Monday, November 29, 2010

Blunt USA Announces 2nd Team Rider

Blunt USA announced their first Team rider earlier this month, which was Erik Feenstra. A rider who has been underrated for far too long. Well one other rider who has an insane amount of talent and dedication, but has never got the chance he deserves is Blunt's newest rider...

Josh Young

Josh has been riding for a longg time. He had a pretty rough start. Like a lot of riders before him, he didn't have anyone to ride with and spent most of his time in his driveway riding his own set ups. Seems like the riders that start out this way end up being pretty amazing later on (Jordan Jasa anyone?) Josh has always had a really strong BMX influence in his riding, and it really shows now. Like his Team mate Erik Feenstra, Josh is one of the leading peg riders in the sport. Josh and Erik both ride street with a really distinct style. It's also Josh's dedication and passion for riding that is one of the main things that sets him apart from other riders. He puts everything he's got into his riding and whatever trick he's trying. That's why the newest rider to join the Blunt Scooters Family, is none other than The Boss Himself, Josh Young.

Check out some past videos of Josh below. Most of them are REALLY old, but still showcase his signature Josh Young style. Also, if you want new footage of Josh, you don't have to wait too long because he has a new edit coming out very soon.

BJST Section

Torn Edit (One of my favorites)

Congratulations to Josh Young, for being the 2nd Rider on the Blunt USA Pro Team.

Also just a reminder, there are 3 spots still open on Blunt USA. If you want to try out for the Team, all you gotta do is send an email to with the following information.

1. Name, Age, Location.

2. How long have you been riding?

3. What is your current scooter set up?

4. Describe your riding style.

5. What would you say your best tricks are?

6. Why do you ride scooters?

7. Why do you think you would be good for the Blunt Scooters USA Pro Team?


  1. fuck me that Torn edit was waaaaaaaaaay too good

    stoked for Josh!

  2. lol this isn't a park team?

  3. I never said Blunt would be a Park Team......

  4. Erik and Josh on the same team is a deadly combo

    street shredding allll daayyy

  5. 2 best peg riders in the world now u need 1 amazing street rider and 1 amazing park ride and u have a dialed team to dominate comps if thats what blunt team is about

  6. wow so now blunt has 1 amazing street rider, and 1 amazing tractor rider/washing machine staller.

    just playin, congrats josh, cool to see you come all this way! I remember you posting your first video ever.

  7. So far it's the 2 peg bosses of the US....

  8. sooo the correct direction! awsome picks Steven.


  9. Josh is one of my best scooter friends, i'm so stoked for him. He deserves it for sure. And thanks for that compliment steven :)

  10. yes, im so glad josh finally found an awesome sponsor, not that tilt isnt awesome, i just think blunt might give a little more support

  11. Again with the insane nose mannies and combos from the Blunt guys so far. Congrats Josh I can't wait for your Edit!

  12. my boy Josh doing it bigggg with Blunt. Grats my mannzz

  13. Thanks Tan, and Np Jordan haha.

    Just so everyone knows...I am not just choosing guys based on how good they are. Yeah that plays a big part, but there are also a lot of other factors that I consider when choosing new Team riders.

    Keep the applications coming guys...I must have gotten like 20 just in the last couple of days haha. Good stuff.

  14. josh is sooo good at manuals
    these videos made me want to ride!

  15. Josh is my homie for life!!! Good choice(;



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