Tuesday, November 3, 2009

District Clamps Final Update

Recently got some new pictures of the District Clamps. These are all anodized, and laser etched with the District logo. I also currently run one of these double clamps..and I am very impressed. You can also see the different color shims that you can buy. So you can coordinate your colors in whichever way you choose. So in short for clamps alone..District makes.

4 Clamp Models.

-Single Clamp
-Double Clamp
-Light Single Clamp
-Light Double Clamp

The clamps and shims, also come in 5 different colors.


Below are some pictures

For over 50 more high resolution pictures of District clamps and different color combonations of shims and clamps.. click the link below, and be sure to check with your local scooter parts dealers in the US, UK, and AUS..and find out if they will be carrying District parts.

Click me for more clamps!


  1. Oh my god they're actually so sexy
    The silver double light clamp is plain hot

  2. okay these are sweet and all, but they are only for a certain group of riders, not for the ones who use SCS. will district be making anything else, or is this it?

  3. Haha anything else? From what I know and have seen. District is making Decks, Bars, Forks, Grips, Griptape, Pegs, Bearings, Bar Ends and possibly more. Like I've said before...for updates and pictures on all this stuff, just keep checking Inside-Scooters.

  4. thanks steven, that's all i wanted to know! looks like they are going be legit.

  5. do you have to have a district clamp if you want district bars??? like could you have any clamp at the right measurements to work?


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