Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dissidence in Eindhoven

A bunch of Dissidence guys took a trip to a skatepark over Christmas and Roots Boy Prod was there to capture the action.  Lots of shredding from everyone.  Jojo Cajas was merking that spine, and even JD was getting it on a bike.


  1. Jojo Cajas is the most underrated rider I know. His deffinately one of my favourite riders<3

    R Willy

  2. i hate dissidence. i miss the old dissidence team and days the france riders rode park more.

    1. Jean-Yves RandriambelsonJanuary 14, 2013 at 1:14 PM

      Anonymous, just for the record, There is no "old dissidence team" the team remains the same which means : Kevin Demay, Maxime Legrand, Shinpei Nakata, Jeremy Lanfranchi, Balthazar Neveu and Jean-Yves Randriambelson (myself)and of course you have Cyrille Benzidane that rides bmx and who is co-founder with Kevin Demay. Since it's more a family than a team, nobody from the team has been or can ever be kicked out of Dissidence, nor than nobody has been replaced by any other rider( The new website is to drop by the end of the month I believe )

      As to the other riders featuring in the video, IT IS A BUS TRIP from Paris to Eindhoven in Holland, it's just that the event was organized by Dissidence.

    2. Oh lui il a annoncer cash! Hahahahaha

      Et en plus il met meme pas son nom cette pedale!


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