Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MGP and Friends: Welcome to C-Town

Coedie Donovan and Adam Bolton of Maddgear recently met up in Sydney to ride with a bunch of friends. Coedie and Ladam both shred in this video, Coedie's last handrail clips are bangers. And the other guys in the video threw down too, Jacob "Devon" Deveney is the one with all the fingerwhip combos. I'm stoked to finally see new footage of Ladam and Coedie, its been too long since we last saw anything from them.


  1. Whip to lip... just kill me now.

  2. truck driver to late downside whip? that looked so good

    chris dant

  3. NO fudging way! over ice that rail??

  4. all of the coedie and ladam clips were stupid.

    i really liked whoever was doing the fingerwhip rewinds too. those were sick!

  5. he's been shreading whip to lips for years.

    James Bull


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