Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Josh Toy NBS3 part

Josh recently uploaded this video to Youtube. This was filmed back in 2002-2003...super old stuff. Old enough to have the first tailwhip to barspin, in fact. Theres a couple other firsts in there as well, according to Josh, like the 360 indy, turndown nosegrab, and x-up stalefish. And of course, theres a couple of Josh's signature superman grabs.


  1. Ahhh brings back memories. Loving it.

  2. Actually, I meant it was the first manual to fingerwhip that I had done. But the whip to bar and 360 indy was the first ones ever done. Another couple tricks, stalefish x-up at 1:27, and the turndown front wheel grab near the end.

  3. Fixed the description. I had shot my manual to fingerwhip before I saw Silas Henderson land his. Mine was released shortly after. So as far as I know, Silas landed the first.


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