Monday, July 8, 2013

5Starr Scooter California Trip: Team Summer Edit 2013

Recently the riders of the 5Starr Scooters Team got together in sunny California to film their Summer 2013 Team Edit. Behind the lens and taking care of the editing was Olivia Monks, and she did a really good job. The Team is a bit stacked, but there are some guys that really stick out. Josh Smukal is definitely one of those guys, his clips were just ridiculous. The edit is to help launch the new product line from 5Starr which will be launching later this week. Check out the edit below.

Team Riders are

Daniel Bondar (Washington)
Josh Smukal (Ohio)
Todd Duff (Florida and part of Florida Ride as well)
Kory Collins (California)
Colton Herman (Texas)
Clayton Lindley (Texas)
Kelden Garofalo (California)
Kyle Collins (California)
Devon Antinoro (New Jersey)
Alex Graham (California)
Andrew Iniguez (California)


  1. honestly olivia, congrats u have come so far with filming and riding. on point and thats an understatement. -mike mullins

    1. That means alot, i strive so hard to make my videos better each time.

  2. Hell yeah I'm on inside scooters haha -Andrew Iniguez (:

  3. Isn't their name a rip off of Fourstar Skateboards?


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