Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alex Steadman Interview

Alex Steadman over the past few years has become very popular in the sport of Scootering. He's well know for his dreads, his 180s, and for being one of the first, and one of the best at doing the ever so popular "slider". Alex lives in Mesa, Arizona where the Scootering scene is very strong, and constantly growing. This however doesnt change Alex's outlook on riding. He keeps the same chill and laid back attitude both on and off his scooter. He started riding at 14 years old, and 5 years later is still going strong. He stays motivated to ride, but never takes his riding too serious. He learns tricks at his own pace, and sticks to what he loves doing, not what everyone else loves seeing. Although he might not be aware of it, most riders these days would much rather watch a video of Alex Steadman doing high speed 180s, manuals, and sliders as opposed to your standard video jam packed with scooter flips and tons of whips. Alex admits that he would like to see more riders follow in his footsteps when it comes to riding. He'd like to see more guys take a more relaxed style in their riding, and steer away from the constant "learn a new trick everyday" style that most riders think they need today. Despite who wants to ride like him, or who doesnt, It wont affect what Alex continues to do. When it comes to riding scooters, its a lot like his hair, he has no plans of cutting it, and no plans of quitting.

- Steven Tongson

Interview by Andy Rhode.

How long have you been riding?

Hella days... Like 5+ Years

What are your plans for 09?

Shred the gnar.

What is your current setup?

Reinforced pro model, Slayer bars 20" by 22", sealed Cane Creek S-1, Eagle Sport metal core on back, Go 2 on front

What got you into riding scoot scoots and shreding the gnar?

Well I got a scooter when they came out and just stuck with it. I sucked it bad at skating and I was good at scooters so I chose that.

Fakie hop at Tempe, photo cred Shelby.  But she dun like it.

What made you decide to get those gnarly dreads?

Nothing really, they just kinda came about.

How long have you had your dreads?

Five years.

Do you have any plans for Pirate Reinforcements?

Not really, just planning on making more. I might make a thicker version for people who go through them fast and aren't weight weenies.

Do you have any advice for kids just getting into scootering?

Pretty much the usual, don't get discouraged and keep practicing. Also, learn to ride backwards before forwards.

How many times have people said that you look like Jason Castro from American Idol?

Too many...

Any last words?

Slip her the tongue!

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