Saturday, November 13, 2010

Phoenix Pro Scooters: Josh Kish Signature Deck

If there is one thing that Phoenix has, it's a killer Pro Team, and one of their riders happens to be one of the top riders in the country...Josh Kish.

Josh is known for quite a few things, one of them being the first and one of the only riders to land a Front Flair. Also about one year ago, Josh Kish took first place at SD4, where he was up against, Tyler Bonner, Coedie Donovan, and Ryan Williams...just to name a few. He truly deserves a signature deck, and he now has one from Phoenix Pro Scooters.

This deck is only available from Inward-Scooters. For more information read below to hear quotes from JP of Inward-Scooters, Phoenix Pro Scooters, and Josh Kish himself.

Inward Scooters -"The Phoenix Josh Kish Limited Edition Deck is special in many ways:

It bears the name and signature of one of the best riders in the country and has a unique two-color anodized design.
The deck is 4 and a quarter inch wide, which makes it the perfect choice for riders that may not want to make the jump to a full 4 and a half inch deck or those riders that find a 4 and a half inch deck too wide and a 4 inch deck too narrow.
Only 100 of these decks will be made. Each deck is individually numbered and therefore unique.
The deck comes with a Phoenix Switchblade stainless steel brake and a FSA integrated sealed headset.

The perfect Christmas gift. Available exclusively at Inward Scooters.

Phoenix Pro Scooters-"Phoenix Pro Scooters is very proud to announce that Josh Kish has his very own Signature deck exclusively available at Inward-Scooters. The Josh Kish Deck holds the same quality that is known of the Phoenix Brand and this deck will continue to uphold that very quality. We expect great things to come from Josh in the future and cannot wait to continue working on ore product, not only with Josh but for the rest of our team. For questions/comments/concerns please concult out website for contact info."

Josh Kish-"I never would have to thought to have my own scooter deck when I first started riding. To actually go to skateparks and see people riding it is mind blowing. IM totally stoked on it too, its exactly how I wanted it to feel and look."

Huge congrats to my good friend Josh Kish on this achievement in the sport.


  1. ryan did a front flair...
    props josh, so stoked youve got a deck man.
    well deserved.

  2. uh yea thats why steven said "one of the only"

  3. whoever is wazzeh needs to realize that he himself cannot do a front flair, and therefore needs to stop talking, go out, learn them, then come back.

  4. its an extra 30 bucks for a fucking sticker and 2 colors

  5. looks like a 12 year old spray painted it

  6. Correction Anonymous #2 it's $30 more bucks for a HEADTUBE WRAP, 2 Colors, AND .25 inches shorter than a 4.5, you just can't beat that!

  7. a sig deck should have an anodized logo/name on it that says josh kish or his initials or somthing, not just a sticker. this is pretty disappointing. like, if you're going to make the first ever, legit sig deck, do it right. not just a simple sticker.

    chris dant

  8. i agree, it should have been engraved because the sticker peels easly


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