Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sky High News

As you will notice if you look over to your right, Sky High is now a full advertiser with us. Along with becoming one of IS's sponsors, Sky High has a lot of big news. Read on:

- Sky High is now on Facebook! Click Here to become a fan.

- PROTO Grippers, and Strikers are now in stock. (SCS is delayed another week)
- ODI grips are now in stock.
- TSI decks are now on sale at just $144.95

- 951 Scooters DVD's are now in stock.

- Lucky Scooters light decks, 4.0 decks, 4.5 decks, and the new 1 piece LS alu forks are now in stock

And finally, don't forget about the video contest they've got goin' on. Details on that here.

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