Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cory Vanlew Interview

Cory Vanlew. Dont know the name? Dont worry you will. Cory is 18 years old, He was born in Orange County and currently resides in Temecula, California. Which is an area known for having some of the sports top riders. He started riding scooters only 2 years ago at age 16, and has since found a new passion. Apart from scootering Cory also does a little skating, and snowboards in the winter. However when it comes down to it, he chooses Scootering above both. He loves the fact that its a fairly new sport, and is constantly trying to change peoples opinions on how scooter riders are seen. Cory sees himself as a street rider, he loves hitting handrails, ledges, and just going out and riding street. Dont let this fool you though, It isnt uncommon to see Cory riding a skatepark, and airing out of quarters and over hips with overclicked turndowns, lookbacks, and tuck no handers that rival even some of the best "bmx style" riders today. Apart from Scootering, Cory has another big passion in life. That being his love for Graphic Design. Which started back in his Sophomore year of Highschool. Next semester he will be going to college to become a graphic designer. Despite this Cory will still ride, and one of the main things that is keeping him riding, is Matt McKeen. Cory is constantly being inspired watching Matts riding to push himself harder as a street rider, and considering Cory was recently sponsored by Inward-Scooters, you can expect just that.

- Steven T.

Interview by Jordan Jasa

You just got on Inward Scooters. What were you feeling when you learned you were picked for the team?

I was real excited to finally be aprt of a "legit" team that is already making parts and is planning on doing big things and progressing the sport.

How does it feel to be on the same team as Eric Ostrom, Matt Ogle, and everyone else?

I'm very happy to be on the same team as Ogle, Ostrom, You, and everyone else i think i kinda suprised everyone with my sponsor video, cause noone thought i was that good. So overall im glad to finally be reckonized on the same level as them.

What do you think is going to happen in the future with the team?

Well from what iv'e heard from Stevn t. the team manager Inward=Scooters is going to be doing big things, releasing new products and the possibility of a team video should soon all be in the works.

Once you get your Inward parts, whats your setup gonna be?

Inward bars 21.5 high 18 wide, Fsa Unsealed headset, Old A headtube, Inward extreme offset with .120 wall threaded,Proto wheels or eagle not sure what im going to run yet, Old A brake, Reinforced B deck, Custom Grip artwork by me. Thats about it...

You're obviously a very heavily street-influenced rider. Besides McKeen, who influences you?

Lets see.... Big Ron is probaly the other big influence

Cali has a reputation of kids riding nothing but parks and doing a lot of scooterflip stuff. Do kids ever give you crap for riding with a street style, for being different?

No nobody gives me any crap for it actually i'm the one usally tellin people to learn to ride some ledges and quit using your scooter as a nun-chuck lol. But i guess as long as everyone is havin fun i could care less how you ride hahaha

The sponsor video you posted on SR has gotten a lot of good comments, 4 pages right now I think. Did you expect this kind of reception?

i mean not to sound cocky or anything but i did expect to get alot of good comments maybe not that much but yeah i was plannin on recieving alot of good feedback and i thank Nick Darger for editing and filming the video cause it turned out great!

Who or what got you into the sport?

well one day i went to woodinville skatepark when i used to skate. i decided to bring my scooter and see what i could to at the park. i got there and the RAD crew was there and after i saw SLAM do a fingerwhip it was love at first sight! ahahaha

Would you rather ride a street quarterpipe or a nice stairset with a rail in a park? Why?

I'd rather ride the nice stairset with a rail in the park because thats more what i like to do. even tho im a "street" rider i gain all my confidence to do street hand rails on park handrails. They are always better cause you dont have that Sketch factor and you usually have perfect run ups and no big cracks to deal with.

I see what you mean, practice in the park, then apply it in the streets. So how did you get into graphic design? What do you love most about it?

started out in high school and took a computer graphics class and was stoked on photoshop and been doing it ever since. i love creating art its just like a strong hobby i want to make into a career.

You said in your thread something about 720's flat. Are you serious?

of course you will see either in the 951 video or on the inward team intro video thingy. Was bored one day and tried fro like an hour straight. but i got em.

Wow, McKeen status, literally. What kind of music are you into?

anything except like screamo death metal and country. hip hop is my favorite tho

Where do you see yourself, and the sport, in 5 years?

well hopefully the sport gets big in the next couple years cause ill be 24 and ill probably be ready to start a family... so ill keep scootering as long as the sport doesnt die out and grows to what skate boarding has become.

Thats all I got. Any thanks, etc?

Yeah i'd Like to thank Inward-Scooters for taking the time to make the team riders first. All my friends and family who supprt me and my riding and everyone who gave me some positive feed back on my video. =]

Cory Vanlew Inward Sponser from nick darger on Vimeo.

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