Thursday, January 22, 2009

Madis Kukk "interview"?

Basically, read this. Sent via PM over SR.

Aaron bransdon and i had the idea of interviewing you about making bars, product development, and generally the whole process of running a company. would you be up for it?

Ehh. I think maybe not yet.

Because hardly see any bars actually being done in person since they are being done by pros while i'm busy studying or whatever. WEE Scooters isn't my number one priority which is why i'm just currently mainly there to help europeans/aussies/canadians/others to get Proto/SR stuff to them, since i can tolerate the paperwork for export shipping while others usually hate filling up customs forms.

As for the production research and development, i've had some free time when i've been bored or inspired, drawing up ideas and looking for ways to produce them. But they will remain under ground until the time comes. I'm just really-really busy with university these days, but in spring/summer i'm hoping to have more time to get more action with WEE, for example become an official reseller of Pro-models (i heard that the european Pro-models cost more because they had to meet the European manufacturing standards, which makes them better than american $45 scooters, so heads up), to support Proto Scooters by getting their products available for non-american riders, and put out our own production line aswell eventually.

As for WEE itself... well, it started from July 2007 when i had stripped my starnut. I was stupid so instead of hammering the fork out of the bars with the starnut like Brian Boston, i cut off the bars. I had 18" high & 16" wide RAD v.2 bars and for a long time i wanted to get higher bars. As i grew, low bars started to get on my back, so low bars weren't my game anymore. But as RAD was out of business, i thought that now was the time to realise one of my ideas: welded T-bars with diagonal supports, kinda like a W-shape. FROM the first phone call TO putting my own first bars on my scooter, took just 7 days. I was so stoked then. Just two days later, i bent them (180 to fakie down a 6-set stairs). I realised i had chosen a thin steertube for them, so within a few days i got thicker material in and made new bars for myself and a friend who had been dreaming about having one-piece bars for a long time. As they had that W-shape, i called them "W-bars", since the word "W" stands for "wide" because you gotta have wide bars to have these supports. Well, in English, it was kinda akward to pronounce them as "double-U bars", so i just called them "wee bars" for short. Lame name, yet easy to remember.

Well, at that time, nobody really made one-piece bars but there were lots of people who wanted them, but international payments over banks were expensive, so i knew i couldn't help anyone out since you could only send out money with PayPal and not receive. As PayPal had set up a new office in Luxembourg, Estonian accounts gained more options so i could start receiving payments. So i could help out a few british and american friends who really wanted some bars, so i made them. One thing lead to another, the demand became bigger and bigger in time.

As said before, WEE is not my number one thing yet, but most people know me only because of WEE, not as a scooter rider who's having fun, going for his own thing.


So...interview without doing an interview? thanks madis, you make life easy.

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