Tuesday, November 17, 2009

iPod Check with Jordan Jasa

(Guest Intro by Matt Stevenson)
Jordan Jasa , or Jordan Scott as he is known to many in the SR chat, is one of the most technical riders out there. Although he loves scooter riding, there are other things in life that keep him content. Jordan enjoys playing soccer, moderating scooter forums (according to facebook), and of course music. Now as you know, music is a big part in riding as well as in life. It gives us the extra boost we need to land those steezey tricks or in Jordan's case, those smooth as butter nose manuals. I not asked but told Jordan to sit down, put on his iPod, and tell us all the first 10 songs that pop up. Here is his list:

1. Fame- David Bowie
Anarky 2 song. David Bowie is pretty awesome. Listening to this song obviously makes me think of Kenny's part, and pretty much the whole video. Its a classic. You should go listen to this song and/or A2 right now.

2. I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor- Arctic Monkeys
The Arctic Monkeys are like a Brit pop group. They have really upbeat songs that just make you happy. Love this group.

3. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)- Journey
Journey...it seems like everyone knows "Don't Stop Believin'," but couldn't tell ya a single other song by em. Which is too bad, since they really are a good band. This song is pretty dang epic. I wanna say I heard it in a skate video once? Not sure about that, but its a song I could def see in a hammer video.

4. Natural Anthem- The Postal Service
Pretty much anything by The Postal Service/Death Cab/Ben Gibbard I can listen to while chilling. The lyrics don't start till about a minute left in the song, and its really interesting to listen to the song build up until they start.

5. My Generation- The Who
The Who is definitely up there as one of the best bands ever. This is one of my favorites from them. This song is one of The Who's most memorable, most recognizable. Pretty much any young person can relate to it.

6. Down on Me- Janis Joplin
I downloaded some Janis Joplin music on a recommendation from Margaret. Took awhile for me to get into any of her stuff...guess its just not exactly what I was used to hearing. She def puts a lot of emotion into her music, which is awesome.

7. Andy, You're a Star- The Killers
The Killers are an awesome band. Hot Fuss, the album this songs comes on, also has two songs that were featured in two of my favorite videos of all time- Matt Andrus Sponsor Video, and The 2008 Josh Young Combo/Tech video. Love the whole album, and this song.

8. The Girl Is Mine (w. Paul McCartney)- Michael Jackson
Despite the kind of sick person he was, Michael Jackson was really an amazing artist. This song also features Paul McCartney, who happens to be my favorite Beatles member. This song is just pretty soft and mellow, but positive and easy to listen to. I like it.

9. Don't Bring Me Down- Electric Light Orchestra
I downloaded an Electric Light Orchestra album after becoming obsessed with their song, "Mr. Blue Sky." I then proceeded to become obsessed with the band for a few solid weeks. They have a really unique sound, and have some catchy songs, "Don't Bring Me Down" being one of them. You should check it out.

10. Another Brick in the Wall- Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd is pretty much legendary. I downloaded their most famous album, "The Dark Side of the Moon" after a suggestion by Sean Kane. I was pretty into that stuff, so another friend told me to listen to a different album, "The Wall," which is where this song comes from. Amazing stuff.


  1. you honestly look 12 in this picture... are you 12?

  2. Man that Matt Stevenson kid is cool as fuck. When I grow up, I wanna be just like him... oh wait.

  3. jordan scott is 12

  4. colton freemantle likes matthew stevenson's comment.... he's twelve and rides with zig short and josh kish?? what??


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