Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ShopECX New Team Rider

Below is a press release regarding the highly underrated rider by the name of Joey Aria. Joey is an amazing all around rider who has a diverse bag of tricks. Check out an interview we did with Joey below, and also check the Press Release from ShopECX.
Joey Aria Interview

SHOPECX.COMwould like to welcome our first permanent non-local rider to our team. Longtime shredder Joey Aria of Warrenton, Virginia has joined the ECX family and will be riding many of SHOPECX’s most popular scooter parts like the New YAK Scat II Wheels, District ST-1 Bars and ODI Grips. Joey has been involved in freestyle scootering since 2002 and is very involved in the sport. Joey has hosted his own competition and is currently running a Christian ministry dedicated to freestyle scooter riding. We are very proud to welcome Joey to the ECX team. Joey is extremely skilled and has a very unique style. He is also 100% dedicated to growing our sport in a positive manner and that’s what we at ECX are all about. Look for Joey’s part in the upcoming full length DVD “Butter” coming early 2011.


  1. Congrats to Joey, he deserves this. hes great guy

  2. they got max now too


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