Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ipod Check With Shane McNulty

Shane McNulty is most likely a name you haven't heard before, unless you frequent the SR chat. There you can find Shane, either on webcam or just creepin. He seems to be a pretty funny dude, I've spent some late nights talking to him and everyone else on the chat. In addition to riding a scooter and creeping on scooter kids, Shane plays lacrosse and soccer, and also swims and wrestles. Seems like a pretty busy kid...but then again it seems all he does is hit up the chat. Perhaps there's more to this kid than meets the eye...All I know is, don't call him "Shane The Pain." I do think its safe to say that he likes to listen to music too...Take a look at his iPod check.

1. Sugar Ray- Under the Sun- The Best of Sugar Ray
I remember liking Sugar Ray a lot when I first heard him on the radio, but I never remembered his name or the name of the songs. When I was browsing through music, I heard Sugar Ray and the songs on this album I knew I had to get it. Its just a chill song that you can listen to when you're riding or when you're relaxing.

2. Papa Roach- Last Resort- Infest
I listen to this song a lot when getting ready for wrestling matches, lacrosse games, or riding. Its a pump up song for me. I dont remember where I heard it first, but im glad that I did.

3. Jack Johnson- Better Together- In Between Dreams
This song is just a really chill song that you can just sit around and relax to or fall asleep to. Its an all around good song with great guitar parts and good vocals.

4. The Fratellis- Chelsea Dagger- Costello Music
Anyone that watched tv (except for Jordan Jasa because he doesnt have tv) will know this song through the Amstel Light commercials. This upbeat song is plenty enough to wake you up and get you going in the morning, or keep you going throughout the day.

5. The Script- We Cry- The Script
The Script is an up and coming band from Dublin, Ireland. I first heard them when they opened for U2 in Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland. Not many people knew who they were, but after hearing a couple of their songs, everyone, including myself, really enjoyed them. Most of the people out of the nearly 90,000 knew one of their hits from the radio.

6. The Offspring- Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)- Greatest Hits
The Offspring is a sick band and almost every one of their songs are sick. This song especially is great to listen to because so many people know it.

7. Reel Big Fish- Take On Me- Our Live Album is Better Than Your LIve Album
This cover of "Take Me On" by A-Ha is filled with ska influences. The upbeat nature of the song makes it fun to listen to.

8. Motion City Soundtrack- The Future Freaks Me Out- I Am The MOvie
Even though MCS has been around for a while, I recently discovered them. Most of their songs sound the same to me, but I enjoy them all.

9. Bo Burnham- Bo Fo Sho- Bo Burnham
Bo Burnham is a musical comedian who touches on racism, sexism, and everything in between. He uses all of the touchy and tender topics and makes them funny. If you have not heard of Bo Burnham, you have to check him out.

10. Jay-Z- Empire State of Mind (Feat. Alicia Keys)- The Blueprint 3
Living in New York, I hear this song CONSTANTLY. I like this song because I know everywhere Jay-z is rapping about and that I am able to connect with the song. I have been to most of the places mentioned in the song, so when I hear the song, I can picture every part of it in my head.

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  1. alot of these songs bring back amazing memories. good song choices broski.


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