Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Javi Trepat/Jeremy Lanfranci Barcelona Edit

Barcelona edit Javi Trepat/Jeremy Lanfranchi from Roots Boy Production on Vimeo.

Some good old European street riding right here. Javi and Jeremy both shred hard. Its sick to see tricks like briflips and triples being thrown down huge gaps, those handrails were pretty legit too. Theres a few tricks down MACBA in there, too bad its only a 3 block now. Javi recently put out a solo video, check it out here if you missed it.


  1. daggg this is good stuff

  2. his freak outs are hilarious :)

  3. why is there new era, and skull candy and toy factory on there??? are they sponsored by them???

  4. javi is on skull candy and toy factory
    Jeremy is on new erea

    Toy factory is a shop over there, not the skateboard brand

    Love this vid, I wish i could ride there

  5. I'm a local rider from barcelona.

    for every one who want's to ride in barcelona


    there will be a street jam on 15th january!

  6. ^ fuck yer, Jordan/Steven, take a look at that blog before my comment, is created by Balthazar Neveu and yeah, we are being soooo serious with that ilegal jam! :D

  7. editing was pretty sick
    but the fisheye could do with some work

    those enders were sick and the handrails

  8. Thanx for the editing to everybody! Yep, that what ferran says is sure... We're organizing a big Streetjam here in Barcelone, so people who want to come should read info of the blogspot which have been created by Balthazar Neveu. There's gonna be some diferent european PRO's. Why not to bring american pros? Common, let see! Inform me if some American rider wants to come! ;)


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