Thursday, January 29, 2009

TPCVJ9 DVD review

The Philly Crew
Video Journal 9

Riders: Good ones.

Music: It wasn't by any means bad, but I think it could have been better, especially for McKeen's part. Overall though, it set a chill vibe for the video and I think it was good.

The video starts off with a message from Brian Boston, TPC's filmer/editor/inventor of the fabulous briflip. It says that basically this DVD is a compilation of the past two years, and that he had a lot of fun making it. He also says that it was edited in two days, so just know that the editing isn't flashy or anything. Simple is better most of the time anyways.

Then it goes straight into an introduction/montage. After this montage is a segment from the Ohio trip, which they took in 2007. Then it seems like there's more random footage, finished off with a full part from McKeen. Most of you have already seen his re-edited part (except me, I've been waiting to watch the DVD part before the new version), but don't let that stop you from buying this video. Following Matt's part is the credits, which includes some random footy of bails, candid shots, etc.

The riding in the video is ridiculous. I haven't heard a single thing online about Dan Barrett's stuff, and he really throws down some bangers. I was kinda hoping for some more nose manuals, but he definitely delivers with a great mix of tech and big stuff. Casey Murphy's riding is really fun to watch, Brian has a lot of good tech stuff, and John Mattes has some really nice riding for coming back into the sport after a hiatus. And McKeen...I don't even have to tell you how sick his stuff is. The video is kinda disrupted by some glitches, which got kindof annoying, but its bearable.

So, overall, I think its well worth the price of $10, which is what I paid for it anyway. Shipping is retarded though, it came in regular business envelope, and some bubble wrap, and in a regular CD cover thing. Pretty modest for the 13 bucks I paid for shipping. But don't let that stop you from buying. TPCVJ9 DVD is well worth the money. I hope the release of this DVD can give a little motivation to those teams also working on full-length videos *cough*DXG*cough*SY*cough. Excuse me.

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