Friday, November 6, 2009

Top 5 Videos of October.

October.  Fall is well underway, football is consuming the nation, and kids are shredding on scooters.  I took advantage of this no school day to put together a top five list of videos released in October 2009.  Keep in mind that this is MY opinion only, and that I might have missed a few…post a comment if there’s any videos I did not include that you think should make the cut.

image #5.  Mike Montgomery Lucky Sponsor

This guy took me by surprise when he dropped his first video…the high speed lines, wild barspins, and unique style overall stood out a lot.  This video is no different.  The combination of fast street and some pretty sick park stuff makes this video start off the list at number 5.

image #4.  Lucky Deck Promo

Featuring James Gee, Evan Yamada, and Blake Bailor.  This video pretty much sold me at the nosegrab bar x-ride, I haven’t seen an x-ride in forever.  I don’t really know what other to say than that this was just a plain old good video. 

image #3.  Bobby Vaughn Edit

Bobby is one of the most original and creative riders in this sport today.  This video showcases that originality prominently, from powerslides to wallrides and even ray guns (yes, ray guns).  And it doesn’t hurt that he’s from the Midwest, like I am…hah. 

image #2.  Tyler Boner Edit

This video, although barely a minute long, gets in on pure shock value.  I don’t really know why I haven’t gotten used to Tyler being so good…it seems each new video he drops there’s something new I would never have thought possible. 

image #1.  Justin Robertson DoggScooters Promo 

I love when you can just tell when a rider spends time on a video.  Justin used to be the kind of rider that would make a video every month…and although each video had progressive riding, to me it did get a bit stale.  But once Justin started saving his footage, when he did put out videos they were fresh, and wayy better than before.  You gotta hand it to this guy…who else would even jump a 13 stair, let alone truck it?  Justin is well deserving of this spot.


Like I said before, feel free to leave a comment sharing videos you think should be up here as well.


  1. im thinkin the weekend video with mattes, mckeen, barrett, reyes, and elmer should have been up there but the 5 up there are great too

  2. tyler boner was so much better than the rest of the riders.
    over all good top 5

  3. ahh that weekend vid is def up there, i was going by videos i had posted on IS lol. guess i missed that one.

  4. mike montgomery fuckingg killssss ittt


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