Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lucky Scooter Parts New Colored Decks

If you check back a few days in posts, You'll see some of the other Lucky Scooter Parts new Aluminuim colored parts. Below you can finally check out the colored decks. These things look awesome. I really like the color choices they went with, not too bright and not too light.

Great stuff for sure. Also I'm NOT sure if this was posted before...(Yeah I know it's my website, I SHOULD know) But I don't really care...because if it was posted before, it's still worthy of being posted again. This is footage that the Lucky Team got when they were in Arizona for the Razor Exposed Tour a couple months ago. Some great footage in here from one of my favorite Teams to watch, Lucky Scooter Parts.


  1. i can actually do a trick the lucky team can do
    todays a good day knowing that

  2. az scoots all day:))


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