Monday, November 16, 2009

Super 60: with Jackson Manzie

"The Super 60 is designed to test a rider's consistency, creativity and use of a space within a skatepark. Riders are given 60 minutes to film as many clips as they can, and turn this into a video showcasing their personal style and tricks."

This is the first of these videos that will feature big name scooter riders from around the world, so if you enjoyed this one, expect them often.

(Introduction clip edited by Sam Short)

I caught up with Jackson Manzie after his Super 60 to ask him some questions,

Start with the basics, Who are you, how old are you, how long have you been riding, and where are you from?

Sup. I'm Jackson Manzie, im 17 years young, i've been riding for just over 3 years now and i'm from Sydney Australia.... mate.

Coming from Australia, we'd be used to seeing big tucks, flips, inwards, etc. Why did you break the mould?

- Hmmm. I used to conform to all that, turndowns/inverts/bri's and inwards and all that stuff, and i still do all the old air tricks i used to, but i think i just really got bored of it, started riding more ledges and wanted to try harder tricks... so i think it just moved on from there. Nothing really purposeful, just happened. Not only that, im half american, so im not influenced soley by aussies i guess.

Do you like the way the sport is developing since you entered it?

- Definately. Especially in the last year, things have just exploded, all of a sudden with have a billion parts to choose from. Its also really good to see that heaps of aussies aren't doing all that conventional stuff we're infamous for. Like, Adam Rouse and all those kids still shred the inwards but can just as easily do alot of tech stuff that i cant haha... which is good, i like it, makes stuff ALOT more interesting than it used to be.

What made you put your hand up to be the first person to complete Inside Scooter's Super 60?

- Well i saw that drew benzanson bmx power hour one and i'd always thought it would work equally well for scooters, so when Aaron mentioned it i pretty much made him pick me hahahahaha. He's my bitch *giggling emoticon*

Any last words master?

- Stay out of the way, Alex Collins is bombin'

If you'd like to complete a Super 60, please contact either Me, Jordan or Steven and we'll let you know all the details to get the show rolling.



    Fucking Alex Collins Bomb in yeah.

  2. Ok...that was seriously bad ass. Huge Props to Aaron and Jordan for coming up with this idea. For Sam on making that reealllyy sick intro..and for Jackson Manzie setting the bar REALLY high with that amazing first Super 60.

    Like A Ron said. You guys want your own Super 60? Let us know, and we will let you know the details.

  3. grea interview. and id like to do a super 60

    from adam rouse

  4. Ooooooh, man. I really want to try and do this myself. Really good video, guys. Great concept also.

  5. Im down to do one for all the people talking shit talk to dom marconi he films me

  6. Definately pick Josh

    - Jackson Manzie

  7. i hate you all

    adam rouse


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