Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sky High Updates

Check it outt.

-New products from Lucky are still in the works.
-Products from PROTO are the way.
-ODI grips will soon be in stock.
-Eaglesport wheels are now back in stock.
-All Yaks have been restocked, including the blue 88a Yaks.
-Grade 8 Bolting kits are on the way.
-Full Length team bios are now done. Click here for more details.
-951 Scooters DVD's are on the way.

Sky High is also holding a "commercial" contest, in which you can win a t-shirt and gift card. Read on:


-Video submissions need to be at least 30 seconds, and uploaded to Youtube.

-Your video needs to promote Sky High Scooters in some way, shape, or form.
-You may include pictures, riding, or any other form of advertisement in your commercial.
-Videos must be submitted by November 25th to qualify.
-Be Creative!
-A free Sky High Scooters T-Shirt and stickers
-A free $20.00 USD gift card to the Sky High Scooters store
Please send your videos to:

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