Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Scooter Zone Shop + Black Friday SZ Sale!

Scooter Zone is the biggest, and one of the only companies that has an actual store you can walk into, and leave with whatever scooter parts you are looking for. It started with one shop, in Riverside, CA. Then not too long ago, another shop located in Orange County, CA...and now Scooter Zone has opened their third shop, in Murietta, CA. No matter what shop you go to, you know you are going to find quality products and get quality services. Below is the new Murietta shops address.

34878 Monte Vista Rd #117
Wildomar, CA 92595

Also Scooter Zone is having a huge sale at ALL THREE of their stores very soon. Starting on Black Friday (Nov 26th) Every product in store is 10% off not just for Friday, but for the whole weekend. If you want to get some top products at an unbeatable price, head down to Scooter Zone this weekend at any of the new locations. Check the flyer below for more information.

Also, I will be holding the next "Big One Million" Contest in a couple of days...And we will be giving away some Scooter Zone Products. Want to find out what products we'll be giving out for the contest? Keep checking Inside-Scooters for more information.


  1. The zones killin it

  2. thats great. now put one somewhere where the other 90% of america can reach one. don't cluster them all together!

  3. Will they're online shop have everything 10% off too?

  4. they need one in MA we have no scoot shops like this

  5. "Hipple Bars" hahaha sales WOO!

  6. wat r your guys our 4 this weekend?


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