Friday, November 19, 2010

Terry Price and Tyler Bonner in Australia

Yeah recently the rumors have been going around that Tyler and Terry are going to be in Australia for the Newton's Nations Event, and the rumors are true. Two of the worlds best riders will be at Newtons, so if you got any way to get out there, I would suggest making those plans now. Below is the official press release from MaddGear.

MGP are excited to announce that we are bringing our Terry Price from the UK and Tyler Bonner from the USA for Newton’s Nation MGP D-Day Scooter Comp!

Terry has been riding for 10 years and is ready to make his mark in Aus at the end of the month...look out for some signature Legsweeps and Barell Rolls.
Tyler has been riding for 6 years and will surely pull out a few Footjams and Hangfives at the comp.

The guys are looking forward to getting a bit of sun on the mountain and riding with their Team MGP Aus mates.


  1. nice
    where is the actual location though?

  2. Just what we need. More flips, Hang fives, and foot jams in australia.

  3. it would be sick to see ryan and tyler to do a 1080 side by side, only if his ankle wasnt broken

  4. ryan is up and riding who ever said last comment. this contest is going to be interesting. i would love to see US vs Aus apart from SD4...


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