Tuesday, May 31, 2016


The Peachy boys have done it again, completing their latest full-length audiovisual scootering experience entitled Flaccid Flop. The usual names like Cole Ginter, Collin Niesen, and Alex Steadman all have parts, and there were quite a few newer guys with footy as well (including Chicago transplant Jack Chaney). There have been a lot of crews growing up around the same time Peachy came up, who have sputtered out and faded away, so it's really cool to see all these guys still going hard in the scoot game. These dudes love scootering and having a good time, so grab some snacks/bevs and take a seat for this one.

Props to Austin Corbett for handling the camera (both video and photo) as well as the editing.

Sky High Presents: Jack Chaney

This was such a good surprise to see in my Youtube Subscriptions this morning. Fresh off a part in Peachy's Flaccid Flop, Jack2Chaneyz drops another video for Sky High. With both Chicago and AZ footy, there's a variety of locations and it's always awesome to see how Jack uses a spot. The board whip feeble is a great example of that- Jack using a spot that most probably wouldn't even bother riding, and executing it perfectly. Also, Sky High lives on.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Root Industries Welcomes | Dylan Ryan

This dude is seriously on another level. Switch game, wall rail game, scooter fakie game, street flip game all ahead of almost anyone. A lot of what he does isn't necessarily considered "cool" by most of the street scene so it's refreshing to see Dylan's unique take on scootering. The spot on Root is well deserved, congrats Dylan!

Helmeri Pirinen | Welcome to River Wheel Co

Didn't see this coming! Pride of Finland, Helmeri Pirinen is now on River. You gotta love the way he makes the most of the available terrain around him, seeing possibilities for setups most wouldn't even consider. That 5050 360 heel on that broken coping was so cool. Just wish this one was a little longer!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mike Hohmann x Brian Noyes

The split part is a rarity in scootering. In fact I don't know if I can name any off the top of my head that stand out.  Until today, when Mike Hohmann and Brian Noyes dropped this Trendkill part.  These dudes both shred with such unique, rawdog styles. They filmed for this starting in 2014 and traveled all over the country in search of spots and good times. Brian's double bars are amazing, and Mike's creativity is always refreshing to see. Props to both of these guys for throwing down and McKeen for editing it together!

Friday, May 20, 2016


Big congrats to Jack Dauth to making it on the UrbanArtt squad! The announcement was made in style with this banger of a welcome video. Jack's rise in scootering is a very recent thing, and it's been amazing to see his journey of progression. He's got such a huge back of tricks- all the rotor/heel/fullwhip combos, overcrooks, noseblunts, tech handrail stuff, big handrail stuff. He makes it all look so easy. This one will be on repeat all day.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Crisp Scooters 2 For 1: Beau Neal and Aaron Anchie

It's always interesting to see the influence one's local has over their riding style. Beau Neal isn't someone I'm super familiar with, but it's cool to see how he uses the technical elements of Glasgow in a similar way JonDev did before he moved. Yet its clear he's doing it his own way, with the lack of pegs and slightly less trick heavy combos. Wallie/board pop bar on the handrail into the bank was crazy, I can't make sense of that one.

I've only ever heard nice things about Aaron. He seems to be a hard working dude who loves scootering, and that comes across in his riding. He's currently AM for Crisp and slowly working his way up the ranks. I did think some of the filming/editing was a little suspect, but damn that was a high half cab. Fullwhip manual was unexpected too!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Kevin Austin - Downside Scooters

It's safe to say that Kevin Austin is one of the greatest to ever touch a scooter. This is what scootering is supposed to look like- everything done perfectly clean, like you're not even trying. I feel like a broken record every time I talk about a Kaustin video but he's just that good. Add that cleanliness to the extremely technical tricks as consistently as Kevin is doing- rotor heels, feeble hard 3 whip, smith truck on a rail, etc- you get a rare combination of top tier scooter riding. Filming was spot on as well. Watch this a dozen times and then go shred.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Matt Mckeen | Hour in the Barnyard

Last week the Scooter Farm brought you a Matt McKeen interview, and now here's his "Hour in the Barnyard." It's not easy to come up with a whole lot of clips in such a tiny space with a limited amount of time, but Matt shows his creativity, using every part of the building (and even the curb outside) to produce some dope clips. Props to White Trash Willy/the Farm for doing such a cool video series!

Tanner Wilson Closer

AO Am rider Tanner Wilson is always making moves.  Here's his latest video filmed prior to him spending the last 10 weeks in Europe on tour. There's some solid lines, rail trickery, and some pretty huge bangers so give it a watch!

Friday, May 6, 2016

No Jumper - The Tanner Fox Interview

No Jumper is the (self proclaimed) Coolest Podcast in the World, started by Adam Grandmaison of The Come Up BMX/OSS. Normally he interviews different rappers/hip hop artists, but he also brings in figureheads of the Internet world. If you're reading this, you already know who Tanner Fox is. Whether you're into his vlogs or not, you gotta respect the kid for his hustle.  It's not easy to keep up consistency with webisodes, and the numbers he gets on his shit is insane. Over the course of the interview, he and Adam delve into the intricacies of thumbnail editing, how Tanner got his start on Youtube, amd more. Check it out, and give a follow to No Jumper because they do have awesome interviews with a lot of cool people.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Matt McKeen | Interview

The Scooter Farm has been doing a new video series for their Youtube in which they interview a rider and then have them film a video in 1 hour in their park. This interview is with none other than Matt McKeen. They asked everyone's favorite street rider some good questions and it's cool to see a side of someone you don't normally get to see through their riding videos. Matt's "Hour in the Barnyard" comes out this Friday, you can be sure to find it here on Inside.