Monday, November 9, 2009

Who, What, Where, and Why with Jess Boland

Many consider her to be the best female rider in the sport, and is the only female rider sponsored by Eagle-Sport. She is one of the few female riders who's riding doesn't look like it's being held back in a way. She just goes out and charges it. Not to mention she is also the only female rider that is known to have landed a backflip. So I recently caught up with Jess to ask her the 4 W's.

Who was it that got you interested in scootering?

Jess: well i got my first scooter for christmas and i used to ride skaters so i saw some kids on scooters up at the skatepark once and I wanted to try it so i started to go up for like an hour every couple days than after a while I started to improve make new friends than they got me more interested

What was the hardest trick for you to learn so far?

Jess: well backflips aren’t hard but at very very scary at first

Where is one place you would love to ride?

Jess: Netherlands or Cali

Why do you continue to ride scooters today?

Jess: I continue to ride today because I really really like riding it is fun and keeps me out of the house and also to keep repping for eagle sport <3

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