Sunday, November 15, 2009

Keep a look out for: Elijah Pogrund

Australia is well known for being full of insane and underrated riders. Well Elijah is no exception. I saw this video a while back, and I still watch it a lot, and I feel it deserves a spot on IS so more people can check it out. Elijah rides with Adam Rouse and it looks like they both share the same ridiculously smooth style. Check it out guys.


  1. his tuck no tire stall and nohanded fsf was pretty cool

  2. he's smooth, but he style isn't original.

  3. Not original? I dont think I've seen many videos that mix up flip whips and flairs, but then also throw in ridiculous tech tricks, and those scooter fakie stalls on the quarters and stuff.

  4. This kid is crazy.
    I bet every trick in this vid was within 3 goes.
    So consistent <3


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