Sunday, November 1, 2009

Message from Inward-Scooters

Hey guys, here is a message from Inward-Scooters regarding Holiday orders, and also some shipping information that you guys should check out.

"Attention customers. Please note this important information regarding Holiday purchases: Inward Scooters has increased its stock for the Holiday season. However, due to higher than normal business volume, shipping may be slower than normal. Please be aware that items that require powdercoating need to be ordered on or before Thursday, December 3 in order for us to be able to guarantee delivery before December 25. Other items need to be ordered on or before Sunday, December 13 in order to guarantee delivery before December 25. All orders will be shipped USPS priority mail (2-3 business days) or UPS ground 4-5 business days. Thank you for your understanding.

We ship from Dallas, Texas. Items that do NOT require powdercoating ship within 2 business days. Large items such as decks and bars will ship UPS and take 4-5 business days. Smaller items ship with USPS Priority Mail and usually take 2-3 business days. ANYTHING powdercoated takes at least one more week to ship. If we have your correct email address, you will receive a shipping notice. Please check your email before calling. Thank you.


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