Thursday, January 17, 2013

NY Stand up

The days of New York being limited to a handful of gnarly riders is coming to an end. There are crews out there that are getting better and better everyday. Below we got some of the existing and up and coming talent coming out of New York.

Harrison Lackow has been around for a minute, and he's clearly got some skills in the streets. Super clean style, and I love watching raw clips, so that was a plus.

Aj Rodriguez is one rider who I really want to see more from. I love watching riders that look like they have all their shit dialed and on point. This dude needs to get out in the streets and film for sure. I get that bad weather pushes you wherever you can to ride, but I want to see some legit footage asap.

Biagio DeVivo and Roy Saladin have been steadily coming up in the past year, and they're definitely getting there. I expect good years for both of them in 2013.


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