Friday, January 23, 2009

Proto Wheel Exchange

As you may know, the Proto metalcore wheels have had some problems with dehubbing, so Andrew has decided to replace all dehubbed wheels free of charge. Read on:


Okay, listen up!

If you had any "dehubbing" issues with your PROTO metalcores from the first batch we will be replace them free of charge (aside from mailing them back to us). Since it was only a small percentage of wheels that are having issues, we will only be replacing wheels that are totally unridable (completely dehubbed).

If you ordered directly from The Scooter Resource you have until Friday, February 13, 2009 to determine if the wheels you purchased are defective or not. In other words: If you haven't broken them by Friday the 13 then we aren't going to replace them. If you ordered from WEE Scooters you have until Friday, February 27, 2009 to do the same. If only one of your wheels dehubs then we will only replace one, two for two and so on.

If you live in the United States mail your defective wheels to:

The Scooter Resource
2426 Millegar Lane
Vista, CA 92084

In order to receive your replacement wheels you MUST include either your original packing slip from SR or a piece of paper containing all your original order information (name on order, address, order number if you have it) so we can properly credit the right orders. All replacements must be postmarked (emails received if you ordered from WEE) by the deadlines in red above. If they are not sent by the dates above you will not be eligible for replacements after that.

If you ordered from WEE Scooters you need to email photographic proof of your defective wheels to info© and Madis will verify if the wheels are eligible for replacement and in what quantities. The wheels in the photos must be DISTINCTLY marked on the cores on the SAME SIDE as the PROTO graphics so there are no duplicate photos being taken. You can either notch the core with a saw or engrave it with something that is clearly visible in the photo. Markers and paint do not count because those can be easily removed. If you feel this is too much work then mail them back to Madis and make sure they are post marked by the deadline above.

We promised the best freestyle scooter wheels on the market and we stand by our word.


Now I don't know about you but I think eagles are looking really nice right now. I bought one of a kid today, I hope its worth the money.

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  1. Where can i purchase purple protos or blue?


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