Monday, November 9, 2009

MaddGear Edit from Adam "Ladam" Bolton

Adam Bolton, better known as Ladam. Never really made a big name for himself in the US. However that's changing fast now. An edit was put out earlier this year of Ladam, and it really got peoples attention. I would go as far now as to say that he is in top 5 riders in Australia. Check out his latest MaddGear Edit below.


  1. Super legit video. The whiplash combo's, I didn't care for the heel on the stalls, but aside from that the video was really good. He's got the scooter fakie combos on lock, super smooth. 360 tailwhip to cross foot over a box?!?! Nutty. I loved the 270 tuck at the end over the hip. I like his turndowns a lot, ton of style with them, more like a bike style turndown with the way he tucks his body into them. Barspin x-down to turndown was pretty sweet too.

  2. I lov u Adam!! U r sooo HOTT!! I lov u!!


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