Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tyler Garcia- Farewell ProRide

Tyler Garcia is an upcoming rider who until recently was on ProRide Scooters. As you can tell from the video above, he has a really nice style in the park and the streets. This video is also a very good example of great filming and editing. I hit up Tyler to find out more about him leaving ProRide and what he has planned for the future.

Jordan Jasa: First of all, how old are you and where do you live?

Tyler Garcia: I'm 17 and I live in Livermore, CA.

So this video was made because you've left ProRide. Why did you leave?

Yeah, unfortunately I had to leave because I just didn't think it was fair that they were trying to make me pay for parts, as I was on the general team. It's whatever now though. Were still cool and i have lots of respect for them for all they've done for me.

So now that you're sponsorless, what do you have planned for the future?

Well I've been talking to and looking into getting on the team with Zero Gravity North West. It's been put on hold right now but I hope it all works out for the best, ya know.

Its pretty obvious that you have an awesome street style. Who influences you to ride that way?

Ha well one of my main influences is McKeen. He just kills is with ease and style.

For sure dude. Wrapping it up, do you have anything to say about that toedrag in the last clip? ;)

Haha, nope<3

Haha for real though, any shoutouts?

Just to my homie Grant Billings, keep kiillin' it! and just a shout out to Zero Gravity for always keepin' it real.


  1. yeah, proride is pretty unlegit. That is why a lot of their team riders have left. Michael Knudson, Kodye Gregory, The Crowers, Raymond and now Tyler Garcia.

    Good for them, they can ride different parts now.

  2. Go to blunt scooters! You would kill it!

  3. Mildly unimpressive.

  4. boring video. ridiculous intro...

  5. he has dope style.. but he preety much does basic tricks...

  6. Seriously post with your name or don't post at all.
    Its not all about what tricks you can do, its about how good you can make it look as well. And that includes by filming and editing. This video did an outstanding job (better than nearly every other video I post on here) of doing that, therefore I felt it deserved a post. You kids are seriously too hard to please. I guess I can just find the latest random briflipper video for you to enjoy?

  7. Totally agree with jordan its not all about the bris, and triples ect, its about being clean and stezzy
    And the editing was super sick
    My new fav. rider!

  8. Proride was gay anyways :) its all about scooterzone!!!

  9. I think this was one of the best videos ive seen posted in here. This definitely deserved a post. I think inside scooters should post more videos like this, not park triplebriflipwhilatebar videos. This video makes scootering look good and i think people should appreciate videos like this one. Ride street!!

  10. Nice video. It is still impressive because i cant do that. :)

  11. At the intro i thought "are you f--king kidding me?!hahaha" that was so cheesy! But your riding is great and you have know idea how stoked i was for you when you did that double flat on a proride deck! Keep it real in the streets DAWG! Hope i see you at EPIC!

  12. maddd camera and editing skills :)

  13. Yo, what kind of camera does that kid use, and dope ass video.

  14. the colours in that video were bliss!!
    such a legit video and i like your style
    but i hate the intro
    like alex said it was pretty cheesy


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