Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who, What, Where, and Why with John Radtke

A rider who has always been ahead of the game. The "big" tricks that people are doing now. This guy was doing about 3-4 years ago......upside down, in a backflip. So recently I caught up with John Radtke and asked him the good old...."Who, What, Where, and Why"

Who do you enjoy riding with the most and why?

John- I like to ride with people who are laid back, people who can either mess around and have fun when they ride, or be serious about it and ride to push themselves, or someone else. Basically DXG, 951, and anyone else with that attitude."

What do you think needs to change in the sport of scootering?

John- The representation of it all.. Its rediculous how much hardwork some of our riders have put in, and how little credit the sport really receives.
Less and less people are doing what we did when we first started years ago.. We didn't get up just to check SR everyday and watch youtube, buy the latest parts, and bullshit"
We rode what we got, and our only focus was to have fun riding and progressing with our friends, trying to make a better image on the sport.
Its amazing how quickly that happens when you aren't sitting on your ass at a computer waiting for someone on a forum to comment your minvideo 15.


Where is one place you wish you could go to ride?

John- Australia, they have such a great scene going, mad good parks, and the people there are great.

Why do you continue to ride scooters today?

John- For the same reason I started. Riding in general is such a great feeling.. there is always something new to try, you never know what you could do today what you couldn't yesterday. Riding with friends and pushing eachother.. watching them progress too and try new things.. sometimes it can't even be described haha.

Check out this ridiculous footage of John riding his home made Dirt scooter.


  1. is that really a homemade dirt scooter? It is so solid looking!

  2. Yes it is.

    And you have to ride that thing to relise how hard it is.

  3. Home brewed. I love that thing.


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