DoggScooters

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

District Team Rider: Cameron Ward

Recently District Team Rider Cameron Ward got together and rode with Eagle-Sport Team Rider Tyler Wheeland...and heres some of the pics of Cam from the sesh.

(Yes those are Addict bars he's testing)

All photo credit goes to Devin Pelphrey. Like the pics? Check out his Flickr


Monday, February 8, 2010

MGP Socal Dvd Flyer.

It's widely known that MGP is one of the most legit companies in the industry today. It's becoming more and more evident day by day, with new scooters, web videos and now the second company to mass-produce a dvd of the sport.

Bookmark or make Inside Scooters your homepage to see the trailer as soon as it drops.

Edit -
The poster is cut off, click it to see the full size.

Information missing (Full section from Luke Pickett along with the other names listed)

Jordie Robinson

This kid is definitely a huge up and comer.
His second video to have featured on inside. His style reminds me so much of a bike, might have something to do with the video being uploaded on pinkbike.
Smoothest combos/lines i've seen in a long time.

Pinkbike's embedding doesn't seem to be working.

Follow THIS link.

Mitch Pansino- Backflip Shuffle

Are you kidding me? Thats like video game status, no games. He's calling it backflip shuffle but honestly I think it should be a flip back dono.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Javi Trepat Super 60

"The Super 60 is designed to test a rider's consistency, creativity and use of a space within a skatepark. Riders are given 60 minutes to film as many clips as they can, and turn this into a video showcasing their personal style and tricks."

For his Super 60, Javi Trepat decided to ride local street spots in his hometown of Barcelona, Spain. While the 17 year old is unknown to American riders, he has quite a lot of recognition in Europe, being sponsored by multiple companies, including Micro. He is a shredder for sure and it shows in his S60.

Filmed/edited by Ferran Grau Vega, and intro by Sam Short.

Javi Trepat Super 60 for InsideScooters from Ferran Grau on Vimeo.

The intro, in English, is as follows:
"Hi, I'm Javi Trepat, I'm seventeen and I live in Barcelona.I'm sponsored by Exode Wear, Micro Scooters, Toy Factory and CVK, and this video go specially for InsideScooters. Enjoy ;D"

After watching his video, I asked Javi a few questions. Keep in mind that English isn't his first language.

Jordan Jasa: Why did you choose to do your S60 on street?

Javi Trepat: I choose to do my S60 cauz i love ride and i thought it was time to start a new video. For me scooter is a big part of my life and film my life with the scooter for see how i make my style with scooter bigger is really important.

Who are some of your influences?

My biggest influences are my friends always, specially MX friends, they always are helping me and telling me why i should continue riding. They're another big part of my life. My girlfriend tells me sometimes why i do some sheets with scooter cauz in some big spoots i become some illness, but i know that she loves me and he makes that for help me...

What do you think of the scooter scene in Barcelona/Spain?

I have seen the completly evolution in Barcelona/Spain of the scooter freestyle. I think it has maken a big evolution becauz there's always someone better then other one and that makes bigger this Xtreme-Sport. So i think that the MX spain riders play here a big paper cauz people will not continue riding if we let of ride, they would be not motivated for continue riding... The street spoots in general maked me begining to ride cauz i saw there that i can make bigger my creativity and i saw that scooter was funny and interesting.

What is it like riding street in Barcelona?

For me the only comparation like riding street in Barcelona is the party's here in the nights, there're so big partys with so much funny people... In my situation be with my girlfriend produce me the same sensation like ride street in Barcelona... I love two things same. Another thing i like as riding street is ride it with marc pauls, he's always helping me in all what i need and without him and some many friends this full project will be impossible. I must give thanx to Ferran Grau, Marc Pauls, Victor Campmany, Quim Xalabardé, Gerard Xalabardé, Joanet, Kitus... there's so much people who has always helped me in all what i need...

Anodized Phoenix, and Powdercoated TSI decks at Inward

Inward is bringing you the first production run of beautifully anodized 4.5 inch Phoenix decks in Silver, red, blue, purple and black. The workmanship on these decks is absolutely top notch. 90 day warranty. Limited quantities available.

We also received a shipment of TSI decks in 4, 4.5 and 5 inch wide. 90 day warranty. Available powdercoated in 7 colors.

"Lunchtime" At Rampfest.

While everyone else is doing what normal people do at lunch (Yes, eat) Brendon Smith and Jaxon Andrawartha filmed this short edit.
I don't need to say anymore, you know the names, you know it's good.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sooo....Do you know a Nurse?

In less than 10 days, on Feb. 13th for the first time ever scooter riders will be allowed to take part in a 3 day camp at Woodward West, in Tehachapi California. The cost of going to the 3 day camp that will give participating riders a chance to ride the entire Woodward West facility is 325.00. thing Woodward needs, is a Registered Nurse to be on hand for the 3 day camp. So if your mom or someone you know is a R.N. Registered Nurse and wants to work the 3 days at Woodward for the Scooter camp, you get to attend the camp FOR FREE. So if you know anyone that is a R.N. Registered Nurse and will be up for the job. Please email Kimberly Funk and let her know the details....her email is below.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who, What, Where, and Why with Ryan Upchurch

Without a doubt one of the most talented riders on the East coast. Ryan is an amazing park rider, with flair triples in his bag of tricks, and has even been trying double backflips. Ryan is one of the few riders in the sport who is completely dedicated not only to his riding, but is also always repping his sponsors, ECX, Eagle-Sport, and District as much as he can. I recently caught up with Ryan to do the 4 W's.

Who is one rider you want to meet and sesh with in the future?

Ryan: One Person I've always wanted to ride with, that i haven't already, would have to be Benj Friant. He throws down harder then most people even realize. The kid is crazy, and seems like I could have a great time riding with him. Other than that, I'd like to ride with all the aussies. Especially the MGP team. All such good riders, and it'd be gnar just to ride with them for a day.

What do you prefer riding, park or street?

Ryan: I prefer Park to be honest. I like park because i can just go so high, flow around, and just ride real smooth. Street is just as good to me though. I ride wilmington and a few other places around me all the time. I actually can't ride in the city anymore after being warned by a bike cop that I'm now in the system, and could be arrested at any given time from now on. But yea, I still prefer park :)

Where is your favorite spot to ride?

Ryan: My favorite spot to ride would have to be FDR skatepark in philly. A skatepark built by skaters in the dogtown days which I know ride on my scooter. Most of the riders there are insane although most arent riding scooters. They have their respect for me and I have my respect for them. It's all concrete with bowls, huge quarters, and some crazy rollers and vert walls. Best place I've ever ridden for sure.

Why do you continue to ride scooters today?

Ryan: The fun of the sport. If it wasn't fun then I wouldn't be riding as we speak. I've always enjoyed it from the time i hopped on a scooter. Ever since then my favorite part about it has just been flowin around and goin as big and high as i can. Although I have my tech side for me it's mostly about goin big. Also, the adrenaline I get from it. Every time i almost case, or almost get that huge trick, it makes things just that much better. But the most important reason that I ride is to be with my friends, have a good time, and take some road trips. Sometimes the best part of riding is just getting there. So I enjoy every part of it, and plan to continue doing so for as long as i can. It just helps to know that I have ecx, eagle, and district behind me 100% of the way. So thanks, I wouldn't even be where I am without you guys. I wouldn't even be on a scooter. All things aside, I still ride for the fun in it.

Euro Day clips/throwaways from ryan upchurch on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Matt McKeen Clips

antigrav from Michael Jordanes on Vimeo.

Really sick rail clips...just what you'd expect out of the best street rider in the world. Also some clips of his rollerblader friend.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

RAD- Stay Lifted Intro, and Cary Mosbrucker's part

According to Stan, Stay Lifted will be about a 5 part web video. The one above is the intro, and below you can view Cary Mosbrucker's part...both videos are so gnarly, Cary's style is so sick. The RAD crew consists of some of the best park riders on the planet, I can't wait to see more parts.

Monday, February 1, 2010

End of Holidays Aussie Edit

The End Of The Holidays Edit. from Jaxon Andrawartha on Vimeo.

Featuring Ryan Williams, Jaxon Andrawartha, Luke Pickett, and Max Peters...if that lineup isn't enough to make you wanna watch this video, then let me tell you that there may or may not be a double backflip at the end.

Billie Rainbow - MGP edit.

It's the video alot of people have been sitting around, waiting in anticipation for a drop, and here it is.
This video definitely doesn't disappoint, footjams for days.