Friday, August 29, 2014

The Vault Labor Day Sale

The Vault is also having a really sweet sale this weekend, featuring 20% off the entire online and retail store! The Vault has made a serious name for themselves in the sport, for always being stocked up on the latest and hottest gear, and for their insane line up of Team riders. Click the link below and check out their website now!

Vex Brand X Unfair Tour

This was tight.  Upcoming shoe brand Vex as well as parts manufacturer Unfair went on a little trip together recently and filmed all this.  Dope footage from all the boys, Regan's 5050 lip at the end was awesome.  Last minute or so is heavy.


I already wrote the description on Youtube, it really says it all-

"Wow. It's hard to believe that The Tilt Video is wrapping up it's online release. Nobody really knew how the video was going to turn out when filming first started. Nobody really even knew what they were filming for back then. All they knew was that it would be rad to make a full-length. So eventually, video parts started forming, and we knew a DVD had to happen.

The credits shows only a tiny slice of everything that happens while filming, from everything before and after the trick, as well as the usual memorable bails. Thanks again to everyone who had a hand in making this, especially the team, the people behind the scenes at Tilt, and you, the viewer. Next up: Tilt 2."

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Scooter Zone Labor Day Sale

If there is one company that is always doing what they can to give back to the riders, it's gotta be the Zone. Scooter Zone is the pioneer retail shop in the USA, and they're are about to start a really solid Labor Day Sale. For more info check out the Ad below.

Freestyle Depot Labor Day Sale

Labor Day is coming up, and for a lot of scooter riders, that means hitting up shops to grab some new gear on sale. Freestyle Depot is having a sick sale starting this weekend, and if you need some new parts, hit them up! It's one thing to have certain parts on sale, but FD is putting the entire store on sale! More details on the Ad below.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Calling the Shots with Nick Tedrick

MGP's Nick Tedrick has really began to make a name for himself this past year. I honestly didn't know much about him until earlier this year, but man is he good. Edits on Instagram of him slaying his flat rail are entertaining enough, but this is equally as good. It's Nick showing off his consistency with a Calling the Shots edit. He kills back lips in that mini, with a few combos I've never seen done before. And has some other clips throughout the park as well. Check it out below.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Florida Ride Video: Jona Humbel

I'm sure you all saw this part when the full Florida Ride video dropped a few months ago, but check it out again.  Jona is the dude and a complete rail slayer.  His Tilt 2 part will be fire.

Filmed and edited by Olivia Monks.

Dylan Kasson - Welcome to Tilt

Yep, the rumors are true.  Dylan Kasson recently swooped a spot on the Tilt team after leaving Proto.  He's always been a part of the crew, be it from riding in California with Tyler, Erik, Monky, and Josh, or in the Midwest with Josh, Tom, and myself, so it was really a no-brainer.  His welcome edit is SD footage from over the past year.  Word on the street is that he has an HD part as well, to be released as a full part in Tilt 2.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Max Peters VIP Woodward PA

We all know how iconic Woodward is in the action sports world. We also all know that in the past few years they've warmed up more and more to scooters. Recently they took another big step in showing their support for our sport, by showcasing Envy Pro Rider, Max Peters on their official Youtube channel. Obviously Max killed it during his stay at Woodward, and you can witness some of the tricks he learned in the edit below.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lucky Scooters James Gee in Sac Town

James was kickin it in Sac Town not too long ago, and he hooked up with the local killers out there, and Damion Black, who was behind the lens to film the madness. James has been killing it for so long, and he is still managing to stay up in the street scene with clips like these. Check it.

Kenny Griffin at Woodward West ft David Ramirez

Kenny was recently a counselor at Woodward West, and him and his homie David put together a solid edit from their time there. Always good to see Kenny riding, but I think we can all agree that we are impatiently waiting for another street edit from him. When's it dropping Kenny?!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ethic DTC Welcomes Maxime "Le Baron" Legrand

Ethic seems to be the new Addict.  JD, now Le Baron, and of course Kevin Demay running things.  This video has six insane clips.  Amazing tech riding, I can't wait to see what the future holds for these guys.  All the new parts look crazy, I'm super excited for the new Pandemonium deck.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Harvest: Dennis Levesque

The first part from the Bamboozle x Speak Apparel video The Harvest is from none other than Dennis Levesque.  Dennis isn't really known in the scooter world other than as "that guy Conor Davidson rides/rode with" but after this part he might gain some recognition.  Taps/wallies everywhere, plain hops, amazing spots, this part is East Coast af.  That feeble manual 3 was so rad.

THE TILT VIDEO - Tom Kvilhaug

The description on Youtube really says it all:

"TomK is one of the hardest working dudes in scootering. Up at the crack of dawn, he's always ready to rip. This part is a nonstop flurry of bangers. Don't blink or you'll miss the madness."

If you haven't picked up a copy of the Tilt Video, you need to do so now.  It is a must have for any scooter rider.

Basic Bunch Presents: David Cappetta

Dcaprio is the main filmer behind the Basic crew, but can also throw down in front of the lens.  I got to ride with him a bit when he was down in Chicago for the street jam and he has definitely improved over the last year.  This video documents his progression through the East Coast spots as well as from a California trip.  Rad lines and chill vibes.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

ISA World Championships Short Recap

So I watched the ISA Worlds stream this morning, and it was a good time for sure. The good time being that I was watching a ton of my close friends shredding a sick park, and throwing down some ridiculous runs. The commentating from BenJ was also really good, Todd is coming along as well. Together they make a good commentating couple.

The riding was everything you would expect from the worlds best all in one comp. Some riders cracked under the pressure, and some rose to the occasion. In the end, it was Dakota, for the third time in a row, followed by the heavy favorite, Dylan Morrison, and the shocker was Joe Armstrong, taking out Cameron Ward for third place. I personally thought Cameron's first run was untouchable, and should have at least got him 3rd place.

My issue was this whole thing was the prize money these guys got for winning. This is the "World Championships" and first place got...1,000 dollars? What the hell is up with that. Seems honestly pathetic, that some of these guys traveled around the world to ride in a competition of this magnitude, and 1st place nets you 1,000 dollars.. No offense to the ISA or whoever put this whole thing together, but give these riders what they're worth. And I can guarantee you it's a lot more than what they were got for winning/competing.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dakota Schuetz Preparing for World Championships

Dakota has been training for Worlds for some time now, and he is not looking to go into them with the same bag of tricks that has won the contest for him in the past. He has a bunch of new tricks, and of course, he will have them dialed in. Looks like his new signature scooter from Lucky is working out really well for him. Check out some of the ridiculousness in the edit below. They don't call him the machine for nothing.

P.S. If i never see another kickless again for the rest of my life, I'd be stoked..

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


So basically Ralph is one of the best scooter riders ever and you should all bother him to actually ride his scooter more.  While most of the Tilt guys spent the better part of two years filming for the DVD, Ruffio got this done in like four months.  And it ended up being one of the best parts in the video.  Too good.

Conor Davidson "Sovereign Arbor" Part

You probably know who Conor is.  While not representing any companies as a rider, Conor has worked behind the scenes of scootering, and also is known for his style and unique approach to riding.  Over the past couple years, he's been fortunate enough to travel all over the US and so he's managed to accumulate quite a few clips.  This 4 minute video is full of classic Conor riding.  This is one to remember.


NGO is a true homie, and he kills it whether he's on his board, or his scooter. This is a remix of footage from 2012 to 2014, and there are a few new clips in there as well. Aaron is currently working on a new edit, and I know for a fact he is going to go balls to the wall on a ton of clips. Get ready. But for now enjoy this edit below.

Monday, August 11, 2014

MGP Flat SCOOT Finals: Jeremy Beau vs Tommy Christiana

Tommy Christiana blew through all of his competition, and when he finally made it to the Final game, he came ready. That triple heel was just too clean. Jeremy didn't go down without a fight though, and if MGP holds another Flat Scoot contest, I can see these guys meeting again.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Fise 2014 King of Spine Contest

How sick is it that Scooters were a part of FISE last year, and again this year. Really awesome to see these riders performing on this kind of level. Tons of riders from a lot of different companies were throwing down, including Lucky's Dakota Schuetz, and the Envy and Fasen riders were slaying everything in their path. Check out the edit below!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Win a Free Complete from War Scooters

War Scooters is doing an awesome giveaway right now, and they will be doing it for a while. Every Friday they will be giving away a FREE Complete scooter. For more details click the link below!

And for a peek at tomorrows giveaway, check the video below!

Throwback Thursday: Matt Andrus Sponsor Video

The year was 2005, we still bolted our folding mechs, and basically rode our scooters stock out of the box. A rider that had blasted onto the scene a few years earlier, was Matt Andrus, a BMXer who had found a new passion in Scooters. Matt is a true pioneer of our sport, and some of the tricks you will see in this video, are "World Firsts" as you guys call them today. We didn't bother with titles like that back then, a new trick, was just a new trick, and Matt did a lot of them. This video was highly praised when it released over 9 years ago for Matt's tech style, and crazy barspin combos. A true legend of the sport, and someone I am glad to say is a good friend of mine. Check it out.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fuzion Z300 Deck for only... 49.99?

That's right, Fuzion has a Summer Sale going on right now that has their Fuzion Z300 decks priced at only 49.99. If you want to grab one, just head over to ..

Jon deVrind Welcome to Scooter Farm

The Farm Team just got a bit bigger with the addition of Jon deVrind. You know what to expect from Jon, lots of tech, and loads of steez. I was feeling all the manual lines, but that last clip still caught me off guard. So good. And that longer Crisp deck is looking pretty good.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Johan Grunwald Welcome to Blunt

Recently Blunt Scooters in Europe announced their latest rider, style beast and street killer, Johan Grunwald. Johan previously rode for Razor, but it looks like he was ready for a change. This short welcome edit showcases just a few clips that show how talented Johan is. What do you guys think, does he fit well with Blunt?