Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ricky Cox Welcome to AO + Sacramento Street Jam

Ricky Cox has taken his riding to new levels in the past year. When he started dropping edits, you saw a lot of potential, and in his latest edits you're starting to see his riding really take shape. He's riding for AO Am now, so let's see what the future holds for Ricky. Really enjoyed this one.

Also for anyone in Cali, or anyone who wants to come ride some top notch street spots. There is going to be a Street Jam going down in Sacramento next month on August 10th. Best believe Ricky is going to be there, along with all the heavy hitters in the street game here in Cali. For more information check the flyer below. Also Dialed Magazine will be running a piece on the Jam, so anyone that throws down has a chance to have their photos featured in a future Dialed Magazine Issue.

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