Thursday, May 30, 2013

Roomet Säälik - Sponsor Me

Wow, this kid is nuts.  13 years old, and doing combos to rival many of the top park riders out there.  I could definitely see this kid getting on a Lucky international team or like the Blunt Euro team.  At any rate I think it's safe to say he'll be won't be sponsorless for long.


  1. i'm not gonna lie he is good,But i don't think anyone wants to watch those red pants flying around anywhere. hahhaa

  2. I know this guy, he's a really funny dude
    and I got a funny story about him :D
    on simpel session he had to much coffe and red bull (they were giving out free coffe) and he got to much energy , so he was literally jumping all over the place :D it was hilarious

  3. I know this guy, he's just crazy, usually makes me speachless
    he's a funny dude :D

  4. give him like 3 more years and him and dakota are gonna be going at it hard

  5. Word not ever like 2 years lol

  6. He kills park.. No doubt.. But i didnt see anything special his his street.


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